Torque Talk: Try a little kindness

We have all experienced road rage at one time or another.

Ben Selby

Whether you are on the receiving end, or you’ve had a bad day, and you vent your frustration on the motorist next to you because they dared to drive 5km/h slower than the speed limit.
Findings from a study last year, conducted by Kantar and AA Insurance, stated that a third of Kiwi motorists were involved in heated incidents while driving.
Some time ago I accidentally carved up someone in traffic, and the driver in question followed me for 10 minutes just to pull alongside me and say that I was an (expletive), and that he was going to give me a hiding. I think that if I’d played into this game of barking at each other, he probably would’ve done just that.

Fortunately, nothing more happened. Spare a thought for the poor people who have experienced worse.

These angry and arrogant people regard the roads as their own, thinking stuff the rest of us. It’s not the end of the world if you lose 30 seconds of your commute time. Without meaning to sound like a certain former Prime Minister, when it comes to driving, be kind to fellow motorists.

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