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Savvy business owners use print as part of their marketing strategy. Because print advertising works!

Print Ads are tangible, more trusted

The internet is flooded with ‘fake news’ and ‘fake advertisements’, and at its worst grossly misleading advertising and outright scams. Print advertisements get to the people we say they will get to, and wont include pop-ups of dubious or unseemly products or services; because of this print advertising remains the most trusted source of marketing information.

Bottom line: Promoting your business, brand or product by print advertising builds credibility and builds the trust required for your customers to buy from you.

Print Ads convert more customers.

Print ads have much more influence than electronic advertisements; as Metropol is sought out by readers, and because they enjoy the magazine; print ads stick with the reader, they trust Metropol, which are powerful influences on their buying decisions.

Bottom line: Print ads have much more influence on our buying decisions than electronic advertisements.

Print Ads Target your potential customers

Print advertising allows you target the right people; those people that are interested in hearing about your product or service, will read your advert, and if relevant to them drive them to buy.  Metropol is highly targeted, we publish 46,000 magazines, reaching more than 27,000 above average income households within Canterbury, every two weeks.

Bottom line: The high quality content and advertising Metropol presents to our readers is relevant to them and provides them an enjoyable reading experience; which it makes more likely they will respond to your brand or business than from receiving an email blast from a marketing agency.

Print Ads reach people that don’t use the internet

Many people, and it’s not an age or technical thing, don’t use the internet to actually make their purchases; for all or just some of the things they buy. Many consumers prefer the information and credibility of print advertising to inform their buying decisions and where they buy the things they want. They may well perform research online. However when it comes to making the actual purchase this is done instore at a physical business.

Bottom line: Disregarding print advertising and the process by which people actually choose what to buy, who to buy from and what drives the actual purchase decision; for online advertising because it’s easier, then you will be missing out on many potential customers.

Most people still buy products in shops, and services from people they can trust. Metropol print advertising reaches the right people, provides them the information they need and can trust which influences their purchase decisions. Metropol print advertisements drive people to your business to seal the deal.


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