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Super soups


Warming, refreshing, delicious and simple to make, soups are a true one-pot wonder, and just as we embrace the cooler weatherof winter, it’s time to embrace creativitywith your winter soup repertoire.

Here is Metropol’s round up for some easy soup-spiration for the cooler months ahead.




Eating your greens is an imperative. Eating your green soups, on the other hand, may seem less appealing. Think again; green soups are a delicious way to deliver your 5-plus a day. Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, herbs and kale are all green bases waiting to be boosted with other vegetables, spices, stocks and creamy bases.


A hearty pumpkin soup is, for many, the first flavour that springs to mind when the subject is raised. While a classic milky, stock-based version is a comforting favourite, it’s time to branch out. Use spices like chilli, ginger, turmeric and kaffir lime, bases like coconut cream and toppers like barley and roast nuts.


Lentils have had a bad rap in years past, but those who are converted to the power of the pulses will tell you how delicious a lentil (or grain, for that matter) soup can be. With the rise of plant-based eating, lentil soup recipes are abound, and rich in warming, flavours. Try a tomatoey Middle Eastern-inspired rendition with cumin, coriander and fennel seeds.


Brew news

It can be tough deciding on what to fill your glass with when it comes time to enjoy a cold brew, and as the popularity of craft beers and brewed beverages continues to increase – the choices become even harder. So, when it comes to the brews making waves as trend-setting tipples in 2021, Metropol has investigated.


So popular are hazy beers, that a new category had to be created for them at the recent 2021 New World Beer & Cider Awards. Featuring flavours of tropical fruit with a typically creamy body and sweet finish, these brews are flying out of craft and established brewery taps countrywide.

Hard seltzer, a fermented and carbonated fruit-based alcohol, has taken the world by storm in the past year. Some are made from wine, beer or cider bases, while others springboard from vodka. Alongside alcoholic ginger beer and kombucha, these brews also got their own new class at the above awards – a first for any national competition in the world. Must be popular!

Our favourite sugar-free probiotic fizzy fruit drinks have taken a quirkier turn in recent times, as they have taken an R18 turn into the alcohol market. The perfect balance of bitter and subtle sweetness, an alcoholic kombucha has a beer element, but with its fizzy, fruity and gluten-free properties is much lighter and sweeter.



Tying the knot in 2020

You’ve got your something old? Something borrowed? Something blue? Well if you’re still running around trying to find your something new – we’ve got you covered. Who says the rhyme must only apply to what the bride is wearing down the aisle? We investigate the upcoming trends of tying the knot in 2020.


  1. Green thumb: Being sustainable is trending and Mother Nature would give that a big seal of approval.

    Reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint by purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress, adopting an heirloom ring, avoiding bottled water or even refraining from printing out hundreds of paper invitations (opt for online).

    If you’re feeling bold, why not try a zero-waste event… it might just give your guests the push they need to try it at their own wedding.

    You wouldn’t dump rubbish onto your guests as they’re sitting down at your wedding, so don’t forgot about one of the most important guests there – Mother Nature.

2. Party of two (or a few): Who says extravagant weddings are essential to a lifetime of happy marriage (the rom-coms don’t count)?

Forking out the big dollars for people who were even umming and ahhing coming to the event may seem silly, but it happens.

That’s why limiting your nearest and dearest to 40 – or even less – is starting to become a regular occurrence. Less people means the budget per guest is higher, this leaves room for personal and even elaborate touches – this is one trend that is all about quality over quantity!

If you’re worried about not enough people seeing the ceremony, they can see it all online when you post about it (we’re sure you will!).

3. Help yourself: One of the great things about a wedding, as a guest, is the open bar.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to be polite.

Most of us know the process of going up to a bar, ordering a drink and walking away.

Make this part of the night a fun experience for everyone by including a self-serve refreshments area.

Wall mounted dispensers, punch bowls, a jampacked bar of pour-over drinks accompanied by some garnishes to top off the drinks; we’re yet to hear a negative.

No need to think of signature cocktails because every guest will be able to create one of their own.

Although it may pay to have one of the staff helping to occasionally cast an eye over the set-up… just in case Uncle Jim starts to drink enough for himself… and five others.