Dress for the party

In the words of Fergie ‘a little party never killed nobody’, so why not dress to impress at your next gathering? As we’re quickly heading into party season, we check out some of the hottest looks in party frocks.



  1. Jump around: jumpsuits will never go out of fashion; they’re somehow a perfect mix of elegant and practical and can be styled for any occasion. Whether you’re feeling a classic black or a fun floral pattern, anything works.
  2. Sexy in silk: midi silk skirts are definitely in. They’re popping up in most of our favourite stores. Breathable and soft on your skin, you won’t be complaining about comfort when you’re dancing around at your next event.

  3. Trending tassels: they’re hard to miss when they’re hanging off most earlobes these days. Your colour options are basically that of the colour wheel… endless. They’ll always add a bit of personality to any outfit. A fun way to incorporate them into your outfit is by matching them with the colour of your shoes.

  4. Can’t be tamed: Animal print is a trend that definitely ducks in and out of the fashion trend cycle, but it’s very much in style this season. A leopard print midi skirt is a staple item and if you want to listen to our advice even more, don’t forget those tassel earrings!



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