To the max

The trends of maximalism and minimalism seem to be fighting for the top spot everywhere. It’s time to wave goodbye to demi-fine jewellery as it steps out of the spotlight and is replaced by a chunkier rival.     This season, leave your dainty jewels on the duchess and make way for bolder, heavier, chunkier […]

Keeping it cool

We all love the idea of summer until it actually hits; that heat that you were wishing for can sometimes be too hot to handle. There are only so many layers we can take off until it’s no longer acceptable to go out in public. While Lana Del Rey sings about her summertime sadness, we’ve […]

Dress for the party

In the words of Fergie ‘a little party never killed nobody’, so why not dress to impress at your next gathering? As we’re quickly heading into party season, we check out some of the hottest looks in party frocks.     Jump around: jumpsuits will never go out of fashion; they’re somehow a perfect mix […]

Sequins and spice makes all things nice

We’re seeing sequins everywhere! They’re the hottest embellishment that you literally can’t miss. While a little black dress may be a classic in the fashion world, held up against an outfit showcasing sequins – eyes will more often than not be drawn to the latter.     With the warmer season just around the corner, […]

Nailed it

After more than a month of fashion shows from the very best, there’s a whole crop of fresh spring/summer nail trends emerging for minimalists and maximalists alike.     Texture is the name of the game this year; add oomph with polka dots, geometric patterns, rhinestone applique and glitter, or channel your inner mermaid with […]

New season men’s styles: Working Style

Working Style’s new collection celebrates the continued softening and evolution of men’s wardrobes, with emphasis on garments that transition from work to play. We spoke to Creative Director Karl Clausen about inspiration for the collection and key styles and colours for the season.       What are the main inspirations for the new collection? […]

A bold new look

New Zealand Cup and Show Week is an iconic event that has been loved by the public since its beginnings in the late 90s. Fashion lovers have the opportunity to celebrate in style and showcase all of the latest trends. This year the springtime festival has had a revamp, with the Bloom campaign created to […]

Silhouettes of spring

Jumpsuits and dresses might just be the seasonal style strategy as the temperatures increase and we seek to maximise daylight hours. After all, who has time to plan an outfit every day anyway?     Fast, efficient and trans-seasonal, jumpsuits and dresses can do it all. A simple black dress or jumpsuit can easily be […]

The hottest hats

Summer is almost upon us, so it’s time to put away the beanie and bring out the sunhat. Here’s a rundown of the hottest hats of 2019.     Through the veil The perfect last piece of your race day ensemble – the veiled hat! These beauties were surprisingly plentiful in the trends of spring, […]

The timeless trouser

Call them pants or trousers, this fashion staple transcends the seasons in an assortment of styles, making them one of the most-worn items in your wardrobe. We look at the history and the future of the timeless trouser.     Trousers can be credited to inventor and entrepreneur Jacob W. Davis who coined the term […]