Consider longer-term investments: Alistair Bean and Associates

How long are you going to live and how many people do you know who are already in their 80s or 90s? Will you financially cope?   These are some of the questions people ask themselves and then their thoughts turn to investments. When thinking about investing, many people may only consider a one or […]

Paying lip service

  Harsh winter conditions aren’t always kind to lips, but there are a few tried and true remedies for keeping yours looking luscious.     Hydration is number one. People tend to hydrate less in winter, but it is essential to still drink plenty during the colder months. Dehydration will leave your lips dry and […]

Maintaining brain health

  If you had to choose between good physical health or good cognitive function, which would it be?   It may surprise you to learn that more people fear losing their mind than their physical health, yet according to the Research & Development Director at American-based Chiva-Som, Dr Jason Culp, there are five simple ways […]

Potted Pleasure

If your garden soil is on the heavy side, switch to growing your bulbs in pots. Spring flowering bulbs thrive in pots and are some of the best plants you could choose for container planting.     What to plant: Cool climate bulbs: tulips, hyacinths and crocuses. Any-climate bulbs: daffodils, Dutch irises, grape hyacinths and […]

What to do for winter

April is when autumn really gets going. The days are noticeably shorter and night temperatures cooler, so we need to be preparing the garden for winter. Here are Metropol’s tips for what to focus on in your mid-autumn garden.     Blooming bulbs Spring bulbs may still be planted now, if space is lacking plant […]

Makeover your makeup

So, you’ve spring cleaned your home, re-organised your wardrobe and sorted your summer skincare – but it might also be time to declutter your makeup bag. We look at what to keep, what to chuck (and when), and what to add.   If you’re a lover of makeup, chances are that you have more than […]

Growing a summer garden

Summer is so close you can taste it. The festive season is almost upon us with holidays and of course Christmas. As holiday mode takes hold, enjoy relaxing evenings in the garden with a hose in one hand and a drink in the other!   KITCHEN GARDEN This is a time of rapid growth so […]

Glowing up for summer

While we pack away our winter clothes and pull those lighter, brighter summer garments to the front – it’s important our skincare is also kept up to season. After a winter and early spring hibernating under sweaters and pants, no pre-summer skincare tip is as crucial as exfoliation. Here’s our tips for prepping your skin […]

Growing good health: Terra Viva

There’s plenty to love about growing your own fruit and vegetables. Terra Viva’s Peter Worsp tells Metropol about the holistic health benefits of this rewarding pastime.   MIND MATTERS The mental health benefits of gardening in general have been well documented in studies; ranging from early-onset dementia to hyperactive children. The studies pinpoint the calming […]

Raising the toddlers of the plant world

Also known as “vegetable confetti”, microgreens are the quickest food crop urban gardeners can grow – often as simply as in a container on your kitchen windowsill.   Not to be confused with sprouts – germinated seeds that are eaten root, seed and shoot – microgreens are the seedlings of leafy herbs and plants that […]