Warming up winter: Aqualine


It’s frosty and you decide to turn the heating up, only to discover that your partner has invariably turned it down and the energy-saving yoyo effect begins, testing your patience and indoor creature comforts. Warmth is powerful, personal and key to establishing the experience you wish to enjoy with loved ones.



So how can you maintain a healthy temperature setting that heats the house evenly and efficiently, while regulating all its occupants at a comfortable degree of contentment?

The answer New Zealanders are turning to more readily when buying a home or renovating, is underfloor heating, with a resounding and fitting applause.

Aqualine Products Ltd, leaders in the wholesale plumbing industry, has an efficient underfloor heating solution for all your home and industrial heating needs.

Underfloor heating is a value-added luxury to any home or space and Aqualine, with a long company history dating back to the 1940s, understand this to be an essential long-term home investment.

It also imports, designs and assembles wholesale plumbing components to the industry, and by factoring in our local climate and building codes, this extensive manufacturing research and development enables it to easily adapt to industry market changes. This provides a choice of high-quality products and services, empowering decision-makers with greater personal home heating options.

Why Underfloor?

Aqualine’s Heating system is a clean, safe, and zero-allergen central heating system, operating at low water temperatures, reducing operating costs to a minimum.
Underfloor hydronic heating transforms into a slow-release radiant floor heat bank, providing uniform temperature throughout your home.
These radiant heat systems are aligned with the ‘optimum heat curve’ as defined by the heating industry, making it the most economically efficient means of heating.

Big Savings

Experience continuous comfort at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Using the thermal mass of the concrete slab, the heat transfer delivers optimum comfort at much lower temperatures, reducing over-heating. Incorporating hydronics, underfloor heating with a high-efficiency condensing boiler reduces running costs with up to 20 percent savings on gas bills.

Industry Trends

Aqualine Products Ltd keeps driving industry trends with its ongoing commitment to providing technical solutions and expert advice from specifications to installations for the vast range of quality products and services throughout New Zealand.
Its dedicated sales teams help provide ground support by applying their local market knowhow, assisting plumbing retailers and wholesalers alike.
The company works with nominated contractors to install an underfloor heating system for current or future flooring, whether for a slab, a screed or a sprung floor surface.

Visit www.aqualine.co.nz to find your preferred underfloor heating installation solution.



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