Work efficiency: RICOH NZ

In meeting the needs of a hybrid workplace, digital experiences hinge on doing things automatically, and at scale. In today’s business environment, the digital transformation imperative is embrace automation today, or go out of business tomorrow. In other words, automation is critical to success in the modern world, and those who don’t take advantage of […]

Your brand matrix: Michael Jenkins, Metros Marketing

Thinking about global brands that have mastered the art of branding, those that jump out at me are the likes of McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, and Cadbury. Cadbury had a unique branding campaign a few years ago. They packaged their chocolate bars in a plain purple wrapper, with no logo or words. The takeaway from this […]

Trading political values: PB Employment Law

The Coalition agreement has been signed, and what I find interesting is the message this sends: principles and values are no more than an optional extra to be traded away at will. No real surprise here, given that we are talking about politicians. Given the enormous amount of borrowing Labour did in their last term, […]

Informed solutions: Nathan Miglani

The market and political landscape of New Zealand is looking steadier and steadier as we head towards Christmas. One of the most promising global trends is the gradual ease in inflation rates, signalling potential relief for the economy. While we hope for a downward trajectory in 2024, the next 6-9 months will paint a clearer […]

Rental property experts: Rentworks

The Christchurch rental market, known for its unique behaviour compared with other major New Zealand cities, poses both challenges and opportunities. That’s where Rentworks Property Management comes to the fore. In the five years since Brent Manderson and Steve Hawker took over the business, their extensive property management experience has helped them navigate this distinctive […]

Business grants for women

Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) has announced a new grant of $5000 to assist projects and initiatives that support rural communities. The Cynthia Collier Grant will be awarded annually for the next three years with the first grant being awarded in mid 2024. Applications for the 2024 grant are now open, and will close on […]

Brand vs performance: Metros Marketing

This month I’m going to break down the key differences between brand and performance marketing. Both are just as crucial as each other, but there are a few key differences to keep in mind when choosing the right channel to market down and what to expect. 1. Brand marketing is all about creating awareness and […]

Don’t hold your breath: PB Employment Law

In the battle of bland versus boring, bland and boring won the election! National and their partner/s will move quickly to remove some of the ideological based legislation that Labour brought in. Fair Pay Agreements will be scrapped; the restraint of trade bill will be dropped, and the 90 day trial period looks set to […]

Talk to us: NZ Mortgages

With the stress of the election behind us, for Kiwi families it is back to the hard task of managing the cost of living, and high interest rates. As the new government takes the reins, we anticipate changes in the property investment landscape. Property investors are likely to re-enter the market, and it is highly […]

Commercial realty takes off: Athol McCully

After many years of owning a business, life may change and the need to sell becomes a priority. Business broker Athol McCully, of NAI Harcourts, understands what it is like to put your heart and soul into a business, and then go through the tough process of selling it. From buying or selling steady cash-cow […]