5 Major Changes that will affect the New Zealand Property Market: NZ Mortgages

2024 is a crucial year for the property market here in NZ. With May bringing a lot of announcements from the Government and the Reserve Bank, here are the NZ Mortgages’ top 5 changes to keep an eye on. It’s been a busy end to the month of May for the NZ property and economic […]

Beware of solicitor approval clauses: White Fox & Jones

There are risks in relying on solicitor approval clauses, it is essential to get legal advice early. A“solicitor’s approval” clause has become commonplace in property contracts, but the actual nature of the clause is not widely understood. It’s not an “escape” clause. An approval clause typically has restrictions on what aspects of the contract can […]

Time to buy and sell property: Lin Ma

While many people believe winter is not the best time for marketing properties, Lin Ma has a different viewpoint that is well worth considering. “Yes, spring is a beautiful time to show off a garden, but there is nothing nicer than seeing a crackling fire in a wood burner on a cold wintry day. That […]

Fashion a trillion dollar industry by 2027

The global fashion industry is predicted to grow by almost 40% in the next three years. After seeing a massive $80 billion revenue drop in the past two years, driven by the inflation-caused cut in consumer spending, British-based analysts Stocklytics says it will become an international trillion-dollar industry by 2027. Recent data shows people globally […]

Changes affect property investors: NZ Mortgages

The New Zealand property market is witnessing significant changes that will directly impact property investors. First, the bright-line test period will be reduced from 10 years to two years on 2 July. For investors, this is a game-changer, allowing greater flexibility and potentially higher returns on investment properties. This is expected to increase the number […]

Property values up in Canterbury

Canterbury is one of four New Zealand regions to buck the national trend and see property values rise during the last quarter. Nationally, the country has just recorded its first quarterly home value reduction since July last year, albeit a modest one. The latest QV House Price Index shows home values decreased by an average […]

Working for you: Rentworks

Whether a rental property owner or someone seeking to rent, it pays to have a trusted property manager looking after your interests. Steve Hawker and Brent Manderson not only solely manage one of Christchurch’s largest independent property portfolios, they also keep well-informed of government regulations and rental market trends. Rentworks Property Management delivers a premium […]

Survive and thrive: EBI Business Improvement Specialists

‘Inflation,’ I’m sick of hearing the word! However, as people tighten their belts, many small businesses are finding it tough. How do you weather the storm and thrive? Inflation,’ I’m sick of hearing the word! However, as people tighten their belts, many small businesses are finding it tough. How do you weather the storm and […]

Your property investing hub: Canterbury Property Investors Association

Getting together with like-minded people stimulates ideas, creativity, projects, and even partnerships leading to successful ventures, such as in property investment. Canterbury Property Investors Association (CPIA) was the first of its kind, established in New Zealand in 1971.  An independent property investing hub, the CPIA was set up to promote and represent the common interests […]

Market update property prices to rise: NZ Mortgages

Christchurch’s property market is buzzing with activity. Nathan Miglani from NZ Mortgages shares his insights. The office at NZ Mortgages is seeing the pre-winter rush with interest rates coming down and housing prices set to rise, Nathan says. As a result, people are acting now, particularly first-time homebuyers. With quality properties selling for under $650,000, […]