Sustainable gardening

Gardening sustainably just makes sense in this fragile world of climate change and environmental damage. Actually doing it in your own backyard does take a little effort, but more and more New Zealand gardeners are finding that every step is worth it to create a garden that not only looks after your plants and you, […]

Potted Pleasure

If your garden soil is on the heavy side, switch to growing your bulbs in pots. Spring flowering bulbs thrive in pots and are some of the best plants you could choose for container planting.     What to plant: Cool climate bulbs: tulips, hyacinths and crocuses. Any-climate bulbs: daffodils, Dutch irises, grape hyacinths and […]

Winter Gardening Projects

As we move into winter and dig out the thermal socks, gardening might be the last thing on your mind. It may be chilly outside, but there is still plenty of work to be done in the garden during the winter months. No reason to hole-up indoors.     GET LANDSCAPING Colder weather presents the […]

The show has gone on for 50 years

Back in 1971 when The Court Theatre was founded in Christchurch, other professional theatres were also springing up all over the country for the first time. Yet from that era, The Court is the only one to survive, and will celebrate its 50th anniversary on April 21.     A new book – The History […]

What to do for winter

April is when autumn really gets going. The days are noticeably shorter and night temperatures cooler, so we need to be preparing the garden for winter. Here are Metropol’s tips for what to focus on in your mid-autumn garden.     Blooming bulbs Spring bulbs may still be planted now, if space is lacking plant […]

The art of joinery: Master Joiners

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Canterbury branch of Master Joiners with their inaugural awards taking place. “Our national body has been holding awards for a number of years and so has the Nelson branch,” says Canterbury President Nathan Busch.   “So we thought it was high time Canterbury showcased the work and […]

Growing a summer garden

Summer is so close you can taste it. The festive season is almost upon us with holidays and of course Christmas. As holiday mode takes hold, enjoy relaxing evenings in the garden with a hose in one hand and a drink in the other!   KITCHEN GARDEN This is a time of rapid growth so […]

Riverside Farmers’ Market comes to life

“We have lived and breathed this project for three years. To see it come to fruition, looking and feeling just as we imagined it, is far more than simply satisfying. It is absolutely thrilling. Now we want the people of Christchurch to love it too.”     Richard Peebles, Mike Percasky and Kris Inglis – […]

90 years through guts & grace

The Christchurch City Mission is one of this city’s most respected and active caring organisations. It was born during the start of the Great Depression, is the last of New Zealand’s Anglican-founded city missions, and this month celebrates its 90th birthday.     With this birthday, the mission will finally tell its story in a […]

Lyttelton Timeball Station

A maritime marvel: Lyttelton Timeball Station

“The Building Intelligence Group is delighted to have played a role in the bringing back to life of such a rare piece of maritime history as the iconic Lyttelton Timeball Station and the working timeball itself.”     When Project Director Stephen Threadgall from project management specialist The Building Intelligence Group says how fantastic it […]