Summer Supplements

To really harness the most of summer, we need the energy to play, socialise, and relish those long, hot, heady summer days. Apart from our glorious, energy-giving natural sunshine, we look at five of the best ways to supplement our natural vigour.     Vitamin D Yes, we used to think this came in buckets […]

Staying well

It’s been said that we’re ‘living shorter and dying longer’, but Christchurch pharmacist Mark Webster is pioneering an integrative healthcare model that is seeing more and more people living well and staying well.     It was long rides on the tube in the UK that sparked Mark’s lifelong passion for a more holistic approach […]

Preventing gum disease: Christchurch PerioHygiene

When it comes to gum health care, the quality of the dental cleaning matters, says Dr Yasmin Akrum.     Having practised dentistry for more than 25 years, which includes working as a periodontist for 16 years at the Singapore Dental Centre and in a specialist private practice in Singapore, she knows gum disease can […]

Toolkit for weight loss: Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Recent data indicates that over 60 percent of Australians and New Zealanders are overweight or obese; more concerningly, as obesity levels increase, research suggests more people are now dying from obesity-related causes than from smoking.     Cashel Pharmacy run a Practitioner Weight Management Program incorporating evidence-based techniques and clinical tools to help people change […]

New kids on the wellness block

The doors to 18 businesses threw open their doors at The Welder complex on 2 November. We check out the new kids on the wellness block.     A collection of six re-purposed industrial buildings on Welles Street, between Manchester and Colombo, have housed a range of businesses over the years, from an old welder’s […]

Mummy mugs make waves

When it comes to looking after children, it’s all too easy to forget to look after yourself. A group of Sumner mums have teamed up with talented potter Tatyanna Meharry to encourage mums across New Zealand to take five minutes to themselves to have a cuppa, with the proceeds going to support Plunket Nationwide to […]

Reasons to head beachside

Psychologists and health researchers are constantly finding more science-backed reasons why we should spend time outside. As the temperatures heat up, we’ve found some of our own.   Encourages exercise When you’re hanging out outside, chances are you’re going to be logging some exercise and we all know the benefits we can reap from even […]

Growing families: Genea Oxford Fertility

One of the founders of fertility services in Canterbury is returning from Australia to become Genea Oxford Fertility’s Medical Director.       Fertility specialist Dr Pete Benny, who is currently the Medical Director of Monash IVF NSW and an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, will return to Christchurch to take up his […]

Saving lives: TriEx

TriEx has been a leading health provider for the three (tri) areas of service excellence (ex) in Health, Safety and Occupational Hygiene in New Zealand for more than 30 years.       Offering First Aid training in both Christchurch and Auckland, the team acknowledges that each workplace has different first aid risks and so […]

The gut/brain connection

Did you know that up to 95 percent of serotonin and 50 percent of dopamine – vital brain chemicals which impact our happiness, wellbeing, reward and motivation – is made in the gut?     Leading Clinical Nutritionist Ben Warren is touring the country this month, helping Kiwis understand the strong link between what they […]