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From the editor: 22 July 2021

Welcome to another issue of Metropol. Spring is a month away with occasional glimpses of warmer days ahead, yet for many the best of winter has yet to come.

Regular snow dumps mean hitting the slopes, and for destinations such as Queenstown, a much-needed boost to income. As a newbie to the region, I haven’t found it too cold and was excited to have snow, albeit a small amount, at New Brighton. Spare a thought for those elsewhere battling the worst effects of winter, with high tides causing flooding, snow bringing power blackouts, and icy conditions leading to accidents. The message is take care and don’t take risks.

This issue is chokka full of good reading, including our monthly build section which keeps you in touch with some of Christchurch’s major developments. Yet again Ōtautahi is leading the way with civic centres for sports and recreation, and much-needed housing developments.

Both sport and recreation are important for a work/life balance, as is culture. In this issue Metropol catches up with Christchurch-trained dancer Malia Johnson, now creative director for WOW which many of you will be going to see. We also talk to Tactix head coach Marianne Delaney-Hoshek, check out the latest fashions, and look at some upcoming commercial developments.

All this and more in our latest issue so sit back, relax and enjoy the read.


From the Editor: 24 June 2021

I thought it was going to be at least a decade before I had a chance to express my perspective to you all in this editorial spot. I was honoured when Lynda put forward the idea to put a “face to the name”. But while this is my first… it will also be my last; a Metropol swansong if you will.


The last 22 months have been a riveting rollercoaster, luckily, I was tall enough to ride.

I was able to live out my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy (without the terrible personality traits) and use my words for good.

Nevertheless, a new and exciting opportunity knocked on my door in the form of a position with a PR agency in Brisbane, Australia. Bring on better weather!

A big thank you to the team at Metropol who took me in with open arms, my trusty photography team, the amazing clients that I dealt with personally, and of course, our loyal readers.

Incoming sports analogy: It is now time for me to pass the baton to the talented Georgia Summerton. You can even spot some of her pieces in this issue!

I am looking forward to the transition of writer to reader – you can be sure that I’ll be flicking through each issue online across the ditch.

Moving on, it’s no surprise that within these 84 pages of our June 24 issue the very best of Canterbury is on display: be it in our Fashion, Health and Beauty, Cuisine, Home or Build sections. Happy reading!



From the Editor: 10 June 2021

Here’s another issue hot off the press for you to enjoy and there are some great stories, ideas and advertising in the following pages. Metropol is blessed to have such loyal readers and advertisers, all of whom help to ensure its future for many years to come.



Publishing any magazine is always a massive team effort and I’m lucky that we have such a dedicated and creative group putting it together, and that our advertisers trust us to spread the word about their businesses.

Feedback is always welcome, including constructive criticism. I fielded an email recently from a reader who was not particularly impressed with one of our stories yet had continued reading anyway and found a couple of advertisements that were helpful to him.

We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes and some of Metropol’s content will resonate, while some will not. If you have ideas for stories that fit our lifestyle demographic, then we would love to hear them.

This issue delves into the psychology of mental health, segues into opera, has some suggestions about where to go for a luxury getaway and spins the wheels of a couple of new vehicles. Additionally, you will find all the usual fashion, home and cuisine pages to pique your interest.

So, make yourself a cocktail, a cup of cocoa or whatever your favourite tipple is and start reading.


From the Editor: 27 May 2021

Time flies when you are having fun, they say, and there are so many fun activities in Christchurch that I am definitely enjoying myself.



Options change with the seasons and typically many Kiwis fly north to warmer climes when winter arrives.

Now that we can hop on a plane trans-Tasman or to the Cook Islands, the sun, sea and surf are beckoning. Check out some Aussie options from page 19.

Our cover story this issue will resonate with Cantabrians who have followed the successful career of hometown muso and Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison and his fellow musicians.

If music is your happy place then have a read through the What’s On for suggestions on upcoming song, stage and dance events.

Among them is distinctive comedic minstrel Tim Minchin, who we also catch up with one-on-one in this issue.

Elsewhere you will find fabulous fashion, health and beauty tips, some of the city’s award-winning heritage buildings, and plenty of other relaxing reading. Some of the winners of the heritage awards will also feature in our next BUILD issue.

If you are rugging up and getting out and about, Canterbury’s cornucopia of cafés and eateries are bound to have something to tempt you regardless of tastes. Several are showcased in our Cuisine section.

So, sit back, settle in with a glass of wine and start turning the pages. Enjoy!


From the Editor: 13 May 2021

Hello Christchurch and Metropol readers. I am excited to have taken the editorial reins of such a well-loved iconic lifestyle magazine and have already started exploring this beautiful vibrant city and its wider environs.



I am especially looking forward to meeting those who call Christchurch home, and discovering what makes it so special for each one of you.

This issue looks at those seeking to escape the city for a scenic or adventurous holiday, maybe soaking in Hanmer’s hot pools, sliding down the slopes at Mt Hutt, or hitting a mountain trail to get in some biking.

Of course, now the Trans-Tasman bubble has opened, overseas travel is another option, but we will save our ideas on that until the next issue.

Earlier this week TVNZ’s The Apprentice Aotearoa burst into life on our screens with none-other than local businessman Mike Pero in the CEO hotseat. Metropol caught up with him for a chat about his new role, and just how tough it is.

Also in this issue we talked to The Breeze Breakfast Show host Hilary Muir about life, love and making waves, check out the latest in health, beauty and fashion, and showcase all our usual sections. Enjoy your read!

Lynda Papesch


From the Editor: 15 April 2021

As we begin to descend into something resembling pre-pandemic times, all the opportunities to gather with and celebrate those we love, seem even more momentous.



Every year, Metropol publishes its bridal issue which showcases the array of local wedding vendors who can pull together your Canterbury nuptials, as well as highlighting the global trends influencing modern-day marriages.

After the highly disrupted wedding season that was, the tentative promise of normality on the horizon may bring some peace of mind to engaged couples currently planning their big days. And if you fall into this group of loved-up readers, then this issue is for you.

This issue includes everything you need to know: Venues, event styling ideas, bride and groom fashion is covered off, as are catering, cakes, rings and ways to preserve the memories.

And, because a big day is not a big day without those specially chosen guests, there is lots of reading for you, too.

Like most things in our world, the way we think about love and relationships has changed in the last unforgettable year since our previous bridal issue was published.

Covid-19 has made us think about what is most important to us, and of course – aside from our health – it is our loved ones. And what is a wedding if not a day to celebrate love, with your most loved ones?


From the Editor: 18 March 2021

Darker mornings, cooler temperatures and trees turning from green to gold; there’s no denying autumn’s arrival.


Personally, early-autumn is one of my favourite times of the year: The slightly chillier evenings makes sleeping that much snugglier, but it’s not quite time to get the puffer jacket out of hibernation.

The trees lining my street look resplendent in every gradient of red, but not enough have fallen yet to wreak havoc with the drains.

Easter is just around the corner with its promise of a long weekend, chocolate and baked goods (but the effects of over-indulging are yet to be felt).

The turn of seasons is often an apt time to reflect on the one just been and look ahead to what is to come.

So, as the sun sets on a summer marred by both see-sawing Alert Levels and a country-wide gratitude for freedom, we’re now looking to an autumn and winter of vaccinations, and the benefits that may bring.

Perhaps by the time summer comes again, life might look a little bit more how we remember it, before a pandemic came to town.

The days may be getting dark, but the near future is looking much brighter.


From the Editor: 04 March 2021

Each fortnight at Metropol we’re privileged to showcase the new and noteworthy. On our pages, across cuisine, fashion, home, beauty, health, hospitality, architecture, motoring, events and travel we aim to bring a definitive collection of what’s worth knowing about in Canterbury and the South Island.



And in this issue, we start as we mean to go on: With a stunning front cover relating to an exciting addition to the city.

It is a shot from one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded designer’s latest collections, because that designer, Juliette Hogan, has just opened her first South Island store at The Crossing.

She speaks with our assistant editor, Jess Murray, about why she chose Christchurch (during a global pandemic), and the importance of supporting local.

Further into the magazine, we cover an innovative new sport gaining traction globally and running in the red zone – drone racing.

Then, in our Cuisine section, we showcase an old favourite making a new return. Viaduct was a fixture on Oxford Terrace’s The Strip and its delicious multi-dimensional menu, large sunny balcony and exhilarating nightlife is now reimagined on The Terrace.

These physical additions are not the only newcomers to the city, though. Because as Mayor Lianne Dalziel outlines in her monthly column on page 66 – we’re attracting some new residents, too.

The appeal of Christchurch has long been known to those of us lucky enough to call it home, so there is little surprise it’s catching on, really.


From the Editor: 18 February 2021

It can be a daunting feat producing a magazine every fortnight. Our hardworking team puts a lot into finding stories, getting in touch with all the required parties, organising imagery – and then designing it all into what you hold in your hands.


And before the finished copies are even delivered to letterboxes, cafes and stands – the next one is already underway!

One thing never lacking is the number of interesting and valuable local stories vying for position on Metropol’s pages.

And this issue is no different.

A few weeks ago we heard a whisper that Cantab and Hollywood bigwig, Phil Keoghan, was in town.

We reached out to The Amazing Race host, and were over the moon when he was keen to be interviewed and grace the cover of this issue.

So, I do hope you enjoy reading about his new reality competition which was inspired by none other than his hardworking West Coast grandparents.

The series has another local tie, too – it was edited, in part, from he and his wife and producing partner, Louise’s, MIQ hotel room in Christchurch during their recent trip home.

Bringing even more magic to our pages is the touching tale of New Zealand’s assistance dogs, chronicled in a new book by local author, Sue Allison.

Add to that our round up of the Canterbury Earthquakes commemorations, art show Van Gogh Alive, an Italian classic car show, commentary on seasonal fashion, health, beauty, home, and design trends – and you have something wonderfully, uniquely local to read this February.


From the Editor: 04 Februrary 2021

February is a month to savour the last of the long, hot (and sporadically torrentially rainy) days of summer, and – if you haven’t already – start shifting out of holiday mode.



And as we settle into a more business-as-usual approach to life this month, I can’t help but notice topics of health and wellbeing coming to the fore.

In my conversations with colleagues, family and friends of late, there seems to be a renewed vigour for fitness, experimenting with more plant-based meals and trying out meditation and mindfulness techniques.

This of course could be for obvious, pandemic-related reasons – whether that’s a newfound appreciation for the benefits of good health or making the most of lockdown-less freedoms (touch wood).

I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I am now safely into my 30s, where I can confirm it is much harder to mask the consequences of overindulgence and under-exercise.

Whatever your reasons for paying attention to your health in 2021, this issue of Metropol hosts an insightful interview with Kiwi actress, and now author, Claire Chitham on page 26, where she shares helpful advice for looking after your health.

There is a healthy dose of other great reads, too, including Lorde’s journey to Antarctica, and interviews with the formidable Palmer sisters, Eve and Grace, on their hilarious new series, Good Grief, and Christchurch-based circus performer Emma Phillips.

Because what better way to boost your mood than reading about the talented and interesting people and businesses who make up our wonderful communities!