Metropol has partnered with many of Canterbury’s successful and longstanding businesses during the past 25 years.

As we celebrate this milestone, we want to highlight some of the people who have trusted us to provide a direct line to their customers. To our valued clients and readers, we extend our heartfelt gratitude, and eagerly anticipate bringing you many more exciting magazines in the future. A huge thank you.

“Louvre Solutions specialises in architectural louvre roofs as well as louvres for a variety of other residential and commercial uses. The company was established over 15 years ago and has earned an enviable reputation in the marketplace.

Metropol has been instrumental in helping us achieve this by being the perfect medium in which to strengthen our brand through regular advertising and editorial supplements. Recognised as a leader in its field, its wide readership keeps our profile in the forefront and allows us to engage directly with a growing market. We have worked with Metropol for almost seven years and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”


Craig Rogers
Lourve Solutions

Metropol has raised the profile for Versatile Homes in a crowded housing market. We have been involved with Metropol for four years and noticed they provide an upmarket perception for readers that shows products and advertisers as market leaders.

With fashion, furniture and social commentary, Metropol appeals to a wide audience, making the opportunity to be seen by our target audience high. Their dedicated build section covers all aspects of the building industry and is enticing to the eye. It also offers the opportunity for editorial content when required and this assists our showhome launches.”


Craig McNab
Branch Manager
Versatile Homes


“Partnering with an iconic Canterbury brand such as Metropol has given our distribution network through letterbox the opportunity to add value to Metropol. Our relationship has flourished through our combined desire to ensure that Metropol is delivered to its key demographic. Through REACH’S mosaic target marketing expertise and Metropol’s intimate knowledge of their readers, we ensure that we are getting the best possible distribution to Metropol’s readers. At REACH we cherish relationships that have great communication and alignment of values, which Metropol brings to the table consistently.”


Paul Howes
National Operations Manager
Reach Media

“Inkwise has been the print provider for Metropol for many years, being one of our foundation clients as
we entered the heatset print market in 1996. It has been inspiring to be a part of the success of the Metropol brand to where it now sits as one of the premier lifestyle magazines.
We have worked hard to offer different options from the original coldset, to the glossy covers, and high quality magazine it is now. We’ve invested in new technology as we strive to keep pace with the passion of the Metropol team as they push to enhance their offer to the market. We thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Metropol family, and truly consider them to be part of the Inkwise family as well.”


Steve Gallop

“I’m delighted that our business, Harcourts Gold, celebrates its tenure of 25 years at the same time as Metropol. I have written for the magazine for almost that entire time, and I have a deep connection to it. Looking back, it’s like having an old friend in my corner, through good times and challenging ones. The feedback I get tells me it’s always well read. It’s a pleasure to have been a small part of the magazine’s big success story.”


Lynette McFadden
Harcourts Gold

Metropol provides fabulous marketing, and a personalised service you can’t get elsewhere. The magazine has incredible circulation and makes every advert effective. With each issue that comes out, I find customers coming in saying that they have seen my advert in Metropol. The team at Metropol are a great group of people to work with, including our area manager Denise, who is always on the ball for what we need.”


Delwyn Lanauze
Mrs Dentons

Metropol has provided great exposure of the variety of joinery we manufacture, and the awards we’ve accumulated. We’ve advertised with Metropol since August 2015 and have enjoyed the benefits that come with our adverts and editorials.
The magazine’s circulation reaches a wide demographic and our target market, so this information is getting to the right people. The staff at Metropol have been great, and all communication has been helpful.”


Murray Hewitt
Owner with Julie Hewitt
Murray Hewitt Joinery

“For half a decade, Pacific Radiology and Metropol magazine, both New Zealand-owned companies, have forged a powerful partnership, delivering interesting news and insights tailored to the Cantabrian community. Our collaboration with Lorraine, a dedicated advocate for healthcare, aligns seamlessly with our core values. The magazine’s polished, professional aesthetic offers readers a cherished hard-copy experience in an increasingly digital world.
As we celebrate Metropol’s remarkable 25-year journey, we remain committed to our shared mission: providing essential information that enriches and empowers our community. Cheers to Metropol on this impressive milestone.”

Jocelyn Cameron
Chief marketing & Customer officer
Pacific Radiology

Metropol, for around 8 years, has given us the exposure we need to direct people to our Facebook and website pages. Advertising with them reassures our clients that we were involved in the rebuild and that we are now a market leader with the interesting and varied projects we do. Metropol reaches a wide audience and shows readers how we can help clients with their projects. Working with the writers to create informative editorials has been easy. They’re a nice addendum to put us in front of people with new and exciting projects. The area managers have been helpful in updating us on available advertising spaces to optimise our reader presence.”

Steve Brownie
Director/Project manager
Priority Projects

“Over 15 years ago, we began advertising with Metropol. It’s grown so much and become a household name over the years, with significant readership and reach. We love that it’s there to read, filled with quality content and gorgeous pages when you need it. The advertising feedback proves it, many clients see our deals in the latest Metropol and want to know more. Our target customers align with Metropol so advertising our speciality escorted group tours attract those who want something different.
Our relationship with Tracey, who goes above and beyond for us, is part of the reason we continue to advertise with Metropol.”


Melissa Landrebe
Managing director
You Travel

“Bellbird Hearing has been advertising with Metropol since we opened our clinic on Ilam Road in September 2020. Advertising with Metropol has helped us reach more customers. We are passionate about all things hearing and strive to help as many Cantabrians as possible to hear better. Like Metropol, we pride ourselves on high-quality products and services. We’re also locally owned and an independent business, just like Metropol.
Our editorials in the magazine really help to increase the awareness of our business, but also hearing loss in general.”


Juliet Marsden
Clinic Manager and Audiologist
Bellbird Hearing

“Our relationship with Metropol has fortified our place in the Christchurch and Canterbury market, and we have identified many positive results from advertising in Metropol over a number of years. The staff work consistently hard in targeting our marketing messages to suit the Metropol demographic, making sure our advertisements are the most beneficial for their audience. Our area manager, Louise, has always been easy to deal with and work with.
The magazine distribution areas fit perfectly into Readylawn’s target market.”


Roger Morgan

“For around six years, we’ve been advertising in Metropol and have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship we have with the team, especially Denise who keeps in regular contact to let us know what’s coming up. In our industry, it can be difficult to know if your advertising is effective, but with Metropol we regularly get customers commenting on the adverts and editorials that they’ve seen.
We’ve even had someone come into the store clutching an old copy of the magazine to discuss their requirements.
The popularity of the magazine is evident in the way it flies out the door within a couple of days of a new issue coming out.”


Ruth Buckley
Halswell Bakery

“We’ve collaborated with Metropol for just over 10 years and have seen fantastic results throughout this time.
Our advertising in Metropol has been great at generating new inquiries.
“I’ve even had people come in holding a cut-out of our advertisement from the magazine in their hand. Having two advertorials has been a good way to focus our marketing on different topics of our business.
“The advertorials are a cut above competing publications and are great value for money.”


Simon Walmisley
Director and Owner
Art Metro

“We have been working with Metropol to promote our musicals in Christchurch for five years. It’s been a great vehicle for us to gain exposure for our productions. In a noisy and competitive market, it’s important that we get our advertising in front of the right audience and Metropol allows us to do just that.
“The team does a great job of communicating with us and really understands what we are trying to achieve in our advertising. Metropol reaches our target market with every issue. We always see an increase in ticket sales on the dates our Metropol advert hits the market.”

Tom Hart
Marketing and Communications Manager
Showbiz Christchurch

“Celebrating a powerful partnership with Metropol magazine has been an incredible journey. Their authentic storytelling and unwavering commitment to excellence have elevated our brand’s visibility and connected us with a broader audience.
“Through their platform, our successes have resonated within our community. Their skilled team has crafted compelling narratives that showcase our core values, opening doors to exciting collaborations and growth opportunities. As we toast to powerful partnerships, we eagerly anticipate the continued journey with Metropol as our trusted ally and advocate. Together, we stand firm, celebrating achievements and amplifying the spirit of collaboration and excellence.”

Don Chen
Formosa Restaurant

“As part of the Wigram Pantry Collective, The Picklery @ Gordon’s, has been in partnership with Metropol advertising monthly since 2018.
“We have significantly benefited from this form of advertising and the editorials; we always include a favourite Gordon’s recipe using our ever- popular gherkins and onions.
Metropol, and Denise do a fantastic job – the large circulation and exceptional quality of this magazine reaches a wide demographic and raises awareness for small business in Christchurch. Congratulations on 25 years.”

Michelle Kittelty
Gordon’s Pickles

“We have been partnering with Metropol magazine since we first opened our Mikko Shoes store in Christchurch in 2019. Their advertising has effectively reached our target audience, and we are thrilled to see that our customers often mention discovering us through Metropol. Tracey Prince and the entire team at Metropol have been highly efficient, friendly, and professional, ensuring a fabulous working relationship.
“What sets Metropol apart is their ability to connect us with a local database. Their targeted advertising aligns with our goals, and the magazine’s evolution over the years has resulted in polished and impactful advertisements. We appreciate the added value of editorials and are grateful for our ongoing partnership with Metropol.”

Michaela Longstaff
Mikko Shoes

“M.M Linen have worked with Metropol since the lead-up to opening their Christchurch-based designer home linens store in Elmwood Village, in May 2022. Louise and her team advised on and arranged a comprehensive PR and advertising package for M.M Linen to communicate with Metropol’s extensive readership.
“Metropol is a great publication to work with, aligning with our local brand.
The team has been fantastic to work with, from advertising, to their creative writers, and the great representation of our brand. Our goal was to promote our new Christchurch store in August last year, and they continue to partner with us so well.
Metropol is the only home and lifestyle magazine published fortnightly, with a vast distribution, in Christchurch.”

Kerry Jackson
Creative Director
M.M Linen

“We have worked and advertised with Metropol since opening Total Food Equipment in 2009. As a new business to the Christchurch and Canterbury area, we felt Metropol was a good fit to get our message out to the wider area.
As trends change, we are able to get the new products that we have found out to our customers through our advertising
in Metropol.
We love hearing customers say they have seen our advertisements in Metropol, it means our spend has worked and achieved a wide reach.”

Sandra McLay
Owner & Manager
Total Food Equipment

“In the short time we have been with Metropol, we have noticed how successful they are at reaching an audience that would not see our messages elsewhere. Tracey has been fantastic at understanding and supporting the importance of our mission and comes on-site to chat about what we need. The team show a real willingness to help us out and advertise in a way that gets to those that we want to reach.
This year, NZ Blood celebrates 25 years too, and we’re excited and very grateful that longstanding businesses such as Metropol support us in our journey, continuing to gain donors and awareness of our new Tuam Street centre.”

Atawhai Te Hau
Team Leader Donor Relations Southern
NZ Blood

“With Metropol, we’re given the opportunity to show people what we do, offering ideas and introducing new aspects of our business that people wouldn’t see otherwise. We’re passionate about reaching out to people, and advertising in Metropol means we can do that to attract new customers who don’t know where or who we are. People understand the value and professionalism of Metropol and we have gained credibility, awareness, and growth, because of that. Denise, Ian, the marketing team, the editors and writers, everyone has been helpful and easy to work with. The circulation, audience and passion reflected in Metropol is great, I highly recommend working with them.”

Leanne Lovell
Victoria Florists

“We have been advertising with Metropol for about 13 years. During this period, we moved our business three times due to earthquakes, and Metropol helped customers follow us until we found our new home in St Asaph St in 2016. Metropol has given us exposure to a great client base.
Their timed editorials have increased interest in our Biannual Art Show which opens over both weekend days, the first weekend in May and November. Metropol is distributed to a large number of homes in areas of the city that are relevant to the art that we sell. Also, their delivery into cafes where readers have time to sit and read is effective marketing.”

Tracey Wynands
Windsor Gallery

“As a long-term advertiser in Metropol, we are thrilled to still be supporting them in their 25th year of production. We began advertising with Metropol in the 1990s. They have stood the test of time and all the ‘testing’ times Cantabrians have worked through. Metropol has never let its standards slip, staying relevant, and continuing to provide interesting and noteworthy articles about our great region.
Metropol offers wide distribution and a loyal readership, a beneficial media partner for our cafés and coffee roastery. We have always enjoyed working with the Metropol team and wish them every ongoing success for the next 25 years.”

Deb Riach
Coffee Worx

Metropol has been the most effective form of marketing we use, and we use a coordination of many. My marketing and business relationship journey with Metropol has been truly successful. We instantly and directly meet the market we are looking for. Metropol have been with me since the beginning of my business back in 2013 for almost the entire journey, and are always very supportive. I receive immediate results from current and past issues of the magazine, perpetually sitting on many professional office table waiting rooms, cafés, bars and restaurants, and now even in the Koru Club. The relationship I have with Metropol has been incredibly fruitful and continues to be so. I recommend Metropol to promote businesses to all.”

Alistair Bean
Managing Director
Alistair Bean and Associates – Financial Advisers

Metropol has a huge reach in the Christchurch area. The magazine appears in many cafes and hairdressers, which we have found lasts longer in circulation than digital mediums. Metropol is a well-respected brand and has provided great reach for us. For 10 years, we have used Metropol for our Brand Awareness marketing and have had several clients mention Metropol as the catalyst for reaching out to us. Our account managers have been consistently helpful, the production department has assisted in advertisement preparation, and Murray has been great in following up and maintaining our business relationship. We love what Metropol has achieved for us and believe it is great value for money.”

Andrew Clark
Managing Director
Jim the Builder

“When we opened our OneWorld retail store two years ago, Metropol was the magazine we trusted with our advertising, who supported us with our opening and continues to support us every month. They are an important partner in developing our brand awareness, and the advertising hits our demographic well. We are delighted to know that our advertising spend is working, as many of our customers have told us they have read about us in Metropol. They also give us the opportunity to publish our editorials which help show our diverse range of furniture to create your perfect home. We have a fabulous relationship with Metropol as everyone is very efficient, friendly, and extremely professional.”

Heather Fine
New Zealand Manager

“For 11 years, advertising in Metropol has been a great decision for Dream Doors Christchurch. The publication receives a large distribution within the region, and reaches our target market. Lorraine has been with us from the start, and has been great to deal with, it’s easy, stress-free, and affordable. We track our marketing channels and have tried multiple publications and Metropol is the only one that keeps generating leads for us. As a result, Metropol is the only print publication that we advertise in now. The advertisements and advertorials have helped boost brand awareness and attract new customers looking to update, renovate and achieve their kitchen dreams.”

Adrian Kay
Dream Doors

“We began with Metropol in 2019 and share in the celebration of what 25 years in business takes. Advertising in Metropol has increased our enquiries and clients nationwide, which only continues as more customers become aware of our brands. We advertise both Food & Health Standards and Auditing Solutions in Metropol. Auditing Solutions features in the cuisine section and we are delighted to receive enquiries and increased traffic on our website from this. Metropol takes the time to understand our businesses and what we want to achieve. Our relationship is excellent, which has made the journey seamless throughout the years.”

Gail Shaw
Food & Health Standards, Auditing Solutions

Metropol gives us an opportunity to support and reach a local database that not many other publications do. With their growing coverage and audience, we’ve noticed that Trenzseater now reaches throughout the South Island with Metropol. Their targeted advertising hits our demographic and does what we want it to do. Over the last 12 months, the magazine has really developed and our advertisements have been incredibly polished. We have a great relationship with the people at Metropol and that’s why we continue our advertising. They always make sure we are looked after, with added value like editorials.”


Ben Lewis
General Manager

“We’ve been with Metropol for over 12 years and it’s been a lovely way to connect with people in the local area and in Christchurch, and explain what we can do. Lorraine has been consistently helpful over that time and is great to work with. Metropol’s distribution reaches the right people for us, especially through local cafés and in the Merivale area. What makes Metropol stand out is that the magazine distribution is read and engaged with by the public, they have got that certification. Many new clients at Transform Clinic say they saw our beauty report or read an advert in Metropol.”


Anna Little
Marketing Manager
Transform Clinic

“We commenced a rotating monthly full and quarter page campaign with Metropol in early 2022, and noticed immediate increases in visitor traffic at the Lockwood Showhomes, and South Island Regional Office in Hornby. Clients mentioned Metropol, and asked about specific designs featured in the various advertisements. Critically, the campaign has continued to deliver increasing enquiries, not just for the local market, but also for our builder network across the South Island. Making it all easier has been the quite outstanding care and advice provided by the sales and management team. If your marketing and advertising needs a lift, and you’re looking for professional guidance, give the Metropol team a call.”

John Stewart
Strategic Growth & Partnerships
Lockwood Homes

“I’ve been with Metropol for 25 years, and have achieved outstanding brand awareness and loyalty through them. Metropol reaches our target market and provides the information we want to get across. At V for Hair & Beauty, clients come into the salon mentioning ‘going grey gracefully,’ a tagline we often use in the magazine. Communicating with the Metropol team has always been easy and professional. I’ve advertised with Metropol for five different business ventures over 25 years with the publication. Sticking with Metropol, and creating a marketing plan has been invaluable. Metropol offers consistent, worthwhile advertising that will help a business to succeed.”

Vicki Ogden-O’Fee
V for Hair & Beauty, Victoria Jane

“Coco Gifts has been in partnership with Metropol Magazine for over 10 years. We advertise in each issue, the magazine is available at Coco Gifts, and we have worked together on social media. Having the magazine here is a draw card for existing and new customers, and for local residents who know we have it available. It’s a well-read magazine in Christchurch, and reaches our target market perfectly. Last year Coco Gifts turned 10 years old, and chose Metropol to help celebrate our milestone. We have a great business relationship. They have wonderful staff, and are always happy to assist with advertising ideas. Congratulations on your milestone Metropol Magazine.”

Liz van Montfort
Coco Gifts

Metropol has cemented our company as a leading Local European vehicle specialist. Working and advertising with them for over 10 years, they have been an important partner in developing brand awareness and further local business relationships. A significant factor that we’ve found helpful in our advertising journey with Metropol is that they provide targeted marketing and reach the right demographic for our buyers. We also love that Metropol gives readers the ability to support local businesses. Compared to other magazines, Metropol offers many like-minded businesses in one place and has put our brand in the right space.”

Niki Mills
Christchurch European

Metropol is fantastic at what it does and has always been around. It caters perfectly to our target audience and is delivered right to their mailboxes. Dreamwool Beds has advertised with Metropol for over six years and the consistent delivery means we are always there for the reader. Customers say they have read about us in the magazine. Even if they’re not looking for a bed today, they will remember us from Metropol when they do. It’s permanency in that space that Metropol fills. Working with Murray is always pleasant and very insightful. Metropol is social, entertaining and a great Christchurch magazine. Publications need to be solid and consistent. Metropol is exactly that.”

David Henderson
Dreamwool Beds

“For 15 years, Metropol has been a fantastic tool to increase brand recognition, improve customer engagement and expand our market reach into different areas. Metropol’s large circulation and distribution, as well as its audience, plays a crucial role to ensure we are in the correct areas. Denise has remained a supportive and effective area manager who understands our business needs and provides great guidance. Both general advertising and editorials in the magazine have proved effective and resulted in consistent brand exposure and positive customer feedback. We have had a great relationship over the years and are looking forward to seeing what Metropol produces in the future!”

Shaun Halliwell
No.4 Bar, Beach & Fiddlesticks