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From the Editor: 13 May 2021

Hello Christchurch and Metropol readers. I am excited to have taken the editorial reins of such a well-loved iconic lifestyle magazine and have already started exploring this beautiful vibrant city and its wider environs.



I am especially looking forward to meeting those who call Christchurch home, and discovering what makes it so special for each one of you.

This issue looks at those seeking to escape the city for a scenic or adventurous holiday, maybe soaking in Hanmer’s hot pools, sliding down the slopes at Mt Hutt, or hitting a mountain trail to get in some biking.

Of course, now the Trans-Tasman bubble has opened, overseas travel is another option, but we will save our ideas on that until the next issue.

Earlier this week TVNZ’s The Apprentice Aotearoa burst into life on our screens with none-other than local businessman Mike Pero in the CEO hotseat. Metropol caught up with him for a chat about his new role, and just how tough it is.

Also in this issue we talked to The Breeze Breakfast Show host Hilary Muir about life, love and making waves, check out the latest in health, beauty and fashion, and showcase all our usual sections. Enjoy your read!

Lynda Papesch


From the Editor: 29 April 2021

For 23 years, Metropol has been telling Canterbury’s stories; tales of success, resilience, grit and community. Taking on the role of editor was certainly a daunting task. One I can wholeheartedly say I have poured myself into, alongside a dedicated team of writers, designers, photographers, office staff and sales superstars.



It is no easy feat creating a circa-100 page magazine every fortnight, but one thing is certain: There is never a shortage of inspiring locals and local businesses to profile on those pages.

When I took up this role, I never planned for a new opportunity to knock down my door just 10 months later. Yet, after sending 18 issues to print, it’s my time to say goodbye.

I am beyond grateful for the chance to tell Canterbury’s stories under this much-loved masthead, and to work with the incredible group of people who put so much effort in behind the scenes to bring your fortnightly reading to life.

Feedback from readers has been a highlight of my time here, and for my final issue I have tried to embody all the things Metropol has long strived for. So, I am proud to present this magazine bursting from cover to cover with so many of the people, places and businesses who make Canterbury the rich and vibrant place it is.

The magazine is now in the extremely capable and experienced hands of Lynda Papesch, who I know will continue to bring you the captivating content synonymous with the Metropol name.


From the Editor: 15 April 2021

As we begin to descend into something resembling pre-pandemic times, all the opportunities to gather with and celebrate those we love, seem even more momentous.



Every year, Metropol publishes its bridal issue which showcases the array of local wedding vendors who can pull together your Canterbury nuptials, as well as highlighting the global trends influencing modern-day marriages.

After the highly disrupted wedding season that was, the tentative promise of normality on the horizon may bring some peace of mind to engaged couples currently planning their big days. And if you fall into this group of loved-up readers, then this issue is for you.

This issue includes everything you need to know: Venues, event styling ideas, bride and groom fashion is covered off, as are catering, cakes, rings and ways to preserve the memories.

And, because a big day is not a big day without those specially chosen guests, there is lots of reading for you, too.

Like most things in our world, the way we think about love and relationships has changed in the last unforgettable year since our previous bridal issue was published.

Covid-19 has made us think about what is most important to us, and of course – aside from our health – it is our loved ones. And what is a wedding if not a day to celebrate love, with your most loved ones?


Just boot it!

Ask any self-proclaimed fashion follower to name their most cherished wardrobe item and it’s highly likely the answer will be “boots”, followed by a detailed description of the cut, colour and style of the favourite pair and why they’re so revered.


Camilla & Marc Jane Combat Boot


If this year’s autumn through winter trends are anything to go by, 2021 is shaping up to be the Year of the Boot, and no matter your preference – on-the-knee, below-the-knee, mid-calf or Chelsea style – there’s a boot with your name on it.

With the rule book thrown out the window, boots this year are all about attitude, yet there’s no compromising on comfort.

Grunge is back, and it’s drop-dead cool in colours such as bone, butter, chocolate and black, and in styles such as the pull-on ankle or below-the-knee lace-up with inside zips. Lug soles are ideal for serious striding.

White is white-hot this winter, for boots both long and short, and it’s coming corset-laced, buckled, gem-studded, patented and socked. Boots in off-cream, neutral, sepia and birch provide off-white alternatives that marry the sensational with the subtle.

Cowboy, or western, boots never go out of style and they’re everywhere this year, in both knee and ankle versions; name any colour and you’ll find it.

Animal print fetishists can flaunt the look in crocodile, snake, leopard, tiger and zebra, and with heels ranging from lugs, flats and Cubans through to kittens, stacks and stilettos, it’s promising to be fun times out and aboot in the concrete jungle this winter.


A golden escape

As the leaves turn golden from green and the temperatures start to drop, we begin to think about weekends away in cosy accommodation where there’s rainy day activities and welcoming hospitality. So naturally, Hanmer Springs comes to mind. Here are Metropol’s picks of what to do on our northern doorstep.


Hanmer screams autumn. The tree-heavy town centre turns into a kaleidoscope of fiery reds and gorgeous yellows – which makes for picturesque walks and fantastic photos. If you time it right, you might even be treated to an early-winter dusting of snow on the surrounding mountains.

It almost goes without saying that a soak in Hanmer’s thermal pools is perfect on a cloudy cool day, but it wouldn’t be an article on what to do in Hanmer in autumn without mentioning this delightful activity. For an even dreamier experience, head to the adjacent day spa.

Visit one of Hanmer’s local gastropubs for a warming meal. Take your pick of the loved local offerings to enjoy pub fare classics reimagined for modern paletes using fresh local ingredients – with delicious drinks menus to accompany.


From the Editor: 01 April

There is no denying our homes have taken on new meaning in the last 13 months. While always places of sanctuary and shelter, we had no choice but to reassess our relationships with these habitats while being contained inside them during alert level 4 lockdown.



In the months that followed, we may have been less restricted in our movements outside the home, but we were hyper aware that that could – and did – change at any moment, seeing many people choose not to stray too far from their local territory.

This close proximity to home has influenced a surge in renovations around New Zealand; from large scale remodels and extensions to lower-level licks of paint, appliance upgrades and furnishing replacements.

The upcoming Christchurch Home Show pays homage to this phenomenon, with the annual show featuring more exhibitors and seminars than ever before when it takes place on April 16 to 18 at Christchurch Arena.

It really is a great opportunity to pick the brains of local experts – and those from further afield – and see how you can make those much-anticipated changes at your place.

In this issue, we offer a sneak peek into the show from page 47, right next to our regular programming of Home trends and the latest and greatest architecture projects in our Build section.

Also in this issue, we catch up with hometown sporting hero, mountain biking champion Anton Cooper, and learn about Canterbury cook Sarah Burtscher’s noble quest to reduce Kiwi’s food waste via delicious, fridge cleaning recipes.

Not to mention our fashion, health, beauty and cuisine coverage, too. Wherever you happen to be reading this from – perhaps at home – I hope you enjoy your latest issue of Metropol.


Solving the people puzzle: Anderson Lloyd

People, and problems – or more specifically, helping the former solve the latter – is what drew Ashley-Jayne (AJ) Lodge to law. The employment law specialist has recently joined Anderson Lloyd’s Christchurch office as a partner, and tells Metropol how she navigates the complexities of the field.



Employment law is the intersection of the legal rules of a workplace, and the people who work there.

Which can make for some multifaceted problems. Luckily, AJ thrives on diving into these issues to find solutions.

“I have always been fascinated by people – what motivates us, human behaviour, how we interact with others, and psychology,” she says. “I’ve also always loved solving problems, and being an employment lawyer gives me the opportunity to work with both, helping businesses through challenging situations by being able to take an objective view and find a solution that works within the legal framework.”

When it comes to solving these problems, AJ takes a people centred and innovative approach.

“I aim to offer innovative, tailored working solutions to my clients that best suit the organisation’s requirements. A strict legalistic approach doesn’t work in employment law, and often doesn’t get the result you want, because it is all about people. Different personalities, motivations, and emotions do not sit nicely within a black and white set of legal rules.

“I do the best job when I understand the culture, structure, and feel of an organisation, so I can best support clients through difficult and often complex workplace issues.”

Becoming the youngest female partner at a mid-sized law firm at just 30, AJ is highly regarded in her field and says she was drawn to Anderson Lloyd for its stellar reputation and “ambition to have a supportive, inclusive and high-performing culture.”

“I felt the firm’s values align with my own, particularly the focus on creating a sustainable, agile, and lean and connected workplace. I was excited about the firm’s commitment to continue to innovate in these areas.
“Anderson Lloyd aims to represent the communities in which we operate. We have one of the highest percentages of female equity partners of any New Zealand law firm, and have clear and measurable diversity objectives from graduate recruitment to board representation.”

She is also not afraid to speak out about issues within the legal industry.

“Despite there being more women than men in the legal profession as a whole, there is still an imbalance in the top jobs. The #MeToo movement kick started cultural change, but there is still work to be done. There continues to be a need for diversity of thought and experience around partnership and board tables.”

As well as her law qualification, AJ also has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, moonlights as a group fitness instructor at Les Mills and has a young family.


Buried treasure! Terra Viva

Bury these beauties now and look forward to beautiful colour in spring! Yes, spring bulbs are now in stock and right now is planting time, Terra Viva’s Peter Worsp tells Metropol.




What to plant?
Spring bulbs herald the start of the new season and you can extend the season easily by choosing the right bulbs – daffodils, tulips, scented hyacinths and freesias, anemones and ranunculas, grape hyacinths, and snowdrops.

Where to plant?
Just about anywhere, from full sun to under deciduous trees where they’ll still get plenty of sun before the trees come back into leaf when the bulb season winds down. Avoiding midday sun helps the flowers last longer. While they don’t like drying out, good drainage keeps the bulbs firm and healthy. Note: scented hyacinths can even be grown indoors in bulb glasses over water – a great way to introduce children to easy gardening.

How to plant?
Generally, plant two to three times their own depth and two bulb widths apart, as soon as possible after purchase while the bulbs are still firm. Plant in drifts which gives the appearance of naturalisation. Which way is up? If in any doubt the guideline is to plant with the flattest side of the bulb down, and if you’re still not sure, plant them on their sides and they’ll sort themselves out. When planting in flower beds, use the purpose-designed bulb baskets to avoid digging them up all the time.

What about pots?
Bulbs love pots and with careful selection and large pots you can get successive flowerings all through spring. Or plant violas and pansies on top with bulbs underneath and let them pop up through the annuals. Plant in bulb mix and ensure good drainage with a few stones over the drainage holes. Check out our colour packs with four varieties in mix ‘n’ match colours to give co-ordinated colour flowering in succession – daffodils, freesias, hyacinths, and tulips.

What to feed and when?
Feed at any time the bulbs are showing growth above ground, right from when they emerge to just after flowering, using specifically formulated bulb food and bone meal. Later feeding builds up the reserves for the dormant season.

When to cut the foliage back?
Definitely not until it’s turned brown and dying off because the foliage builds up bulb reserves for next year.

If you need to phone the bulb helpline, phone bulb expert Tracey at Terra Viva on (03) 358 5565.


Looking deeper: Freedom Health

Do you have injuries and niggles that seem to keep recurring? Or a pain that just never seems to get better despite seeing numerous health professionals? Cath Julius, Physiotherapist at Freedom Health Physiotherapy and Pilates, tells Metropol how we need to look beyond the surface for long term solutions.




“This is a common issue for many people, and too often it’s because we only look at the surface of the problem,” she says.

“I have a theory about effective and long-lasting treatment called the ‘Iceberg Theory’. It is easy to assume that weak muscles are the cause of ongoing issues. But it is rarely that simple.”

Cath likens assessment of injuries to an iceberg. Whilst you can only see the iceberg that is above the water’s surface, the majority of it actually lies beneath the surface.

The same goes for an injury. Whilst you can see weak muscles and stiff joints, the underlying reasons that have led to this often lie beneath the surface.

“For example, a phenomenon known as muscle inhibition is often the underlying cause of muscle weakness,” says Cath.

“In this case, the muscles are being told by the nervous system not to work, so no amount of strengthening will actually improve the situation until we establish why they aren’t firing in the first place.”

This is why Freedom Health has set up a strong collaboration of experts with skills ranging from movement assessment, pilates therapy, breathing, dance and women’s health physiotherapists.

“Our body is such a complex system that there is no way that one person can be an expert in all the underlying factors,” says Cath.

“Having a team approach helps us to open our eyes to all the underlying factors and ultimately helps ensure that we can help more people find long-term success for their injuries and symptoms.”

If you want to go beneath the surface and find long-term solutions for your body, contact the team at Freedom Health on (03) 355 6699, via or visit the website below.




The skinny skincare tools

Regular visits to the beauty salon sounds like a fabulous idea, and is a fantastic way to not only look after your skin but doubles as a relaxing selfcare ritual. With so many salon treatments available, it can be tricky choosing which to invest in, but luckily, it’s becoming easier to take care of your skin at home, too. Here are Metropol’s picks of some tried and tested beauty tools designed to help bridge the gap between salon appointments.



We wish we discovered this sooner! This tool has hundreds of tiny needles which pricks the skin. This prompts the skin to repair itself by stimulating collagen which is proven to help reduce scarring, acne, and fine lines. Results won’t happen overnight but when used frequently, this device will be your new best friend! It does hurt to begin with but not for long and the benefits are so worth it!

More commonly known as dermaplaning, getting rid of that very fine facial hair (peach fuzz it’s called) may seem like a fad but this tool is more than meets the eye. The fine gaps in this blunt blade gently remove the fine hairs that may carry dirt and oils. This also helps remove any dead skin, which in turn allows your makeup to go on smoother.

Skincare fridges are the new must haves! The benefits you ask? Keeping your skincare products in a cool temperature helps prevent any bacteria or fungal growth and allows the products to last a little bit longer after opening. Cold products also help de-puff the eyes faster which is much needed when we’re feeling tired.