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Add rustic browns for calming warmth

Tobacco brown is the perfect colour to incorporate into your home all year round. The natural essence of this colour will create a dark Scandi vibe during summer and bring the outdoors inside during autumn and winter. This colour can be calming yet will make a statement in any interior space. Here are some of Metropol’s tips for incorporating it into your interior design.



Living Room: The living room is a functional space that is high on style and comfort. It celebrates the lightness of living with curated minimalism, calming designs and versatile furniture..


Home office: Your is a well-designed space that inspires creativity and helps to shut out distractions. The lounge chair is perfect for those moments of concentrated thinking while the discreet desk and the tactile walls bring a luxurious feel to the set.


Accents: Use soft browns to achieve a timeless, durable and functional furniture striking a marvellous balance with sophisticated colours and simple design.


Award-winning rooftop garden

A Christchurch rooftop garden that is small on size but big on innovation won gold at the Registered Master Landscaper awards recently. Natural Habitats installed the roof using an eco-pillow system. Weight is a natural concern when installing a green roof but the eco pillow system is lightweight, requiring no extra structural changes and has the added benefit of providing ideal growing conditions for plants.




The system utilised for both green walls and roofs uses recycled polystyrene that has been manipulated to mimic soil.

Incredibly, the plants behave like they are planted in soil and are happy living in materials removed from our countries’ waste stream.

The lightness of the polystyrene means green roofs are constructed off-site and then moved into place with established plants.

Because the polystyrene is so light, the pillows of plants can be easily moved on to the roof of the building.

The company’s South Island Regional Manager Ashley Shadbolt says, “Our cities need to be climate compatible and green roofs are fantastic because they can play a significant role in helping New Zealand reach its net carbon zero goals – we just need more of them.”



Rooftop and wall gardens contribute to better air quality, reduce city noise and provide a layer of insulation resulting in energy efficiencies.

They can keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They also mitigate stormwater runoff and provide a habitat for birds, bugs and bees.

“We were delighted that the landscape architect and client chose to use the eco pillow system, it being the first to be installed in the South Island. This project proved green roofs can fit in perfectly in the residential environment as well as commercial,” Shadbolt adds.

Plants were carefully selected for the Christchurch climate, and a low-maintenance easy-to-manage irrigation system adds to the roof’s suitability for residential use.

Natives and exotics make up a mix of 13 beautifully textured species of 115 specimens, including succulents, ground covers, shrubs and Mexican grass trees.





Back in business: Mike Pero Real Estate Fendalton

After a brief hiatus, thanks to a certain pandemic, Mike Pero Real Estate Fendalton franchise owners Kelvin and Jacqui are back in business … and it is booming.



“It is an extremely exciting time for us. We’re very motivated, stimulated and impelled by the current market,” says Kelvin Howell.

The new home office set-up allows Kelvin and co-owner Jacqui McBride to make the most of their mornings, often taking the time to head out for a walk along the river before their busy day commences.

“On any day we’ll be out organising the marketing of a campaign, arranging the dressing of a home for photo shoots, actual photo shoots and videos, attending viewings or open homes and then there’s the writing up of contracts and negotiating,” Howell mentions.

“While all this is happening, we’re fitting in property appraisals, meeting new clients and helping buyers and sellers post-contract. We have a full administration, marketing and IT team assisting and without them we really couldn’t put together the successful campaigns we have, but even then, we frequently aren’t back home until late in the evening.

“Anything can, and does happen, and we never clock-off until loose ends have been tied up, and our people are happy.”

And it is that drive that cements their business philosophy, that each individual client should feel satisfied the right thing for them has been achieved with good, honest professional integrity. “We believe that first and foremost we are working with and for people, while using our knowledge and experience to guide, help and support them.”

For MPRE Fendalton, it is not just about being real estate specialists. “Our point of difference is that our brand works very closely alongside Mike Pero Mortgages which can also assist with insurance, if needed. It’s a bit like a big family and we are just a small part of a large team.

“In addition, when a listing or a sale contract has been signed up, we work with our clients all the way through to settlement and possession, whether helping to organise and attend building or other technical inspections, assisting with or answering questions about finance, insurance, EQC, conducting final pre-purchase inspections and so on. This means that regular, prompt communication with all parties has to be a top priority, so we pride ourselves on our commitment to doing this, until the keys are handed over on settlement day.”

Get in touch with the team using the details featured in the advertisement.


Restoration Men: D J Morrison

One of the most precious family traditions is that of handing down treasured pieces through the generations, and although the odd chip or scar is also part of its history, what a gift it is to receive that heirloom piece in near mint condition.

Daniel and Dave Morrison


Third generation furniture makers and restorers D J Morrison Ltd understand this better than most, because Dave Morrison and son, Daniel, have had the honour of working on some incredibly beautiful wood pieces in their time – desks, chairs, staircases, bookcases, kitchen benches, bureaus, church pews and memorial plaques, dining room tables, bedroom suites, rocking chairs and rocking horses. In fact, name any wood category and D J Morrison will surely have restored it!

When not bent to the task of lovingly restoring treasured heirlooms, father and son can be found working on commissions for new furniture, utilising native and recycled native timbers, as well as imported timbers.

Commissions for new pieces, whether one-offs or repeat projects, are as equally challenging and rewarding to Dave and Daniel as their restoration work.

D J Morrison also undertakes retro-fitting double glazing on historic wooden framed windows, which, in

a city blessed with a cornucopia of vintage and historic builds, is valuable information indeed. Visit them at 271 Ferry Road, Christchurch, or give them a call on (03) 389 8288.



A fresh new look: M F Turnbull

When Jackie Hamilton wanted a kitchen refresh, she knew the team to turn to. Our old friend ‘word-of mouth’ only ever has the one name on its lips, and that is Christchurch’s M F Turnbull.



Designed by an award-winner, Jackie’s kitchen was still functional and beautiful, but after 16 years of loving use the cabinetry finish had become a little tired.

“I spoke to Steve at Turnbull’s; he ran us through the options, and we decided on a double-coated lacquer paint finish,” says Jackie. “It brought the kitchen right into 2021 – I could even reuse the handles without any fear of dating the kitchen because the finish is so fresh and contemporary.”

The process was easy: Turnbull’s team came to the house and removed the cupboard and drawer fronts, while Steve came to the house himself to touch up the small areas that weren’t removed to the workshop. “We are really thrilled with it; just can’t believe our 16-year-old kitchen looks like it went in yesterday,” says Jackie.

Next, Jackie turned to Steve and his team to refurbish her bedroom furniture. “We’d loved it for 40 years, but the time had come for a makeover,” says Jackie.

The light faded finish was renewed with a treatment that revived the original colour of the wood and changed its look significantly. “We are so happy with the outcome, it has come up beautifully,” she says.

M F Turnbull has been the go-to destination for surfacing in Christchurch for over 30 years now and has always been ahead of the curve with its longstanding reuse, repair, and recycle ethos. Turnbull’s has an in-house saying: ‘if you think it could be spray-finished, give us a call because it probably can’.

Making-over kitchens by resurfacing cabinetry is hugely popular. “People realise that they don’t need to do a full replacement, they can make a radical change, a shade adjustment, or simply freshen the existing colour. They save themselves money, and of course volume going to landfill,” says Monique Turnbull.

Resurfacing old furniture is a favourite with the team. A client will bring in an unusual piece; it might have lovely proportions and be beautifully made, but the appearance no longer suits.

Refinished, the piece can anchor a new interior design scheme. Upholstered items with timber parts can be resurfaced and then the piece can be taken to your upholsterer for recovering.

As well as falling in love with a resurfaced kitchen or furniture item, Turnbull’s makes the job so easy.

“A great strength of the M F Turnbull team is its ability to communicate,” says Jackie, “they tell you exactly when they are coming – they are excellent that way – and if they get held up, they keep you in the loop for that too.”

M F Turnbull is open from 7.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Visit them or phone (03) 365 2519 to discuss your refresh!


Paving the way: Dragon Stone Paving

First impressions count and having the right paving helps enormously in setting the scene, whether it is residential, commercial or civil.



More than three decades of combined industry experience means Dragon Stone Paving Ltd adds a wow factor to your property, every time!

Its highly qualified tradespeople are experienced in all facets of paving, from BBQ areas, patios and pool surrounds to car parks, roundabouts and road crossings.

Attention to detail, professionalism and reliability have led Dragon Stone Paving to be the first choice for many projects. “From conception to completion, the team consistently delivers, offering a service second-to-none, advising on the best methods of instillation to meet budget, taste, scope and specific needs,” says business owner Lee Squires.

“The speed at which our team works got us recognised from the start,” he adds.

Alongside numerous residential jobs, the team recently completed large projects, the Avon River Precinct and at Christchurch Airport, Kaiapoi Riverside walkway and is currently working with Blakely Construction, paving in Kaianga Ora subdivisions. Steintec Accredited, amongst its clients are JFC, Fulton Hogan, Citycare, Sicon, Blakely Construction, Ongrade and Waimakariri District Council.

To discuss your project phone Lee on 021 292 2335 or email


Beautiful timber furniture: Gavin Cox Furniture

Bespoke signature pieces make a house a home and, in that arena, Cantabrians are lucky to have ready access to a nationally renowned furniture craftsman, right here in Sydenham.




From a new showroom at 19 Elgin Street, Gavin Cox Furniture produces beautifully crafted furniture fit for the best homes.

If it can be created from solid timber, then owner Tim Cridge and his team can make it for you.

The company has been producing high grade furniture for more than 37 years, with Tim – a former long-serving employee – taking it over in 2005.

“Along with a fantastic range in traditional and contemporary designs, we can also help you with any custom-made furniture requirements,” he says.

“Email or call me and I can turn your ideas and requirements into reality.

All our furniture tends to be signature pieces in the home, with a demand for feature dining table and chairs, console tables, sideboards and entertainment units.

From bookcases to buffets, chairs to coffee tables, dining tables and chairs to entertainment units, hall tables to hutch dressers and now beautiful stairs too. If you want it, we can create it.”


Tidy cupboard hacks

As tempting as shoving everything inside, quickly closing the door and delaying the task for another day can be – a cupboard cleanout and reorganise will save you time and stress down the track. Here are Metropol’s tips for revitalising that clutter.



Use shelving, baskets, containers and labels to store all your wares. Check out fridge and pantry organiser systems to take things to the next level. Re-purpose old jars for your pantry sundries.

Empty everything out, and decide what you want to keep. Sell some bigger ticket items, or donate to charity.

Clean the cupboards and drawers and when replacing items, consider using drawer or shelf liners. Then, group items by use and place them close to where you’ll use them.


Builders to trust: Edge Developments

When talking to Glen Foulkes of Edge Developments it becomes clear that it is not only houses that he builds, but also solid, trusting relationships.



Glen’s been in the profession for 20 years and word has gone around about how good he is.

But he’s not into blowing his own trumpet, so he pointed Metropol in the direction of some happy clients to do that for him.

“Glen is very easy to work with and he’s a great communicator,” says Mary-Ann Sidey. “He embraced our ideas and nothing was ever a problem.”

“And he liked Mary-Ann’s scones,” pipes in Pete, Mary-Ann’s husband.

The Sideys’ were impressed that Glen was on-site all the time and that he kept the place clean and tidy, which was important as they were still living there. Pictured here is their build in Fendalton, which was designed by Timothy Hogan of Intrados Architecture.

One thing that Glen thinks is hugely important is the relationships he has with his sub-contractors.

These have been established over the years and he trusts the tradespeople he works with.

Edge Developments are boutique builders, who work directly with clients and architects. Call Glen Foulkes on 021 276 3558, or email


Exciting river-front living: Street & Cook Construction

A second-to-none location on the banks of the Avon River is the location for an exciting new inner city townhouse development.



A Street and Cook Construction Ltd project in conjunction with local developer Grant MacKinnon (DMG Group), the Riverbank Quarter is a unique development of 17 terrace townhouses in Cambridge Terrace. The townhouses enjoy a wide Avon River frontage between Colombo and Manchester Streets in the CBD.

Project manager Brad Shotter of Street and Cook says the townhouses have proven so popular that they have all sold already.

Construction is to the same high standard as the company’s previous high-rise builds in Christchurch, and the location is hard to beat.

“The location is second to none, enjoying wide Avon River frontage between Colombo and Manchester Streets in the CBD. To the west is the open green space of the PGC Memorial site, Otakaro Orchard, the Town Hall and the band rotunda,” he adds.

“The recently opened Avon River Precinct runs past the front door, and Manchester Street passes to the east. They really are in an amazing location.”