Interesting oats

A staple of winter breakfasts and brunches, oats are a warming, filling and nutritious way to start your day. But, gone are the days of lumpy, sloppy and bland bowls – instead, oats have rebranded as a delectable and nourishing breakfast blank canvas. We share some simple and favourite flavours to accompany your next bowl.



To craft something scrumptious, start right at the beginning. Mix seeds such as chia and flax, cacao nibs, spices like cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom, or supplements like protein or collagen powder into the oats before cooking. When cooking, use a 1:2 oat to liquid ratio, and try using coconut or another nut milk for a dairy free and flavourful options.

Once cooked, take your oats to a new, yet still nutritious, level by adding your favourite fruit. Fresh fruits such as banana, berries, mango, kiwifruit and grated apple are excellent options, but so too are stewed fruits. Defrosted berries, stewed rhubarb and stone fruit, pan fried bananas, or poached apple and pear are a comforting collab.

Top off your creation with the addition of, well, anything really. Yoghurt, cream, custard, coulis and other sauces can be decadent sweet treats, while seeds, shredded coconut, nuts, maple syrup, goji berries and currants continue the wholesome theme. Muesli, crumble or crushed cookies add a new textured element, and sprinkle of chocolate never goes astray.


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