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Lose yourself in art: Tait Gallery

A festival is always a drawcard and this year’s Hanmer Village Winter Festival is no exception.

Among the highlights at this year’s event – from July 2 to 31 – is a children’s art expo, sponsored by Hanmer’s Tait Gallery and The Drawing Room (Christchurch).
On display at Boulder Point Precinct throughout this month, the expo is a must-see for all art aficionados!

Also on display at Tait Gallery at 34 Conical Hill Road this month are new works by established artists Tony Roche, Alethea Roche, Jane Riley, Jo Loughnan, Peter Geen, Debbie Lambert. Roger Heslop and Rob Barton as well as many new faces on the block (Debbie Garland, Samwell Warren, Joanne Webber, Martin Letham and Meg Maguire).

While in Hanmer, visit Blewbury at Boulder Point to find some of the country’s finest jewellers including Ringcraft Moana, Jewellery by Design, Stone Arrow, Talbot Silver, Off Shore Jewellery, Rangiatea Jewellery and Hart Mess Enamel.

Interesting must-sees at Tait Gallery include:

Watercolours and acrylics, abstracts and impressionism works.

Exquisite works and forms by Tony Harding and David Kean.

A selection of outstanding sculptures by Vicki Charles and Anneke Bester.

Opening hours are 10am to 4pm (except Wednesday). Phone 021 325 914 or visit


Super soups


Warming, refreshing, delicious and simple to make, soups are a true one-pot wonder, and just as we embrace the cooler weatherof winter, it’s time to embrace creativitywith your winter soup repertoire.

Here is Metropol’s round up for some easy soup-spiration for the cooler months ahead.




Eating your greens is an imperative. Eating your green soups, on the other hand, may seem less appealing. Think again; green soups are a delicious way to deliver your 5-plus a day. Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, herbs and kale are all green bases waiting to be boosted with other vegetables, spices, stocks and creamy bases.


A hearty pumpkin soup is, for many, the first flavour that springs to mind when the subject is raised. While a classic milky, stock-based version is a comforting favourite, it’s time to branch out. Use spices like chilli, ginger, turmeric and kaffir lime, bases like coconut cream and toppers like barley and roast nuts.


Lentils have had a bad rap in years past, but those who are converted to the power of the pulses will tell you how delicious a lentil (or grain, for that matter) soup can be. With the rise of plant-based eating, lentil soup recipes are abound, and rich in warming, flavours. Try a tomatoey Middle Eastern-inspired rendition with cumin, coriander and fennel seeds.


A touch of winter luxury: Dreamwool Beds

With wintry weather sweeping through New Zealand and most travel on hold for a while longer, many of us are seeking out the creature comforts of home. There’s no better way to spend the long winter nights than in the incomparable warmth and luxury of a Dreamwool bed.


Filled with generous layers of soft, luxurious Merino wool sourced directly from select South Island farms, Dreamwool mattresses provide optimum comfort and temperature control, enabling you to get to a deeper sleep, faster. “Dreamwool uses only the highest quality natural materials, without cutting corners or padding out our mattresses with synthetic products,” says Dreamwool Director, David Henderson.

“With the luxurious feel and insulation of pure Merino wool, 100% natural latex infused with activated charcoal, thousands of delicate microcoils and supportive pocketsprings, Dreamwool mattresses provide sleepers with the perfect micro-climate for any season. Our customers tell us that they’re temperature-neutral: cooler and moisture-wicking in summer and a warm, luxurious comfort in winter.”

This winter, Dreamwool is upping the comfort level again, with the brand new Euphoria mattress. A feel like no other, Dreamwool’s latest pocketspring model provides a deep-cushioning, supportive luxury feel with no pressure points. Thousands of delicate microcoils, all-natural latex and kilos of fine, breathable Merino wool combine to provide an experience of lightness with nurturing comfort like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

With a never-ending drive to provide his customers with increased comfort and luxury, David raves about the new Euphoria. “I love creating top quality products that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives and relationships. And with the Euphoria, there really is no other bed like it on the market,” says David. “Be forewarned, though. I’ve had several customers come in to the Showroom to give it a try and say they never wanted to get up!”

With the mid-winter holidays on hold again for many this year, Dreamwool is helping New Zealanders pamper themselves from the comfort of home. Give yourself the gift of luxury this winter with the superior quality and craftsmanship of a Dreamwool Bed.

For more information, visit the Dreamwool Beds showroom at 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, or call 0800 753 754.



Warming up winter: Aqualine


It’s frosty and you decide to turn the heating up, only to discover that your partner has invariably turned it down and the energy-saving yoyo effect begins, testing your patience and indoor creature comforts. Warmth is powerful, personal and key to establishing the experience you wish to enjoy with loved ones.



So how can you maintain a healthy temperature setting that heats the house evenly and efficiently, while regulating all its occupants at a comfortable degree of contentment?

The answer New Zealanders are turning to more readily when buying a home or renovating, is underfloor heating, with a resounding and fitting applause.

Aqualine Products Ltd, leaders in the wholesale plumbing industry, has an efficient underfloor heating solution for all your home and industrial heating needs.

Underfloor heating is a value-added luxury to any home or space and Aqualine, with a long company history dating back to the 1940s, understand this to be an essential long-term home investment.

It also imports, designs and assembles wholesale plumbing components to the industry, and by factoring in our local climate and building codes, this extensive manufacturing research and development enables it to easily adapt to industry market changes. This provides a choice of high-quality products and services, empowering decision-makers with greater personal home heating options.

Why Underfloor?

Aqualine’s Heating system is a clean, safe, and zero-allergen central heating system, operating at low water temperatures, reducing operating costs to a minimum.
Underfloor hydronic heating transforms into a slow-release radiant floor heat bank, providing uniform temperature throughout your home.
These radiant heat systems are aligned with the ‘optimum heat curve’ as defined by the heating industry, making it the most economically efficient means of heating.

Big Savings

Experience continuous comfort at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Using the thermal mass of the concrete slab, the heat transfer delivers optimum comfort at much lower temperatures, reducing over-heating. Incorporating hydronics, underfloor heating with a high-efficiency condensing boiler reduces running costs with up to 20 percent savings on gas bills.

Industry Trends

Aqualine Products Ltd keeps driving industry trends with its ongoing commitment to providing technical solutions and expert advice from specifications to installations for the vast range of quality products and services throughout New Zealand.
Its dedicated sales teams help provide ground support by applying their local market knowhow, assisting plumbing retailers and wholesalers alike.
The company works with nominated contractors to install an underfloor heating system for current or future flooring, whether for a slab, a screed or a sprung floor surface.

Visit to find your preferred underfloor heating installation solution.



Rug up for winter


Our bodies aren’t the only things we need to rug up this winter… our living spaces could also do with an injection of rugs, too. These floor coverings anchor a room and work hard to define and differentiate spaces in a home.



Rugs can be used to frame an area, such as one used for seating or dining, or to texture an area like a bedroom or office. When worked into the overall design of a room, rugs can draw all the elements together – whether in colour, style, shape or texture. Functionally, rugs add warmth and help with acoustics – they also make for a cosy nook in front of the fire or, likewise, in a sunny spot.

In 2021, interior trends are leaning towards rugs in warmer, earthier and neutral tones made from natural fibres such as wool, sisal and jute. These fibres not only contribute to creating a grounding space which connects us to nature, but also tend to perform well in durability, which is important if you opt for a floor covering in a high-traffic zone such as a hallway.

Contrastingly, bold patterns and colours are also tipped to dominate rug trends this year as people opt to express more personality in their home habitats. Think rugs which resemble artwork, and patterns reminiscent of the Art Deco era.

And finally, as with interior furnishings, people want tactile elements in their rugs. This means longer pile rugs are making a comeback, no, not a retro shagpile, a more refined contemporary texture which resembles lush and cosy wool.


Rug Society cow print rug


Bloomingville Griffin rug from Sweetpea & Willow


Rug Society geometric foil rug


Rug Society Ted rug


Wonderfully warm


Winter dressing doesn’t have to mean dark colours and dull ensembles.


Trelise Cooper Plushing Pride Dress


Rich reds, deep greens and pops of beige can bring beautiful warmth to an outfit that is still appropriate for the cold and made to above all, keep you toasty.

As well as colour, there are other ways to bring life to darker winter pieces through texture and detailing. Velvet, suede, lace, and embroidery all give beautiful elements to clothing and can be as subtle or loud as you like.

Pair those interesting and fun items with more neutral, blocked colours to balance the entire look. And don’t forget a pop of sparkle to add instant glam!


Mi Piaci Womens Ronnie Black Combo


Camilla and Marc Animbo Jacket Mustard


Silk & Steel Jewellery Heritage Connected Earrings



Shacket styling


Introducing the most versatile outerwear of the moment – the Shacket. Sitting in the sweet spot somewhere between a shirt and a jacket, a shacket is the ultimate laid-back, effortlessly chic, everyday layer… and at risk of jumping on a trend, we cannot get enough.


The bread and butter of shackets, plaid is where it all started. A plaid shacket screams effortless and laid-back, a real ‘oh this old thing?’ moment if you will. Opt for blues, yellows or oranges for a pop of fun. These can be used to break up sleek formal outfits or worn as the ultimate thrown on over jeans and a tee look.



Steele camden jacket in rouge plaid


Steele, camden jacket in tart plaid 
Dotti, brixton shacket in red check



In terms of the versatility and longevity of wardrobe pieces, neutral is always your safest bet to get the most wear out of them. The shacket is no exception, with beautiful tones of grey, beige, and camel all good choices. You can guarantee plenty of wear out of these options.


Witchery, classic shacket in taupe


Friends with Frank, the ines shirt jacket in camel wool


Moochi, shorty shacket mocha blend




Add a touch more edge to your wardrobe by rocking a leather shacket. Worn over a crisp white top and blue jeans, a leather shacket can be so wearable and add a touch of verve to an otherwise plain ensemble. There are plenty of vegan leather options out there, as well as beige and lighter colourways too.


Nasty Gal, oversized leather shacket


Boohoo, oversized faux leather shacket


Asos curve faux leather jacket in putty



Sunshine on a cloudy day


Colour, texture and textile can make a world of difference to how you feel, especially when it comes to fashion.



Wool is a must for winter warmth, whether it is in the form of merino inner and outer layers, cashmere scarves, chunky socks, and of course a luscious thick coat.


As a fashion textile, manufacturers and designers have unlimited choices in colour, texture, thickness and pattern, and of course what they do with their raw materials. Add a sunny yellow colour range into the mix and you’re guaranteed to feel good.



The benefits of wool start with it being a natural and renewable fibre which New Zealand produces in plenty. It also has a naturally high UV protection (higher than most synthetics and cotton), is fire retardant, biodegradable, breathable, hard wearing and feels good to wear.




Paying lip service


Harsh winter conditions aren’t always kind to lips, but there are a few tried and true remedies for keeping yours looking luscious.



Hydration is number one. People tend to hydrate less in winter, but it is essential to still drink plenty during the colder months. Dehydration will leave your lips dry and chapped. Here are a few other tips from Metropol to leave your lips plump and kissable.

  • Avoid licking your lips constantly.
  • Try home remedies such as aloe vera and honey.
  • Apply your lip balms at night.
  • Use sunscreen on lips regularly.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Load up on Vitamin A.
  • Always treat dry and chapped lips.


All pride, no prejudice

A true feast for the eyes, this ROYGBIV-realness is a great way to liven up any wardrobe. These head-to-toe suggestions, from red to violet, ensures that there is something for everyone. Because as Coco Chanel once said, “the best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

Ruby Champ Sweater & Rae Miniskirt

Not only do these colours make for awesome statements pieces, but there is also a deeper connection to the arrangement of the hues.

Pride month is coming to a close, with the inaugural Pride Day occurring June 28.

In honour of the rainbow flag and all it entails, here are Metropol’s picks to stand out from the bunch. Because who wants to fit in…

Masion de Sabre Clutch
Witchery Fluted Mini Skirt in Tangelo
Forever New Krissie Brushed Knit Jumper
SABA Claudia Wool Knit
Ketz-ke Upright Top
Leo+Be Setting Top
Auguste Maya Merino Sweater