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Functional Fashion

High performing clothing you’ll look good in should be a non-negotiable in your winter wardrobe, with items that can take you from activity to après with ease. Metropol has rounded up some cool-weather inspiration.




Snug and snappy. North Face Salty Dog Beanie


The best of a shirt and jacket in one. Patagonia Isthmus Men’s Quilted Shirt Jacket


Toasty and tailored. Macpac Merino Blend Footprint Socks


A high-performing cardi. All Birds Men’s Wool Cardi


Timeless shades. Garret Leight Rimowa X GLCO Sun


Cosy and cool. North Face Women’s Oh Mega Fur Pom


Go anywhere in this go-to. Patagonia Women’s Classic Retro X Jacket in Nest Brown


A boot which can do it all. Timberland Men’s 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boot


These boots were made for…everything! Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot



Far from basic base layers. Icebreaker Women’s Motion Seamless Tights and Anatomica Sports Bra



Macpac Narvi Down Coat


Now trending in wellness

Whether you see wellness as a commodified buzzword or a holistic wellbeing tool to embrace; there is no denying the influence of the concept. And in 2021, as the world continues to prioritise its health and wellbeing for pandemic-related reasons, there are some new wellness trends on the scene. Metropol has compiled those making waves this year.



You’ve heard of probiotics – and the associated health benefits – but have you heard of prebiotics? A type of fibre, prebiotics feed probiotics to help them do their thing. Find these in foods like artichokes, garlic, onions, leeks, oats, asparagus and bananas, as well as in herbal supplements.

Getting good quality shuteye is top of the wellness to-do list in 2021, and people are employing a raft of tools and techniques to help them achieve their best night’s sleep. Think sunrise alarm clocks, sleep sprays, silk bedwear, luxe linens, digital detoxes, weighted blankets and natural sleep remedies.

Immerse yourself in the soothing meditative experience of a sound bath. Intended to encourage listeners to release repetitive thoughts and balance energy, a sound bath is a therapeutic experience. Usually occurring in a class taken by an instructor or sound therapist, but you can also DIY with curated playlists.

Yes, the substance which helps plants get nutrients (and makes them green). This pigment is getting some serious attention from wellness warriors, especially on Tiktok. The power of chlorophyll – consumed as chlorophyllin – for humans is said to be in its abundance of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.


Knit picking

Snuggling into soft, lush and luxe knits is a universally acknowledged joy of the cooler months. Layered over dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers, quality wearable knit jumpers, jerseys and cardigans are always a wardrobe winner. Metropol has you covered with this season’s picks of the knits.


Tonal palettes are trending. Country Road Knit Hooded Poncho and Collared Rib Dress in Barley


Monochrome with a twist. Paloma Wool Yinyang Sweater


Preppy is back. Seed Heritage Cable Knit Cardigan


Toasty toes, thanks. Witchery Luxe Cable Knit Sock


Cut it out. Oroton Button Front Crew Knit in Grey Marle


Blanket or scarf? You decide. Stansborough for Karen Walker Blanket/Scarf


Make a statement. Loewe Oversized Cropped Mohair-Blend Sweater


All about layers. Cos Bubble Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan


Say bye to lint. Ruby Wool Comb


Sweater vests are a hit. Loulou Studios Monbasa Scarf Sweater from Workshop


Snuggly feet are essential. Classic NZ x Karen Walker Slipper


Rug up. Ruby Mohair Scarf


Take care with your knits. Ms Brown Wool and Cashmere Wash


Fluffy indeed. Acne Studios Kanu Sweater from Workshop


Keep warm, stay chic. Marle Cait Cardi in Clover


Mid-century, modernised

It’s no secret mid-century modern aesthetics have been trending for some time now, with natural woods and modular forms a popular choice for those wanting to inject sleek and timeless elements into living spaces. Defined by craftmanship and rounded shapes, mid-century furniture is functional and simple, and is the perfect accompaniment to more modern interior looks, too.




As the name would suggest, the style stems from post-war (1950s) until the 1960s, and is characterised by dark walnut, timber veneer and credenza.

The décor has resurged in recent years, though in its contemporary form it often includes house plants (a very ‘70s vibe), minimalist artwork (hello, scandi chic), and bright pops of colour (a nod to the late ‘60s).

The beauty of mid-century furniture is that it can be sourced as antique, second hand or simply made more recently in the style of old. In fact, Trade Me reported more than 10,000 searches for mid-century furniture in the first week of April.

While some of the more forward-thinking design aficionados might have had their fix of mid-century modern, experts are predicting the trend won’t disappear completely this year, but make more of a slide both forward towards the ‘80s and back to Art Deco times.

If you seek to add mid-century chic to your home, there is no need to recreate the set of Mad Men, instead, perhaps a peg-legged dining table and chairs, modular buffet table or pair of dark wood lounge chairs will inject a little nostalgia.


How to fail successfully

As humans we are hardwired to avoid failing, and when we do the experience is often shrouded in shame and secrecy. But one University of Canterbury business academic is teaching students to harness the power of failure, in the name of success.



The “F” word has long been taboo, especially in business. But now, exploring failure is being actively encouraged by some of the most successful companies in the world.

In Silicon Valley, where innovation thrives, failing is an aspiration. As Elon Musk says, “If things are not failing, you are not innovating.”

Fail parties are a common occurrence, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is not only known to hire those behind previous failed start ups, he often celebrates the company’s failure in his letters to shareholders.

And it’s this notion of fallibility which underpins Dr Christian Walsh’s paper, Creative Challenge, at the University of Canterbury. Here, MBA students – who are working on existing businesses or potential ones – are pushed outside of their comfort zones to achieve failure.

Why? Because we are conditioned to avoid failure, which sees many people safely maintaining the status quo.

“The problem is not that you aim too high and fail, the problem is you aim too low and succeed,” says Dr Walsh.

“Of course, not all failure is necessarily good failure. What we are looking at is intelligent failure.”

This, he says, is when ideas are deliberately tested, and failure is identified early.

“We often learn far more from these intelligent failures than by playing it safe,” he says.

Not only are lessons learnt from the failure – about products, systems or ideas – but a climate which celebrates, or at least tolerates, pulling the pin on a futile endeavour saves resources, too.

“In business, being decisive is often seen as strength, but saying you don’t know the answers is actually the strongest leadership.”

The concept is explored by a number of talking heads around the world. The head of Google’s X, Astro Teller’s TED Talk, The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure has
been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson says creating a fearless climate at work is the prerequisite for greater innovation and growth.

Leaning into failure takes perseverance, says Dr Walsh.

“There is the idea of having grit, being able to push through those failures and persevering to learn the lessons and develop the ability to be creative.”

This leads to a greater sense of self-belief, and of humility.

“You have to be willing to take a chance and admit you don’t know. And even more challenging than admitting you don’t know, is seeking out what you don’t know.”

The concept of embracing failure of course has parallels outside of businesses, too.

“It taps into our vulnerability, we have to be willing to be wrong to find out something new,” he says.

Dr Walsh graduated from UC with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours. After working as an electrical engineer for 10 years he returned to UC to do an MBA, followed by a PhD focussing on entrepreneurship.

Now an academic in UC Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, Dr Walsh was recently the successful recipient of a Fellowship of Advance Higher Education by AdvanceHE, a charity based in the United Kingdom.

The charity recognises tertiary educators who demonstrate commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience, through engagement in a practical process that encourages research, reflection and development.

So, what is his own experience of failure?

“When we first ran the course it was a bit of an experiment, and some things failed,” he says.“We had some people who were going to be embarking on things which were too risky, so we had to change how things were going to work.”

Given his recent accolades, it sounds like there really is success in failure then.




Cocoon room

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; 2021 is the year to embrace curves in your living spaces. Specifically, cosy, cocoon-like seating. From jellybean sofas and jubey ottomans, to cloudy, boucle-clad occasional chairs – cushioned perches are everywhere.



These plush seating options are an instant way to up the comfort-factor of your home nest – especially as we head into a Southern Hemisphere winter. Now readily available, curved seating is a clear departure from the minimalist and clean lines of living room furniture past.

Domkapa Stella Sofa

While design magazines and Instagram grids show rooms fully decked out in curved everything, embracing the aesthetic at your place could be as simple as adding an occasional chair or ottoman to your existing seating line up. Or, perhaps you’d like to embrace a curved love seat or even curvier-than-usual chaise lounge.

Essential Home Florence Stool

But if you’ve been on the hunt for a new sofa and like the idea of snuggling into a large, velvety croissant – options abound.

Eichholtz Duardo Sofa

This indoor trend is making its way outdoors, too. Here, outdoor furniture is plush and rounded, yet constructed from more durable, all-weather materials.


Now trending…

Nineties throwbacks, laidback suiting and loud, whimsy details are tipped to dominate our wardrobes for the chillier seasons. So, Metropol has pulled together the styles beginning to trend as we start reshuffling our wardrobes for the cooler months ahead.

&Daughter Bonnie Tank Top


Sweater vests: A throwback to preppy styles of the ‘90s, sweater vests are big. This time around, the vests are slouchier, and worn atop baggy shirts and tees.


Ganni Rib Knit Sleeveless Sweater in Fossil from Workshop


ASOS V Neck Vest with Argyle Pattern


Peter pan collars: A whimsical addition to the beloved blouse, Peter Pan collars have been popping up for a while now. A fun and fresh take on classic shirting, and perfect peeking out over a sweater.


Witchery Lace Collar Shirt


Blanca Studio Emili Tunic


Keep your skin fresh with a coffee scrub.Drunk Elephant Koffee Scrub from Mecca


Relaxed tailoring: A standout trend at the recent Shanghai Fashion Week, this laidback look is tipped to keep taking off. Expect to see casual suiting in unfussy, over sized fits paired with chunky boots, sneakers and cross body bags, for guys and girls.


Trelise Cooper Pur-Suit of Happiness Me & My Boyfriend Jacket 


St Agni Tau Blazer and Erika Pants in Caramello


Step A Head Trousers


Gold and pearls are a trending duo. Holly Ryan Large Mini Picasso Pearl Drops


Probiotics for your skin? Check.
Unconditional Skincare Co. Live Probiotic Hydration Serum


Loud coats: What is autumn and winter without a go-to jacket? This season, try a coat with personality. If you’re not one for bright colours, try a bold pattern or flashy texture to lift the mood.


Cooper Checkmate Waste Not Want Scott Coat


Ruby Rooney Coat


Friends with Frank Harriet Teddy Coast in Tan


Fresh sneakers with a pop of colour.
Veja V-10


Chunky soles are the flats du jour. Alias Mae Nix Shoes


A luxe lotion to stay dewy all over. Summer Fridays Summer Silk Nourishing Body Lotion from Mecca


The art of organising

Beck Wadworth knows about organising. The businesswoman, who went to school in Christchurch, has built a successful brand from helping people make their lives easier. Metropol catches up with Beck about her stylish stationery, and the art of organising in a chaotic world.



Tell us about your love of organising – did this spawn from necessity or want; and how did it evolve into your business, An Organised Life?
“From a young age, I was always extremely organised and loved putting pen to paper, relying daily on to-do lists and my diary. For me, prep and planning has always reduced my stress levels, allowed me to have control over the controllables and in general just made life easier.
“When I moved to Sydney in my early 20s I was working at a very fast-paced company in the fashion industry and couldn’t find a diary that housed all my to-do lists, schedule, notes and more but also looked beautiful and premium. This was when An Organised Life was born. With a background in graphic design, I created my first dream diary and the rest is history.”

Why is it important for you to be organised, and how have you seen the benefits of this play out in your daily life?
“Where do I start? I personally believe there are so many incredible benefits that come from being organised. One of the obvious ones is how much prep, planning and organising can reduce stress levels and allows you to stay in control. Being organised also can save you time and money as well.
“For example, every day I love utilising a to-do list to manage my workload and schedule – personally and professionally. To always look ahead and be proactive rather than reactive. I always write my to-do list the night before and prioritise it which mentally allows me to prep for what is to come. In the morning, I’m ready to go and power through with a clear direction.”

Your stationery goes beyond just days and months – your diaries and notebooks also help with goal setting, budgeting and more. And as we head into a new financial year, people rethink their goals and try to organise the months ahead – what are your top tips for organising your life?
“Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. Use to-do lists and a 2021 diary to your advantage to manage your workload and schedule daily. Always look ahead; being proactive rather than reactive. Set goals – personal, professional and financial. Pick one day each week that you set aside 30-minutes or so to organise the small things like meal planning, outfits for the week, fitness schedule etc.
“Learn to say no, your time is precious – don’t over commit. And, finally, overestimate rather than underestimate: allow more time to complete projects or tasks rather than too little time. Having a buffer is key. Life can be unpredictable!”

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that you can’t plan for everything! How do you deal with the unexpected, and allow for course-corrections when life veers off course?
“Life is unexpected and there is nothing we can do about that. I’m a big believer in identifying the best- and worst-case scenario in any situation and planning for all of them where possible. Strive for the best case but be aware of the worst case. Adapting and being open minded is always important and knowing your priorities too. In our diaries we have a thorough goal planning section that covers this type of strategy. You set your dream goal but then you create an action plan of how you can actually achieve this.”

Tell us about your new mid-year diaries, and AOL’s other new moves for 2021!
“Designed with function and style in mind, the financial year diaries include a week per double page spread layout, customisable cover, thorough goal planning and budgeting sections, monthly and yearly calendars, organisational tips, monthly motivational quotes, a section for your weekly goal and favourite moment from the week and more.”



From the Editor: 29 April 2021

For 23 years, Metropol has been telling Canterbury’s stories; tales of success, resilience, grit and community. Taking on the role of editor was certainly a daunting task. One I can wholeheartedly say I have poured myself into, alongside a dedicated team of writers, designers, photographers, office staff and sales superstars.



It is no easy feat creating a circa-100 page magazine every fortnight, but one thing is certain: There is never a shortage of inspiring locals and local businesses to profile on those pages.

When I took up this role, I never planned for a new opportunity to knock down my door just 10 months later. Yet, after sending 18 issues to print, it’s my time to say goodbye.

I am beyond grateful for the chance to tell Canterbury’s stories under this much-loved masthead, and to work with the incredible group of people who put so much effort in behind the scenes to bring your fortnightly reading to life.

Feedback from readers has been a highlight of my time here, and for my final issue I have tried to embody all the things Metropol has long strived for. So, I am proud to present this magazine bursting from cover to cover with so many of the people, places and businesses who make Canterbury the rich and vibrant place it is.

The magazine is now in the extremely capable and experienced hands of Lynda Papesch, who I know will continue to bring you the captivating content synonymous with the Metropol name.


Something new…

Choosing a wedding gift can be a daunting task; you want to purchase something special which will be well used and loved by the loved-up couple, but there is so much to choose from! So, here are Metropol’s tips for picking a winning wedding gift.


As the happy couple have likely splashed out for their big day, they may not have the budget to buy anything luxurious for a while. So, why not set them up for their new life together with something useful which will last a lifetime. Some favourites include; luxe throw rugs and bed linen, fine glassware and cookware; and beautiful ornate picture frames.


Ferm Living Ripple Champagne Glasses

Of course, many modern couples already have their homes and have filled them with items they love. So, why not consider gifting an experience? Travel may be off the cards for now, but it will be back eventually. And in the meantime, NZ is full of bucket list worthy destinations and activities to tick off which can all be purchased with a voucher.

So Cosy Cusco Hand Woven So Cosy Blanket


Many couples choose a wedding registry for guests which contain the items they most covet. Choosing these items is a sure way to gift something the couple wants and loves, while still picking something personal, too. If your couple doesn’t have a registry, browse the “most popular” lists on sites like Mildred & Co. and for gift ideas.


Lene Bjerre Austin Silver Photo Frame from Sweetpea & Willow