Winter Gardening Projects

As we move into winter and dig out the thermal socks, gardening might be the last thing on your mind. It may be chilly outside, but there is still plenty of work to be done in the garden during the winter months. No reason to hole-up indoors.



Colder weather presents the perfect opportunity to start new landscaping projects, such as building raised vegetable beds and fences, edging paths with paving, setting up irrigation and redesigning the garden layout in preparation for spring planting – all the stuff that makes our gardens better.

Get your winter vege garden going with peas, broad beans, spinach, carrots and sweet corn. Stay vigilant when it comes to weeds – they can grow surprisingly fast in winter.

Now is the time if you have perennials that you want to lift, divide or move. Cooler months are also the ideal time to move smaller deciduous trees such as Japanese maples. Don’t forget to deadhead your bulbs and annuals, removing all finished flowers and stems.

Winter flowering plants such as camellia, pansies, and hellebores will provide plenty of colour and interest in the garden area close to outdoor spaces if you choose. Berry-producing plants are another option.

Any form of outdoor heating will extend your use of the garden for a month or two either side of summer. Go for one of the great-looking portable gas heaters now on the market or try a chiminea, brazier or fire bowl.


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