What to do for winter

April is when autumn really gets going. The days are noticeably shorter and night temperatures cooler, so we need to be preparing the garden for winter. Here are Metropol’s tips for what to focus on in your mid-autumn garden.



Blooming bulbs

Spring bulbs may still be planted now, if space is lacking plant them in containers and pack them in. Bulbs in pots can be planted much closer than those in the garden to achieve a full display when flowering.

Vege versions

Tomato plants will be getting to
the end of their season so remove the old plants and dispose of the vines especially if they have had any disease. Best not to compost them. Dig potatoes if the ground is likely to get water-logged and store them in a cool dark place.

Leaves and lawns

Fallen leaves literally smother lawns, preventing light and oxygen from penetrating. If you don’t want patchy lawns this spring, collect

the leaves and pop them in your compost bin or in a separate bin to make leaf mould.

Flowering and fruity

Cut back perennials. Prune berry fruits. Do clean up spraying on fruit trees so that any pest or disease will not be carried over to the next season. Any frost tender plants need to be moved inside if in containers or else covered for protection once the harder frosts start.

In general

It is important to cut back any over-hanging branches on trees or shrubs near pathways and to treat paths for moss so that we are safe when the weather is wet and cold.


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