Let us help you: WD Build & Hardy Projects

  More than a decade down the track, many Cantabrians still have outstanding EQC work waiting to be done. That is where we come in.     Our expert team can help with every facet of your EQC application and see the journey through to the finish line. Maybe you have already lodged a claim, […]

History repeats – and wins: Steve Brown Builders

The home at 12 Julius Terrace was an earthquake casualty requiring demolition. Once given the green light for a same site rebuild, the owner’s brief for both architect and builder was to create an exact replica of the original 1910 home, including its chapel.       And Steve Brown Builders, a trusted name for […]

From paperwork to completion: WD Build + Hardy Projects

You might be thinking you’ve done the easy part – registered before the deadline on the EQC website for on-sold, over-cap properties – but are dreading what comes next: preparing the paperwork, communicating with the Christchurch City Council, and of course coping with the stress and upheaval of the repair itself.     Relax! Mitchell […]

Buying or selling a home? MHR Drainage

Don’t let the dream vanish down the drain. When it comes to buying or selling a home, drains are not necessarily something many of us consider. However, as Josh Mackey, owner of MHR Drainage, explains—damaged drains are a constant problem for both buyers and sellers in the greater Christchurch area. “Following the earthquakes, we were […]

Granting your repairs: Precision Solutions

If you are the owner of an on-sold over-cap Canterbury property you have been given a few more weeks – until October 14, 2020 – to register your interest in applying for an ex-gratia payment to cover any necessary earthquake damage repairs.   “The deadline was originally August 14, 2020,” says Charles Porter, Contracts Manager […]

Definitive one-stop-shop: Hammonds

We have all been there. A slight lapse of concentration by you or someone else and before you know it, your pride and joy is no longer factory fresh. Hammonds Collision Centre knows these things can happen, which is why it’s still Christchurch’s leading panel and paint repair shop.   Located at 46 Battersea Street, […]

Garage Transformations: Deck and Fence Pro

Ever wished you could work on your garage projects right through the winter months, but the cold, damp conditions just made it too difficult?                     When it comes to garage transformations, Garage Carpet Pro has all the solutions to make sure you have a comfortable place […]

Prevention better than the cure

With the summer heat putting the real pressure on your air conditioning system, are you taking your system for granted? Does it seem like it’s not as cool as it used to be? Did you know that you should have it serviced every two years?   On average you lose 10 percent of the refrigerant […]

Leading Edge Automotive

Leading the way: Leading Edge Automotive

Located at 480 Selwyn Street in the heart of Christchurch, Leading Edge Automotive, as the name suggests, has been ‘leading’ the field and has the ‘edge’ over its competitors when it comes to ensuring your European car gets the service and repairs it deserves. Leading Edge Automotive provides a once stop shop for every aspect […]


Dubbed one stop shop: Dub World are the specialist team you need

Dubworld has been one of Christchurch’s most trusted Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda specialists for more than a decade. Located at 65 Disraeli Street, Dubworld has earned an award-winning reputation by providing local owners of Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda vehicles a one stop shop for repairs, service and mechanical know-how. The team’s professionalism, great customer service, […]