Creative feather art: Awatea Design


From small beginnings, one family-oriented New Zealand business is slowly yet surely making its mark in the creative world.


Awatea, left, and Te Maari modelling feather art.


Awatea Design is a small whānau-based business located in Paerata, South Auckland, yet its clever contemporary feather art is flying all round the world.

Dedicated to the art and craft of contemporary feather art, its creations range from one-of-a-kind heirlooms to imaginative wall art for grand homes.

“Every one of our projects is a unique opportunity to showcase contemporary aesthetics,” says customer service manager Tracey Aramoana. “We specialise in creating high quality contemporary, creative feather art.”

The company’s origins spring from “the creativeness of our Nani (mum) and whanau”, says Tracey. Nani’s lifelong journey began with harakeke, extending to raranga, mop and muka. While honing her skills, she supported her whānau working as a career sample machinist for top fashion icons. In 2018, Nani used her skills and technical knowledge to create the first prototypes of what became Awatea Design’s blueprint.

“Since then, she has focused on mahi with whānau to create our legacy,” says Tracey.

The company is not just work-oriented but family-oriented too. “We live by our values of whānau, excellence, accessibility, creativity and aroha, and encompass this in our work,” says Tracey. “We are inspired to help support people, our communities and other pākihi. We love seeing people succeed and are always willing to try to help where we can.”

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