Editor’s picks: with Lynda Papesch

Here at Metropol, our team is lucky enough to receive some of the latest beauty and fashion products to try, so we thought we’d share some with our readers.

This issue, I’m suggesting you try a couple of new and exciting offerings, one to improve those fine lines and wrinkles, and the other to envelop you in a fragrant cloud.

1. Emma Lewisham Supernatural Vitale Elixir
Four years in the making, this is “Botox in a bottle”. A facial muscle relaxant, scientific tests have shown it can reduce muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by 91% after 24 hours. A silky smooth elixir in a pump bottle, it’s my new go-to, twice a day. The 30ml bottle is compact enough to fit into a handbag, and the elixir has been found not to affect other cosmetic enhancements such as injectables, rather, it will complement them for enhanced results.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Paradise Garden
The latest additions to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paradise Garden, where youth, passion and flamboyance reign supreme, this gorgeous fragrance comes in his (Le Beau Paradise Garden), and hers (pictured).
Featuring exotic creatures and flowers, Gaultier’s garden was inspired by his 2010-2011 Autumn/Winter show, and conjures up a splendidly captivating Eden abounding with forbidden pleasures. The two exotic fragrances create a sensual, radiant, olfactory experience; La Belle Eau de Parfum bursting with vanilla and splashed with iris and blue water lily, and Le Beau a heavenly woody, aquatic fragrance.

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