Super soups


Warming, refreshing, delicious and simple to make, soups are a true one-pot wonder, and just as we embrace the cooler weatherof winter, it’s time to embrace creativitywith your winter soup repertoire.

Here is Metropol’s round up for some easy soup-spiration for the cooler months ahead.




Eating your greens is an imperative. Eating your green soups, on the other hand, may seem less appealing. Think again; green soups are a delicious way to deliver your 5-plus a day. Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, herbs and kale are all green bases waiting to be boosted with other vegetables, spices, stocks and creamy bases.


A hearty pumpkin soup is, for many, the first flavour that springs to mind when the subject is raised. While a classic milky, stock-based version is a comforting favourite, it’s time to branch out. Use spices like chilli, ginger, turmeric and kaffir lime, bases like coconut cream and toppers like barley and roast nuts.


Lentils have had a bad rap in years past, but those who are converted to the power of the pulses will tell you how delicious a lentil (or grain, for that matter) soup can be. With the rise of plant-based eating, lentil soup recipes are abound, and rich in warming, flavours. Try a tomatoey Middle Eastern-inspired rendition with cumin, coriander and fennel seeds.


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