Wild for the 2022 ranger

Go anywhere in Canterbury and you will see a Ford Ranger within the first five minutes. No one can deny the popularity of Ford’s big selling ute, and things are looking very much the same for the latest Ranger to hit our roads. The 2022 Ranger does have a more American stance, with its new […]

Torque talk

Who would have thought the price of petrol would rise to more than $3.00 a litre? With it becoming more costly to fill up our daily drivers, here are some ways you can get the most out of your full tank of go-juice. Lose weight Extra weight in the form of clutter plays havoc on […]

Meet Metropol’s motoring writer

Ever since I can remember, I have always been utterly fascinated with all things automotive. My mother loved to tell others that her two-year-old son would sit at the bus stop and call out the make of just about every car which went past. During my school years, I developed a keen interest in English […]

Bella macchina

Seeing a Ferrari Dino 246 GT in the flesh is cause for excitement, but seeing a trio of them is a once in a lifetime experience. That’s exactly what happened at Italian Restaurant Tutto Bene Christchurch, as two Ferrari Dino 246 GTs and one yellow GTS and their owners came together recently to celebrate the […]

Rise of the machines

One cannot deny that EVs are on the rise. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the award-winning EQC would be the only EV from Mercedes-Benz. This brings us neatly to the EQA 250, the second battery electric vehicle (BEV) to feature that three-pointed star. At $85,500 plus ORC, the EQA 250 just falls short […]

Jazzing it up

It’s no secret the new Honda Jazz makes no bones about being one of the top choices in the supermini segment. Now the fourth generation Jazz goes full electric, well almost. Enter the Jazz e:HEV Luxe. Under the bonnet is sits the petrol Jazz’s 1.5L four-cylinder engine with the addition of two electric motors. Being […]

Electrifying new chapter

The All-Electric MX-30 is the ultimate expression of Mazda’s commitment to a sustainable future. It also carries the distinction of being the first mass-produced fully electric vehicle to carry the Mazda emblem. Having been impressed with the Mild Hybrid variant a few months back, I was itching to see just how the EV variant compares. […]

Remarkable design and performance

The Lexus IS is a bit of a dark horse in the Lexus family. Due to a surge in SUV sales, the IS has taken a back seat in recent times. But for 2021, the IS has been refreshed, and still exudes quality. The mid-range IS300h F Sport featured here has an entirely new spindle […]

Bentley takes flight

  The Bentley Flying Spur W12 is not so much a car, but more of a stately home on wheels.     Your average imitation of Sandringham House or Balmoral doesn’t however fly on the roads like this does. Thanks to Bentley Auckland, I was given the chance to experience the first new Flying Spur […]

A refreshing highlander

  For some, a Highlander is a rugby player from the deep south, to others, an 80s fantasy film starring Sean Connery. To Toyota, a Highlander is a mid-sized SUV, and a big seller.     For 2021, the Highlander has been refreshed for the fourth time, with a recent launch in Auckland and Paihia […]