Gentle pet goodbyes: Our Pet’s Goodbye

Discovering that your beloved family pet has a terminal illness, or finding yourself in any situation where you may need to consider euthanasia for your pet, is devastating.

Emotions run high during this stressful and confusing time. One final humane act offering your pet peace is compassionate euthanasia. What if there was a team of professionals who could alleviate your burden and provide this deeply personal service, with tenderness and empathy, from the safety and familiar surroundings of your own home?

The team at Our Pet’s Goodbye understands the profound bond shared between families and their cherished pets and can help navigate this arduous journey with you. Through kindness and skilled, specialised practices, every moment is dedicated to comforting both the pet and the owner. “Offering solace amidst sorrow,” is immensely rewarding, says owner Dr Nic Macdonald.

Deciding to euthanise a pet is often described as one of the toughest choices to make. It depends on many different factors and is individual to each situation. Our Pet’s Goodbye offers free quality of life phone consultations, to discuss your pet and your circumstances.

Nic encourages all families to call and chat about their pets, even if neither pet nor owner are ready. “We offer advice without judgement. Having a plan and a discussion around euthanasia, for when the time comes, can be beneficial in both knowing what to expect and being as prepared as possible. Preparation can be the difference between an emergency rush to the clinic or a loving goodbye to your pet on your terms with all their loved ones close.”

“What truly sets us apart is that we proceed at you and your pet’s pace. From the initial phone consultation to the booked home visit, up to arranging a cremation service if you so wish,” says Nic. “We always give sedation before the final injection, ensuring your pet gradually falls asleep, so you can say goodbye in a manner that merits the utmost dignity.”

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