Hike in Hanmer

If you’re spending the weekend, start a Hanmer hike before the rest of the world wakes up.

Chatterton Track
A quieter hike, the Chatterton Track starts at the car park from Chatterton Road end, and follows the Chatterton River through beautiful beech forest. Described as moderately challenging, this is a roughly 4km return track, averaging 1.5 hours to complete. Take care of slippery places after rainfall.

Mt Isobel
Don’t let the challenge of the Hanmer marathon keep you away from the wonderful Mt Isobel track. Start at the DOC signpost from Clarence Valley Road, and enjoy the half-day 9km climb, or simply walk as far as you wish, with panoramic views at the top. If you’re up for a challenge, consider the Mt Isobel Challenge on 25 May, a mountain duathlon for individuals or teams.


Image: Roady NZ

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