Clearing the air

In these mask-wearing times, the quality of the air we breathe seems all the more important. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott takes a look at how Dyson plans to ‘clear the air’ in your home. Having spent a few weeks with the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde, my natural cynicism has turned to sheer wonder with […]

Keeping tabs on screen time

Keeping track of the amount of digital screen time your family clocks up, especially teens and younger children, can be a tricky thing for even the most vigilant of parents. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott takes a look at one option designed to make it simple. You know how it goes, teenagers jumping from one […]

Clean your home with lasers

That’s right, lasers. Now you can pretend you’re a Stormtrooper while you vacuum, except you’ll be far more accurate. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott looks into the clever tech included in Dyson’s latest stick vacuum cleaner. I joke, of course. The Dyson V15 Detect doesn’t zap the dirt off your floor with futuristic lasers. If […]

Girl, put your records on

Despite music streaming services being the norm, vinyl records have a hardy and increasing fanbase. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott checks out a turntable that will be a talking point in any living room.     Nothing beats the tactility of pulling a vinyl record out of its sleeve and holding it in your hands. […]

Huawei? Yes way

While it may conjure up concerns about privacy for some, there’s one thing for sure – the biggest electronics company on the planet, Huawei, produces a quality product. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott looks at its latest fitness band. When it comes to battery life, Huawei absolutely wipe the floor with the competition. Most smartwatches, […]

Don’t waste that waste

Several ways exist to dispose of household food waste, but few of them are as convenient as Breville’s FoodCycler®. Metropol’s gadget guru Ian Knott puts the clever product through its paces.     Not everybody has the space for, or time to nurture, a worm farm or compost bin to dispose of food scraps. And […]

Comedy’s universal appeal

He’s behind some of the most significant television comedy writing of the 21st century, and now Ben Elton is bringing his stand-up to Christchurch. Metropol catches up with the talented Brit behind Blackadder, We Will Rock You and so much more.     To take a look at Ben Elton’s multi-award winning body of work […]

Gadgety gifts

Who doesn’t love a little bit of tech at Christmas time? Check out these latest gadgety goodies to brighten someone’s day. Sennheiser HD 450BT Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Active noise cancellation delivers superior sound with deep dynamic bass. Customisation via a Smart Control App, and a 30-hour battery life to provide exceptional versatility for audio […]

Having a ball with Alexa

While having constantly-listening smart devices at home may instil a certain sense of paranoia in some, there are many benefits to be had from such technology for those prepared to embrace it.     With two third generation Echoes, an Echo Dot and an Echo Auto in our household, my family have more than embraced […]

Power of the pixels

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but how about a Samsung 98-inch 8K television instead? Sounds good? Then be prepared to part with around $80,000 for that slice of cutting-edge happiness.     Samsung is spearheading the launch of 8K technology in New Zealand with its ultra-premium Q900 QLED 8K range, available in stores […]