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Local Gems

Both household names in their own right, Anika Moa and Boh Runga are two of Canterbury’s most loved local gems. And their lastest ‘boh-laboration’ could be adorning the necks of your near and dear. Metropol talks with the women about their jewellery range, a successful friendship and what the next 12 months have in store.



Congratulations on the beautiful collaboration! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration and significance behind the design?

Anika: I had just had my beautiful baby and I wanted a locket to put her hair in and searched everywhere online and couldn’t find anything that caught my eye. So, I texted Boh and said, ‘Oi! kotiro, we need to Boh-laberate on a Marigold locket’ and she text back straight away and was like, ‘When do we meet?’ So cool. I love Boh’s energy and enthusiasm for new, fresh and crazy ideas.

Boh: Thank you, such a fun thing to do. Anika’s wee girl was the inspiration with her name Marigold lending itself to a floral motif, naturally. The end result with the locket is a nod to a classic flower design with a bit of a modern twist.

Initially you planned to release the locket on Mother’s Day 2020 but opted for the end of last year instead. Can you tell us a bit about the serendipitous launch and the decision to release when you did?

Boh: Covid-19 put a stop to everyday life let alone launching a new range with Anika. I think when we did eventually launch, the realisation of what we were all going through really brought home how much we are sentimental at heart and a locket to hold a treasure really resonated with people.

In an age where it’s so common to capture and keep memories online, in your opinion, why is it important to have tangible mementos as well?

Anika: When I am holding something that is dear to me in my hands it sends me back to those times of love, loss, a memory of a parent who has passed or in my case, the birth of my daughter. Something that I wished for for so long. I feel like she is a treasure and I feel grateful she chose me as her mama! It’s a very real, long lasting love.

Boh: They are the markers of your life. It’s nice to have those special things to pass down to your family too or share with your friends. Physical pieces can jog your memory and bring back the time, place, the laughs and tears. All should be valued.

This isn’t your first collaboration, after performing together for more than 20 years and forming an unbreakable friendship? What’s the secret to working so well together?

Anika: Well, we both grew up in Christchurch so that’s where the amazingness comes from, also, we both love to have a good laugh so there go those endorphins and lastly, we both love creating things whether it be music, lyrics and now, jewellery. I love and admire Boh. She has designed a wonderful piece of art and I’m grateful. Gush gush gush.

Boh: Not seeing each other very often [laughs]!

2020, in short, was a strange year for everyone. Looking to the future; be it music, jewellery or more collaborations, what does 2021 have in store for you both?

Anika: 2021 is my year to be calm, quieter and more in the present moment. Also, more to come from Boh and I. Oh, and listen to The Hits with Stace, Mike and Anika Monday to Friday 4 to 7pm [laughs].

Boh: More Marigold additions are on their way, in not just jewellery but in other fun products for children. I’m excited about that. And of course, just more designing in general. Music-wise, I have a fun project brewing which will incorporate the design aspect of what I do but that is under wraps.


Hugo’s Hanmer holiday: Tait Gallery

Tait Gallery at Hanmer Springs has a beautiful selection of ceramics, pottery, glassware, wood turning and jewellery, as well as a large display of pictures by artists both emerging and established.



The portfolio includes landscapes by Tony Roche, Ross Lee, Debbie Lambert, Karen Werner, Charles Pickworth, Jane Riley and Jane Sinclair; water colours by Svetlana Orinko, Ivan Button and Devon Huston; acrylics by Michelle Green and Rob Barton; a wide range of prints and framed photos by Indigo Wise, David Shepherd, Ian Gardiner, Sarah Power and Bryan Isbister; mixed media by the award winning Jo Loughnan, and Jill Cowan; abstracts by Paul Smith, Rae Manson and Joe Wiseman; copper creations by David Kean, and Bulldog Hugo by Sue Lund.

Visit Hanmer Springs for your Christmas shopping and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of an alpine village that now boasts four galleries! No fast food centres or shopping malls here…
just lots of fresh air and sunshine, along with friendly faces to help and advise!
Gallery hours: 10am to 4pm most days over the Christmas holiday period.

34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs, phone
027 4325 914 or email


Meet Marion: Marion + Co

This recently launched online jewellery boutique is Marion McKellow’s latest creative venture back into an industry she left almost six years ago.



Marion moved to North Canterbury to renovate an old farmhouse, however, her passion for Sterling silver, semi-precious stone and baroque pearls never died.

“I am happy to be back in such a creative field that I find inspiring,” she says.

Marion’s passion for the craft grew from a love of antique jewellery, and evolved into her love of and eye for sourcing stones and gems.

With her new collection, some of which is online now, her range includes simple and statement Sterling silver necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, as well as pearl necklaces and pendants, and semi-precious stones set in necklaces and rings.

She also has beautiful one-off pieces she intends to retail at her own events or by appointment.

With over 20 years in the jewellery industry Marion has established many wonderful relationships with silversmiths, gemologists and pearl suppliers which she says are really valuable to her.

As her new venture progresses, Marion plans to continue hand-selecting everything herself and intends to become more involved with design, too.


Be Jewelled

Jewellery is an instant outfit elevator. Whether that is up-speccing your every day or splashing out for a special occasion, accessories often hold much more than just aesthetic value. Investment pieces become heirlooms which embellish for generations. So, coming into the gifting season can be a wise time to turn our attention to bold golds, platinum and precious gemstones.



Internationally, jewellery is getting a lot of attention as a seasonal style must have.

Gucci Crystal Double G Earrings

As video conferencing endures as a communication mainstay, adorning the upper body with jewels is one way to let your sartorial taste shine through the screen.

Sophie Divett Jewellery Vesta Ring 18ct Yellow Gold with Teal Queensland Sapphire

According to Vogue, this attention to detail has also shone through in the latest collections of the most influential design houses.

Gucci Pearl Double G Layered Bracelet

From Chanel, Versace and Gucci to Prada, Jacquemus, Miu Miu and Christian Dior – a new wave of regalia is on display.

Karen Walker Voyager Spin Necklace

Pops of colour, chunky chains and hardware joined continued looks of medallions, large brand logos, and figurine details.

Silk & Steel Figaro Earrings

Closer to home less screen time may be required, but the advent of actual social events provides ample excuses to make the most of the influx of new designs.

Meadowlark Fob Pearl Bracelet

Here, local designers are releasing ranges resplendent in gold regalia, none more so than New Zealand designer Silk & Steel’s recent collection, Talisman, as featured on our cover.

Walker and Hall Vintage 14ct Yellow Gold 6.30 Sapphire and Diamond Ring


Elsewhere, Karen Walker’s latest collection, The Navigator, combines delicate chains with figurines and medallion relics.

Silk & Steel Grace Ring Black

High end jewellers, Naveya and Sloane, never fail to disappoint with elegant and timeless gemstones, and Walker and Hall’s range of one-off vintage pieces are fabulous bespoke heirlooms ready to be loved for yet more generations to come.


Naveya and Sloane Smoky Quarts Knots Ring in Yellow Gold


Karen Walker


Racy race day jewellery: Canterbury Jewellers

A racy jewellery range is raising style stakes, putting the canter in Cup Week fashion.

Iconic Canterbury Jewellers has crafted an exclusive Equestrian collection, befitting of a day at the races.

Wear a horseshoe ring for luck, a riding-crop broach, or a stirrup pendant.

A bracelet of snaffle bit links can highlight the details in two metals, such as rose gold against sterling silver.

Diamonds or gemstones studding a horse-shoe clasp make for a bracelet with winning charm and the horseshoe nail curved into a ring is an eye-catching race day memento.

The pieces also make treasured gifts and heirlooms for equine enthusiasts and horse lovers.

Choose from the online free delivery service or drop into the store. With at least a week’s notice, Canterbury Jewellers will tailor make in most metals and gems.

Visit the collection online, or email or call for a request. 75 Peterborough Street, Christchurch.


Engagement, wedding, just because…: Polished Diamonds

The team at Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design creates the most accurate and perfect diamond rings, earrings and precious items.



Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), clients can view architectural images of how their new rings will look.

A jeweller’s sketch is a whimsical attempt to portray accuracy, whereas CAD is 100 percent accurate, error-free and results in perfection.

Fair pricing enables excellent value. Certification enables assurance.

CAD enables certainty. With more than 8500 beautiful engagement rings designed and produced, you can be assured of excellent quality, value and a pleasant experience.

Not only do they create perfect engagement rings, but they redesign existing rings, create matching wedding rings and complete jewellery repairs.

As the only jeweller to win ‘Best Retail’ at the Champion Canterbury Business Awards, you know your ring design is in the best hands… at least until it’s on the one of your betrothed, that is.

Visit the design studio at 30 New Regent Street, online or free call 0800 233 299.


An exquisite selection: Westende Jewellers

For more than 50 years, family-owned Westende Jewellers has been providing an exquisite selection for the bride and groom.


The spacious Sydenham store showcases an extensive array of New Zealand-made engagement and wedding rings – plus both new and antique jewellery.

“We offer many different styles, sizes and combinations of finishes, stones and metals, including a huge range for men,” owner Andrew Kelso says.

“We go above and beyond for our customers; we love to see their joy and excitement when they find the perfect piece.”

To help facilitate this, Westende Jewellers has the largest range of new and vintage wedding rings in the South Island, so the bride and groom can try on different styles, widths and colours to confidently select the perfect symbol of their love.

As all their new wedding rings are made locally using precious metals from a New Zealand refinery, the benefits are three-fold: a beautiful specially-made piece, supporting local businesses and fast turnaround – most rings are ready within 10 working days.

A custom service is also available for those wanting to create a one-off item.

From engagement rings to bridalwear, earrings, watches or special gifts, the expert team can help find the perfect item for any occasion, including Karen Walker, Kagi and Stow Jewellery.

Truly a family affair, Westende Jewellers was established by Andrew’s parents in 1967, and his daughter recently joined the talented team.

In line with government guidelines, Westende Jewellers has instigated physical distancing and enhanced hygiene practices, ensuring the wellbeing of staff and customers.

Find them at 421 Colombo Street, Sydenham, phone 03 366 5475 or on Facebook.


The Bespoke Specialists

The true meaning of bespoke refers to handcrafted design, developed in close consultation with the client.



The talented team at Via Sollertia are the bespoke specialists, delivering a personal design and creation service for clients who want a unique piece of jewellery.

“We design and craft creations fully by hand – without using CAD (computer aided design) or cast and assembled design – which is the true meaning of bespoke,” says designer Clare.

There is also a stunning selection of timeless, unique pieces showcased at the store – all beautifully crafted by the on-site jeweller.

Located in the heart of the city on iconic the New Regent Street, the family-owned business provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and can work with any budget.

“Good service is our number one priority and we’re willing to go above and beyond what customers expect.”

Find Via Sollertia on Instagram and Facebook.

Phone 366 8001 or visit for more information.


Undeniably precious remodels: Via Sollertia

Jewellery handed down or gifted to you is undeniably precious, but it if it doesn’t suit your style or is broken, you just won’t wear it. Think how much more meaningful it would be to wear the gems from a loved one, rather than just admire them in a drawer.



With Via Sollertia having the services of the South Island’s leading gem-setter, the perfect remodel is easy: your precious and semi-precious stones plus the metal can be redesigned into pieces you won’t want to take off.

You can browse pieces in store and in the catalogue and see what design styles jump out and the design process often sees people add to the components. The final design can be drawn up for you, while your stones and metal stay on site in the hands of a master craftsman. The finished piece will be personal, beautiful and a source of everyday joy.



Find Via Sollertia at 11 New Regent Street, phone 03 366 8001, or visit




Jewellery to cherish: Via Sollertia

Apart from family and good health, the one thing people hold dear to their hearts is their jewellery; the thought of losing or having to part with treasured pieces would seem almost unbearable.



Via Sollertia has always understood this; they design jewellery to be cherished for a lifetime.

They oversee every commission from start to finish, and clients are assured nothing ever leaves the studio, as every piece is designed, handmade and completed in-house with a full-time jeweller onsite.

Clients can opt for either a bespoke, one-off design created specifically for them, or they can choose from Via Sollertia designs created before. Hand-selecting their own diamonds or gemstones makes the piece uniquely theirs.

It takes four weeks for a piece to be completed, so there’s plenty of time to plan that incredibly romantic overseas proposal you’ve been dreaming about.

Find Via Sollertia at 11 New Regent Street, phone 03 366 8001 or visit