Helping heritage live on

Throughout her life, Dame Anna Crighton has been interested in art and architecture. She talks with Metropol editor Lynda Papesch about the past, the present, and the future. ‘Heritage’ is derived from Middle English and old French, heriter to ‘inherit’ – to inherit valued objects and qualities such as property and cultural traditions that have […]

Shine a light

Heading into summer with longer days, many will be enjoying more time outside long after the sun goes down. That’s when the lights go on, and it’s just as important to have proper lighting outdoors as it is indoors. Many of the same principles apply to indoor and outdoor lighting, although the latter should be […]

The winds of change

Being there for her husband while maintaining a fitness-focused lifestyle is challenging. Lady Jo Nicholls-Parker talks to Lynda Papesch about her continuing journey. As the wife of Christchurch’s former mayor, Sir Bob Parker, Jo has spent much time in the public spotlight. She was constantly by his side during the tumultuous days after the 2010 […]

Pack your bags

Travel is back on the agenda for many, even though it’s mostly exploring our own country. Mix and match is the key to packing for any occasion, so be sure to pick garments that work three ways. Also pick your colours to either complement or contrast the rest of your travel wardrobe.    

From the editor: 14 October 2021

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…” – Alfred, Lord Tennyson We all need hope, especially when times are tough. Hope comes in different guises. As the days become warmer, many hope that they can head out and enjoy some of the exciting events on Ōtautahi Christchurch’s […]

Justine Smith

Comedienne Justine Smith has fond memories of growing up in Christchurch as she explains to Metropol editor Lynda Papesch, ahead of a return to the city as part of the 7 Days Live tour. Recognisable for her appearances and humour on shows such as the Comedy Gala, AotearoHA, TV3’s After Hours, and Funny Girls, plus […]

Think big

Trees are nature’s eye candy, and there’s nothing like mature trees to add impact in a garden. Even if you’re building new and starting your landscaping from scratch, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t include a few mature specimens to make it look more established. They’re big, elegant, and beautiful and they bring those same […]

It really is black and white

Black and white is a classic colour combination that stands the test of time and for good reason. Both are strong neutrals (to which colour can be added if desired), and work well with a huge variety of different textures and interior design styles. From the bedroom to the bathroom, the kitchen to the lounge, […]

Make your home feel bigger

Following a few simple interior design rules can help you make your home feel larger, more spacious as well as look good. Here are some tips from Metropol. Use round pieces Using rounded edges makes your room seem less grid-like, and fools the eye into the illusion of a bigger, more dynamic space. Use metallics […]

Adding an extra room

A popular addition to a home is a conservatory. Not only will it add value to the home, it will also provide more space, more entertaining opportunities and an area for adults or children to hang out without the others. A conservatory can work as a dining room, a play room, or just a sit-in-the-sun […]