Mercedes Benz C43 AMG

AMG is changing. The in-house powerhouse performance arm of Mercedes-Benz is no longer focused on solely on fire-spitting V8s. While I love one of these fire spitting AMG V8s as much as the next person, I have become rather interested in how Mercedes are able to extract similar levels of power from a smaller displacement […]

Torque talk: The joy of driving

Do you like driving? Do you get a thrill, or a bit of a buzz, navigating through morning traffic or sauntering down SH1 on the way to the batch? Or do you see driving as a chore? Maybe it’s something you do because you like to arrive at work on time, and not sopping wet. […]

Giltrap Christchurch opens its doors

Renowned Kiwi owned automotive distributor and retailer Giltrap Group have officially opened the doors of their new South Island home in Christchurch. Located at 491 Waterloo Road, Islington, Giltrap Christchurch will serve as a hub for anyone besotted with cars.  After a number of South Island road shows showcasing  Giltrap’s leading brands like Aston Martin, […]

Not your usual ride

This may look like a regular Audi Q5, except it actually isn’t.  The Q5 has been a mainstay of the Audi family for many-a-moon, being a strong seller in the uber-competitive premium mid-sized SUV sector for over a decade. As the Ingolstadt brand moves towards a more electrifying future, the Q5 is the latest Audi […]

Purple road eater: Eyrewell Forest Motor Company

It’s hard to imagine Porsche today without the 911. Ben Selby reports. Amazingly this this icon has been with us for 60 years and in that time, has evolved into what many consider the perfect everyday usable sports car. What you see here is the 964 911. Built between the 930 and 993, it represents […]

Torque Talk: Try a little kindness

We have all experienced road rage at one time or another. Whether you are on the receiving end, or you’ve had a bad day, and you vent your frustration on the motorist next to you because they dared to drive 5km/h slower than the speed limit. Findings from a study last year, conducted by Kantar […]

Sixth Times the Charm: Honda CR-V Launch Report

It’s hard to believe the Honda CR-V has been with us for nearly 30 years. During that time it has become one of Honda’s best sellers, with many in the market for the midsized SUV gravitating towards it. “The CR-V is among the pioneers of a true SUV in New Zealand. The first generation CRV […]

A tonne of grunt

With a bit of fanfare, Nissan has given us a new Pathfinder. Ben Selby reports. The Pathfinder is a name we haven’t seen for some time amongst the Nissan lineup, so has it been worth the wait? From the get-go, it’s obvious the new Pathfinder has, well, found a new path, in terms of looks. […]

Torque talk: Legendary

Not so long ago, I managed to catch a screening of the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise. With out spoiling too much, the real star was an electric converted Fiat 500 which Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell use to evade the villains through the streets of Rome. Quite comically too in parts as […]

Subtle styling and slick shifts

The new Nissan Z has been a long time coming. The lineage which stretches back through decades of fast giant-killing Z sports cars beginning with the original 240Z, continues. Ben Selby reports. Around 10 years after the 370Z, the new Z brings this vehicular icon into a modern world. Under the bonnet sits a 3L […]