Purple road eater: Eyrewell Forest Motor Company

It’s hard to imagine Porsche today without the 911. Ben Selby reports.

Amazingly this this icon has been with us for 60 years and in that time, has evolved into what many consider the perfect everyday usable sports car. What you see here is the 964 911.

Built between the 930 and 993, it represents the best of both worlds in terms of an old-school analogue drive with technology not out of place today. This one, currently for sale at Eyrewell Forest Motor Company, simply screams early 1990s retro cool.

Plus, how many cars sport a purple paint job with an equally funky purple leather interior?
As the second to last variant of the 911 to feature an air-cooled flat six engine, it sounds raucous and mechanical from start up right the way up to and beyond 6000rpm.

Even for today, the 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet is a speedster, especially if you drop down a few cogs of the four-speed automatic box and give it stick.

Drop the electric fabric roof and you can see why this purple Porsche is immensely capable of a summer cruise, or a backroad blast.

Keen drivers and lovers of automotive nostalgia queue here. It has your name written all over it.


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