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In your beach bag

A day (or longer) at the beach, lake, bush and pool is a Kiwi summer ritual. As such, our beauty rituals must change to incorporate products and practices which protect and nourish our summer skin. Here’s Metropol’s round up of products to include in your beach bag this sunshine season.




Obviously. But investing in the growing breed of modern facial sunscreens can have added skincare benefits. Australian brand Ultra Violette is getting some serious attention for its hardworking SPFs which not only protect from UVA and UVB, but also hydrate and can even act as the perfect primer under your makeup.

Cool down with a cool facial mist. Preferably, one which packs a punchy list of ingredients to not only refresh, but hydrate and even give a little glow. Cult brands like Tatcha, Olay, Glossier and Kiehl’s all have options which come highly recommended. One spritz and you’re transported straight to the spa.

Nourish and protect those kissers with a reliable lip balm to stave off chapping and keep things plump and luscious. Options abound from every brand under the sun (ha), but you needn’t necessarily splash on this summer staple. You’ll get change from a tenner with Lucas Papaw Ointment and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.


From the Editor: 17 December 2020

As we send our last magazine of 2020 to print, it seems hard to believe this time last year we were unaware of a mysterious illness which was about to dramatically redefine the months ahead.



It’s fair to say: We had no idea what was coming.

While much of the world succumbed to Covid-19’s devastating effects on lives and livelihoods, our little islands were spared the full brunt of this pandemic.

Our team of five million has a lot to be proud of when counting their accomplishments for the year that was.

It’s not every year you can pat yourself on the back for not leaving the house much.

But you should pat yourself on the back, because while our individual experiences of Covid-19 may have been anything but universal, 2020 has been a universally challenging year.

And we wouldn’t have got to December, staring down the barrel of a relatively normal (whatever that means anymore) holiday period without each person playing their part.

Whether that was as an Essential Service worker, a family that juggled home schooling with WFH, and all those now dedicated to supporting local business and charities.

For all the uncertainty which has permeated our collective 2020, one thing is very certain: It’s time for a break.

For all those lucky to have some time off this holiday season – enjoy.

Cherish the time with your friends and whanau, and we’ll see you again in 2021.

Leftover heroes

The day is done, and your culinary skills might start to feel depleted – while your fridge is probably anything but. Don’t let those delicious leftovers go to waste by creating new and exciting meals with less effort and less trips back to the post-public holiday supermarket. Here are Metropol’s ideas for making the most of your holiday leftovers.



Pie in the sky

Transform that leftover ham and or turkey into a delicious pastry delight. Incorporate peas and eggs for a twist on your favourite bacon and egg number, or incorporate a white sauce for something more cheesy.

Festive platitudes

Cold meats are right at home on a post-Christmas charcuterie, so just slice and place on a platter with any leftover fresh veges, breads, dips and cheeses and let the Boxing Day grazing begin! If the leftover veges aren’t so fresh, give them a quick grill.

Salad stories

When it comes down to it, a salad is really just anything tossed together in a bowl. So let your creativity takeover by combining your leftover roast veges with some fresh greens, nuts, pulses and herbs. Add fruit for fresh appeal, and drizzle with oil or citrus juice for an easy dressing.


On the shelf

What simpler pleasure can there be than getting stuck into a riveting holiday read. Whether you’re stretched out on a beach towel or sun lounger, or snuggled up in your favourite chair at the bach or at home, here are Metropol’s page-turning picks to take with you on your summer break, or to gift the bookworms in your life this Christmas.


Jehan Casinder
Harper Collins, $17.99


This award-winning Kiwi journalist chronicles how the power of storytelling helped him to survive depression. A gritty, vulnerable and compelling book which challenges our understanding of mental distress, and gives tools and hope to reshape our life stories. Told against a backdrop of the biggest news stories of recent years.


Rutger Bregman Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, $34.99


This international bestseller provides a new perspective on the wide-held belief that humans are inherently bad. Unpicking famous sociological experiments, historical events and philosophical arguments, Bregman shows us the reality of humanity’s kindness – that it is a powerful force for change


Trent Dalton
Harper Collins, $45


From the international bestselling author of Boy Swallows Universe, this Australian novel is set in World War II and weaves a story of love, danger and secrets. Beautifully written, this adventure tale of unlikely companions is brimming with warmth, wit and wonder.


Jessica Dettmann
Harper Collins, $34.99


A story about growing up, giving in, and family. Molly is about to have her first child. Her mother, Annie, is about to re-start her dreams of musical stardom when she is asked to step into childcare duties. For fans of Jojo Moyes, Marian Keyes and Liane Moriarty.


Lisa Jewell Penguin NZ, $26


A gripping psychological thriller to keep you tethered to your reading nook, this novel is set a decade after the disappearance of Ellie. Her mother, Laurel, has never given up hope of finding Ellie, and a new man in her life – or more specifically, his daughter – reignites her quest for answers.


A snoozy summer

The temperatures are rising, and so too is our penchant for a deliciously snuggly pyjama to carry us from bed, to lounge and back again

Deiji Studios The 02 Robe in Mustard

Whiling away a summer morning in sleepwear is a defining feature of the holiday period and the perfect accompaniment to a pot of coffee and a book in the sunshine.

Laing Billie Cotton Pyjama Set in Navy


Citta Billie Linen Camisole and Pants


Citta Billie Linen Camisole and Pants

This summer, we’re eyeing up luxuriously soft and breathable natural fibres of linen, cotton and silk to aid our much-needed rest and relaxation.

By Natalie V Neck Night Dress Pink


Modern Rituals Work My Light Bath Soak

From short and tee sets, to camis and pants and nighties – a lightweight robe is a non-negotiable throw-over to ward off cooler mornings and the summer breeze.

Wallace Cotton Juliet Nightie


Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask in Rose



The best of design

A grand manor restored beyond its former glory, a moveable community hub and modern beachside dwelling were the three Canterbury-based winners at the 2020 ADNZ Resene Architectural Awards recently.

The region was well represented across the seven national awards, hosted by Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) and judged by senior lecturers in architecture at AUT, Dr Kathy Waghorn and Dr Anthony Brand; senior architecture academic at Ara, Irene Boles, and Resene Colour Consultant Rebecca Long.

Michael John of AO Architecture won the Resene Residential Multi-Unit Dwelling Architectural Design Award for his work on Thornton Earl Manor in Cashmere; Pippin Wright-Stow of F3 Design won the Resene Commercial/Industrial Interiors Architectural Design Award for The Green Lab; and Aaron Jones of Urban Function Architecture received the Resene Colour in Design Award for his design, Taylors, in Sumner.

Thornton Earl Manor was constructed at the turn of the century by the England Brothers, a renowned architect and builder of early Christchurch.

Simon Larkin, Larkin Design


Simon Larkin, Larkin Design


Simon Larkin, Larkin Design

Judges called the work by Michael, “a very special project” as he re-restored the manor, which had just had renovations completed before the Canterbury earthquakes.

Now, the sprawling home complete with swimming pool and tennis court can be locked into four separate apartments.

The Green Lab is a moveable, multi-use space developed by F3 Design for a local not-for-profit organisation.

Mick Stephenson & Jordan Hampson


Mick Stephenson & Jordan Hampson
Mick Stephenson & Jordan Hampson

The space is the organisation’s flagship; a communal hub, workshop space, classroom, site office and meeting space all in one. Judges called the project, “small but perfectly formed”.

In Sumner, Aaron Jones of Urban Function Architecture received the Resene Colour in Design Award for his design, Taylors. Judges say the project is “excessive in style and concision” and has overcome topographical challenges to maximise views, sunlight and family living over its 75sqm footprint.


Stephen Entwisle


Stephen Entwisle


Stephen Entwisle



Al fresco Christmas

Our fashion-forward friends in the Northern Hemisphere have long shown us a holiday season dusted in snow and fireside festivities. But downunder, we know a summer Christmas is a time to embrace the outdoors with our loved ones. So here’s our tips for al fresco entertaining this holiday season.



While Christmas light displays around the country have been scaled back or dimmed altogether this pandemic year, there is no reason you can’t create some lit up magic at your place. String up some fairy lights, lanterns (and the odd citronella candle) to create some fairytale Christmas atmosphere. Whether that means decorating your tent poles, pergola, or shade sail – soft lighting creates ambience as you entertain into the night.

Shirk the traditional Christmas day meal altogether by packing up a picnic and hitting your favourite beach, river, lake or park. Set up blankets, cushions and some makeshift low tables (crates, trays and chilly bins should do the trick) and settle in for the day. Or, go all out with tables, chairs and awnings. Opt for portable feasting options like a leg of ham, made-at-home salads and platters. Capitalise on public barbecue facilities, or BYO.

There’s no reason why you can’t recreate your interior holiday aesthetic, outdoors, like this inspired set-up by Freedom, pictured. Increasingly indoor-styled outdoor areas have been centre stage in 2020, as attention turned to renovations and remodels in the places we spent so much of our time. Louvre systems create easy access to the sunshine, and protection from the elements while exterior furnishing emulates those indoors, from dining and lounging suites to outdoor art, rugs and décor. So, if the weather allows, just set up your festive indoors, out.


Edible summer garden

The cold is (meant to be) behind us, which means in the garden, it’s time to look forward. Look forward to our homegrown fruit and vegetables, that is. From basil to beetroot, lettuce and zucchini – it’s all happening in the fruit and veggie patch this December.




The end of the cold means it’s finally time to sow veges from seed. In particular, basil, beans, beetroot, carrots, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, parsnip, pumpkin, radish and zucchini can all be popped straight into the soil as seeds.

All summer gardeners know how important it is to conserve water during these hot months, as we all must do our part. So gardening becomes smarter. Enter mulch, it keeps the soil damp for no-water days.

If you prefer petals over produce, or want to produce something ornamental alongside your edibles, sow seeds of ageratum, cosmos, cyclamen, rudbeckia, salpiglossis, and zinnia. Or, visit your local garden centre for some already-flowering options.
If you are a Kiwi gardener in possession of a warm, sunny fence – you must consider planting it with passionfruit. It’s also a great time to plant subtropical fruit like natal plums and tamarillos – don’t forget compost and sheep pellets, or to keep well-watered.

Prepare now for citrus season by planting citrus trees throughout summer. Or, add instant tang to your summer menu by planting an already flowering, large-grade lemon or lime tree. Your 5pm G&T will thank you for it.

Don’t sacrifice the fruits of your labour by letting the bugs, or poor care, compromise your crops. There’s plenty of organic options for keeping summer slimeys, like caterpillars, or fungus at bay – as well as nets to dissuade birds. Water – and mulch – will prevent fruit drop.


From the Editor: 10 December 2020

December is undeniably a month synonymous with spending quality time with friends, family and loved ones. And in a year which did its utmost to keep us all apart, there is no doubt we will all be appreciating these opportunities should we be lucky enough to have them.



But, as with many things, it can be easier said than done.

With all the joys the festive season brings, it all too often comes with its fair share of stress as we succumb to pressures to do it all: Attend all the events, buy all the presents, host all the guests, cook all the food – and the list goes on.

In a bid to find some calm amongst the storm of the holiday period, we’ve compiled some tips throughout this issue to help you find your zen amidst the Christmas calamity.

On page 43 we look at expert advice like the Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing (connect, give, take notice, keep learning, and be active), to the art of delegation, practising gratitude and getting out and about in Mother Nature.

The therapeutic benefits of baking having been widely noted throughout 2020 – but if you’re sick of sourdough, we have Annabel Langbein’s delicious recipe for a festive panforte on page 45.

Or, if you’re more into the equally soothing art of crafts, we’re helping you get creative for your Christmas table on page 60 and with gift wrapping on page 75.

Perhaps it’s as simple as kicking your feet up with a cup of tea (or something stronger), reading a book or watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

However you choose to take your time out this hectic month, just know you deserve it.


Christmas Table

Tableware has been stealing our homeware hearts in 2020, so what better meal to embrace the trend than a Christmas Day feast. Often one of the few meals of the year enjoyed with so many loved ones, Christmas mealtimes embody the beauty of food to bring people together. Enhance that mood with an exquisite tablescape. Here’s our inspiration round-up.



Like the stunning design pictured by BoConcept, a hanging arrangement adds a wow-factor to your celebratory meal – and leaves more room on the table. Fashion a hanging display from pine branches and cones for a traditional, wreath-inspired take, or mix in modernity with toi toi, eucalyptus or dried flowers. The addition of hanging decorations, like here, brings a definitive Christmassy touch.

If you love the charm of classical Christmas style, embrace greens, reds and golds. A white tablecloth can set the scene, overlaid with table runners, linen napkins and polished cutlery. Crystal, (or crystal-look) glassware and candle holders will add a glint of occasion, especially with the lit candles themselves. Employ pine, or pine-look, greenery adorned with ribbons, mini-cones and the odd ornament.

Stylists and interior magazines are showcasing contemporary takes on this traditional day which include more pared back table themes. We’re seeing natural, terracotta and forest green coloured linens alongside jute placemats and ceramic serve ware. Festive colours are being delivered with gold cutlery and candlesticks, and baubles used as napkin ties. Dried flowers endure, but perhaps with a pop of fresh red for some floral festivity.