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Combining landscape with design: Wood Ltd

By combining landscape with design, Wood Ltd create unique commercial fit-outs and civil landscapes that stand out, commanding attention, while seamlessly blending into their surroundings.

The Christchurch-based landscape company specialise in developing innovative, yet practical and liveable spaces that weave in the beauty of nature and environment.

Recent inner-city projects include The Welder courtyard – a stand-out with its bright, inviting colour palate, green foliage and timber flooring – and a magical rooftop playground at The Crossing Preschool.

Another specialty is designing and installing native living roofs and walls, like the one that has recently adorned the side of the Plymouth Lane courtyard (Cashel ‘container mall’ courtyard).

At every stage of a project, from design through to build, Wood Ltd works alongside the client and the underlying landscape, with a focus on design, sustainability and the use of quality products.

Proving they are adaptable to a wide range of design, fit-out, civil and residential build jobs, the team also uses the skillset diversity to design and build intrepid walking tracks such as those for the Pure Pod accommodation throughout Canterbury and are currently building a nature playground in Kirwee.

For more information, phone 027 783 5722 or email


Eichardt’s II

Queenstown’s exciting new addition: Wyatt+Gray Architects project Eichardt’s II

The newest addition to the Eichardt’s building family has been shortlisted for a prestigious architecture award.

Eichardt’s II

Eichardt’s II was designed by Michael Wyatt of Wyatt+Gray Architects to have a simpatico relationship with its neighbour, Eichardt’s Private Hotel, with a seamless connection at the upper and lower levels.
Along Marine Parade, the historic 1860’s facade of the Eichardt’s Private Hotel is flat, square ended and rectangular in profile, with plastered schist stone, with the new building mirroring its profile, with Oamaru stone masonry.
The set of two neatly square off the mall to Church Street block; one with a neoclassical texture, the other more contemporary. “Earlier versions of the design were encouraged to mimic the original,” Michael says.
“This is an important addition to Queenstown’s townscape and the design demonstrates that with sensitivity old and new can be happy bedfellows.”
Amalgamated Builders Limited was the builder of the Eichardt’s II project. “ABL was very pleased to have won the base build contract on this prestigious project and then go on to negotiate the fitouts of the shops, restaurants, commercial spaces and hotel rooms,” ABL Managing Director Richard Johnson says.
“The site which was on the waterfront and had buildings occupying 100 percent of the site area made building very difficult, creating many logistical issues which needed to be overcome. This was successfully completed with team work from our suppliers, subcontractors and the consultant team. All in all a project for all to be proud of.”
Eichardt’s II has been shortlisted for a New Zealand Institute of Architects award, Southern Branch, in Dunedin on 8 June.

Bayshore Builders

Turning architectural heads: Bayshore Builders has been partnering with some of the best architects in the business to deliver visually stunning results

“Queenstown is a wonderful place to be involved in the construction industry,” says Ben Collins, owner of Bayshore Builders which he set up in 2001. “There is so much variety of work, from residential builds to commercial construction and internal fitouts, as well as civil projects.”

 Bayshore Builders

Indeed, Bayshore Builders is skilled in all these aspects of construction, but Ben says the company’s deep passion is architecturally-designed homes. “We pride ourselves on working closely with architects from all over the country who have clients wanting to build in Queenstown. Of the last 11 houses we built here, three were for local residents, but the remainder were holiday homes for people from out of town – even as far away as Sydney.”
What excites Ben and his team of experienced tradies is the quality and the detailed craftsmanship required to build high-end houses. “Clients building this calibre of home have high expectations. It’s our challenge to deliver the best of workmanship and finish and we are not satisfied with anything less. It’s also very important for us to have excellent relationships with the architect and client throughout the build time, which can be anything from 12-18 months because of the size and complexity of the homes.”
Ben says that it takes a special breed of builder to take on these projects. “Not everyone wants to do this kind of work. It can be hard after all because of the need for perfection and total dedication, but I learned about building big houses while on OE in Canada and that ignited an enthusiasm which has never faded.”
Contact Ben on 021 345 256.


Call in the cleaning pros: tops tips to choosing a professional cleaning firm

‘Let your fingers do the walking’ was once the catchcry of calling in the professionals and, although our fingers are now doing the walking in a directory of the digital kind, the premise behind this concept remains true. Sometimes the professionals really are the way to go.


Methamphetamine, animal waste, insect infestations, mould, industrial accidents, contaminated batts, crime scenes, death and odour are all scenarios where your home and health can benefit from the safety and security of a professional eye.
At its simplest, a professional cleaning firm is highly experienced, with the products and techniques to tackle any manner of mess. While at face value, this provides a tidy space for you to get on with life, at a deeper level it gives the safety that comes from professionally removing germs and pathogens that risk your health.
Cleaning is, after all, not always a one size fits all affair and turning a professional hand over to this job can ensure your service is customised to your needs and it can be as simple or as thorough as you choose.
Although the state of cleanliness can be somewhat subjective, varying at least in some degree from person to person, what’s more objective are the sanitation practices and procedures that a professional cleaner adheres to, in order to keep your space germ free.
After all, they make it their business to keep your business clean.

Le Bakermen Cafe & Bakery

Café construction collaboration: how DNG Construction worked with LeBakermen Cafe & Bakery to make their dreams a reality

DNG Construction Ltd is going from strength to strength. With countless completed building projects around the city, the team behind this dedicated company can provide you with the experience, knowledge and commitment to ensure your building project, commercial or residential, becomes a reality.

Le Bakermen Cafe & Bakery

LeBakermen Café and Bakery at 187 Wigram Road offers a strong example of the level of dedication the company applies to every project. “The owner originally just wanted some help framing partition walls and installing Gib board, but soon learned we could help with organising subcontractors, mechanical services, electricians, gasfitters, plumbers and painters etc,” owner Dean Inglis says.
“We ended up helping him through the whole project from start to finish, including all paperwork, applying for and obtaining Code Compliance from the council on the owner’s behalf.”
LeBakermen Café and Bakery owner William Leung was very impressed by the company’s dedication to the project. “DNG Construction LTD has been very accommodating from start to finish. They were always one call away and ready to help. One of our ovens had no water lines connected, but DNG had them installed and connected in two days,” he says.
From design, to construction, to the finish product, DNG Construction is with you every step of the way, with the capacity to handle larger commercial project, residential builds and smaller maintenance jobs, including skylight replacement and bathroom refurbishments.
For more information, visit, phone 03-741 1490 or find the company on Facebook.

Peter O'Connor from Ricoh

A sign of what’s to come: Ricoh gives us the run-down on some seriously cool tech (that you can get in your business now)

If you’re still thinking Ricoh only supplies photocopiers, then you really need to unclog your paper jam. The company’s latest addition to its suite of business technology solutions contributes to the most exciting advances in signage since Claude first mass produced neon.

Peter O'Connor from Ricoh
Peter O’Connor from Ricoh demonstrating on a smart screen

Ricoh’s Peter O’Connor says the company’s electronic signage range offers endless possibilities. “Your electronic signage can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.”
If you’re innovative in business but technology isn’t really your bag; if you don’t know your dongle from your daemon, you can still get into electronic signage in a big way. Ricoh supplies and installs, and Peter can talk you through all the options to find a solution to suit your business needs and level of techno-engagement. The smaller interactive screens operate just like a big iPad on the wall. All the options operate through wireless technology, are cloud-based and require only a wall socket.
At its simplest, electronic signage is an indoor screen, running anything from your latest product range, to staff health and safety procedures in the canteen.
From there the sky really is the limit – there is outdoor signage, you can put a hologram into a shop window or turn a changing room mirror into a sign and touch the screen to overlay different outfits onto yourself. You can have a video wall in your showroom of multiple 98-inch screens banded together seamlessly, and run screens in numerous locations from one spot showing the same or even different information.
Ricoh also supplies OLED flexible glass bent into waves or stunning shapes, with black back colour contrast, so the picture is crystal clear.
A popular option is the interactive touch overlay on a shop window. Real estate agents have found buyers enjoy the ability to swipe a window to view properties of interest, rather than having to wait for old fashioned video to scroll around to a particular house.
For more information or electronic signage tailored to your business, email Peter

Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) on Wilsons Road Waltham

Post-industrial hotspots: the uber cool transformation of Christchurch’s old industrial buildings to chic new “it” spots

As a post-manufacturing city, Christchurch is full of industrial-style buildings – mostly along old railway routes. As the city rebuilds, they’re being repurposed into hospitality hotspots.

Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) on Wilsons Road Waltham
Exchange Christchurch (XCHC) on Wilsons Road Waltham

Welles Street is a bar accommodated in a building originally constructed as a grocery distribution centre. Its owner, Thomas Newfield, says the north-facing beauty was exactly what he was looking for.
“Industrial buildings and sites are becoming the new playgrounds for urban dwellers,” he says. “This creative approach to urban regeneration has been copied across most major cosmopolitan cities around the globe and with the current landscape in Christchurch, it was so refreshing to find such a gem.”
The owners of popular Sydenham café Hello Sunday are opening a restaurant directly opposite the café and in doing so are giving a “cool post-industrial building a new, fun life”.
Known as 5th Street, it’s due to open in mid-April and owned by Jonathan Spark, Chris Penny, Yasmeen Clark, Sam Stewart and Max Perry.
Jonathan says he and other Hello Sunday owners were invited to consider several options for a new venture, but none fitted – until their neighbour mentioned he was vacating his building. “We immediately saw its potential under its heavily industrialised interior,” Jonathan says.
Richard Barnacle, co-owner of The Space Academy, says he and his business partner chose the premises as it was as close to the CBD as they could afford. “Proximity to a couple of our favourite places – The Lotus Heart and Darkroom – also helped us decide.”
The building, occupied by Kadett Café and Doki during the day, was nice and light and, once earthquake strengthened, “full of possibility”.
Once home to an auto electrician, it has also been used as a woodworking business and a plumber at other times, Richard says. The building is “built to handle stuff”, which helps when it comes to hosting everything from live gigs to indoor skateboarding and talks.


Camia Young looked at more than 100 buildings before coming across the future home of XCHC, which launched in 2014 as a creative hub offering space to foster connectedness and collaboration between artists. “We needed somewhere that would attract the public and we also needed somewhere that artists would be attracted to.”
An architect by training, Camia says she tends to see buildings and consider future use and the psychology of space. As well as practical requirements such as a large open space with the right number of exits and a certain structural code, she was looking for something that felt a bit edgy and would “draw people in”.
The building she settled on has previously housed a panel beater, an industrial paint factory and a pickle factory. “It’s amazing how many people show up and tell me what was there before. You can tell you have a special building when people have a strong memory of it.”
Camia says it required a certain amount of vision. “If anybody saw that building when I saw [it] I don’t know if they would have seen what I saw.”

Sunshine Cleaners

Putting the shine in sunshine: Sunshine Cleaners want to make your space yours again

You don’t often think of the qualities of compassion, empathy and confidentiality as being prerequisites for cleaning companies working in houses, offices and retail outlets.

Sunshine Cleaners

But these are essential attributes for the team at Sunshine Cleaners because this company works in the highly specialised fields of forensic cleaning and confidential cleaning of any type.
The term forensic cleaning covers a range of services, from crime scene cleanup, meth decontamination and odour remediation, to blood, bodily fluid and suicide clean-up. “Sometimes forensic cleaning follows traumatic events,” says Sunshine Cleaners founder Thea. “Clients may be very upset in these difficult situations and our approach combines professionalism and integrity with sensitivity, empathy and respect.”
Sunshine Cleaners is a family-owned and operated company and the close-knit team is pedantic about high standards of cleanliness. “We never know what we are going to encounter. No two jobs are ever the same. We might be dealing with a freezer full of rotten food that has been left off for a long time, contaminated ceiling insulation, a methamphetamine decontamination, or we might be cleaning up a rental property.”
Rental property owners Leonie and Peter Austin had just such a job carried out by Sunshine Cleaners. “They did a fantastic job cleaning the house from top to bottom, even getting marks out of a set of curtains we thought we would have to replace due to being so badly stained,” they said.
“A very professional job in a short space of time – we couldn’t be happier.”
Contact Thea on 027 232 3193, email or visit Sunshine Cleaners can clean anything anywhere in the South Island.

Electrical Testing Services

Exceptional electrical services: Electrical Testing Services can make it easy to keep things in tip top shape

Let’s face it, keeping compliant with workplace safety requirements takes precious time away from things you’d rather be doing in your prized business, but Electrical Testing Services (ETS) is here to ease that aggravation.

Electrical Testing Services

Covering New Zealand and Australia for all aspects of electrical, testing and tagging, fire safety, thermal imaging and emergency lighting, Damian Lyons of ETS in Christchurch is excited to offer its services in Queenstown and surrounds.
“Our systems and procedures are highly recognised by regulatory bodies in New Zealand.”
Senior Electrician Chris Sears, a ‘Lakelander’ for almost a year, hails from the UK by way of Australia. A Level One Accredited Thermographer and qualified electrician, Chris is a very rare bird indeed in these parts, specialising in thermal imaging for commercial switchboards. Chris will travel to your workplace, with no call out fees or travel time charged. Whatever your business size, Chris responds quickly to your requests and offers a ‘reactive service’ should you need him urgently.
Regular tool checks are another big overhead and you might be hesitant to do it, but there is no escape from WorkSafe requirements. Tempted to invest in a home-testing kit? A session with the calculator will reveal the savings available in using ETS. Still not convinced? Damian says the first 20 checks are free.
ETS also has its own range of emergency lights and can supply or supply and install for almost half the price of others. See the full range of services at or


Clever concreting: How KerbworxNZ and Canterbury Kerb and Concrete are making their mark on the South Island

Alan Judd is owner of two thriving Christchurch companies operating in commercial kerbing and infill concrete – KerbworxNZ, and Canterbury Kerb and Concrete.


Kerbing is in Alan’s blood – he took over the business established by his father in 1965. With more than 60 collective years of experience in the current team, all areas of concrete are covered.
KerbworxNZ primarily works for corporate clients on large roading projects or subdivisions. Last year, KerbworxNZ laid in excess of 50,000m of kerbing. Currently employing 12 staff, KerbworxNZ has the capacity to lay more, and can operate all over the South Island having already worked in Blenheim, Queenstown, Timaru and Oamaru. Recent projects include the Flemington subdivision in Lincoln and a major current Christchurch development, the Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub.
In 2016, Alan purchased Canterbury Kerb and Concrete, enabling him to offer a greater package of services to his existing clients. With a domestic as well as a commercial focus, Canterbury Kerb and Concrete offers excavation, kerbing, and concrete infill using colour and stencilling.
The company’s use of coloured stencilling in concrete infill is a real point of difference – a superior alternative to cobbles and pavers. “CKC offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all our clients with full concrete packages.”
A recent project highlight for Canterbury Kerb and Concrete was the New Brighton Pools complex. Hardscaping concrete was completed under a very tight schedule with our clients HEB Construction. Alan says “this project has been a flagship pour for the company – a success from start to finish”.
Look out for the next stage – hot pools in late 2018.