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All about you: Elyse Campbell

Elyse Campbell is not your typical Real Estate Agent! Elyse understands that in essence – it’s all about, you.



“I’m here to provide you a service and get you top dollar. End of story. The fact that we have fun along the way – that I know my selling process inside out, which then takes the stress out of it for you – creates a dynamic where everyone wins,” she says.

Elyse loves people: “I just think, when good people get together around the kitchen table – amazing things happen.”

Sharing her skills and facilitating the process enables people to fulfil their next project while creating the dream opportunity for someone else!

“It’s very satisfying helping people with a very meaningful transaction.”

She is an avid yogi, loves hand stitching and knitting, is a lover of fashion and design, a self-confessed excellent scone maker.

And will even attempt the cha-cha. Having been brought up in Queenstown and lived all around New Zealand, packing and shifting is second nature.

When you need to discuss your property sale or purchase with someone who will work hard for you, give Elyse a call for a personal and confidential conversation – it will be one of your smartest moves in 2021.

Email her at or check out the One Agency website.


In the market: Ray White

It’s a hot market right now – housing market that is. Experienced real estate consultant Marijke Sheppard of Ray White in Rangiora is an astute observer of trends in real estate and shares her advice for potential sellers.



“A key reason behind the current activity is supply and demand. There had been a noticeable decrease previously in the supply of property coming to the market. People are now more confident to list their properties because all they are hearing in the media is how good the market is.

“The Waimakariri region however is still short on supply. Pressure on demand here is due to New Zealanders returning home, people moving from outside the region, first home buyers and investors. All are attracted to the good quality, reasonably priced properties in the district as well to as the lifestyle.”

Marijke adds that the situation is not what we all predicted would happen after lockdown. She says although it feels like it is a seller’s market in Waimakariri at present, buyers and sellers should be aware the market could change rapidly, without a great deal of warning.

Marijke believes the method of sale is the most significant consideration for owners looking to sell in this type of market. “It would take a brave agent to be willing to price a property in the current market without testing what the market might pay.”

Having an agent you can trust is also an even greater priority.


A holistic approach to real estate: Ngātahi Real Estate

From a background of working within a prominent New Zealand communications company, Hayden McKenzie had often pondered the question of how real estate could be done differently here. He decided to put it to the test and Ngātahi Real Estate was launched post-lockdown.



“It started as a throwaway idea for a laugh, but then it just took off and became a very real reality,” says Hayden.

And, with two more agents recently brought aboard, things have never been busier.

Hayden says the over-arching philosophy at Ngātahi is to bring about togetherness throughout the whole buying and selling process.

“We ask the questions, ‘what do agents want? What do vendors and purchasers want?’ This is real estate that’s totally local and connected to New Zealand. Clients feel as if they are part of the family, not just another number in a real estate deal to be quickly expedited.”

As the business grows, Hayden plans to recruit more of our best and brightest people to join his exceptional team.

“Property sells itself, but it’s the brand and customer service that goes with it that makes all the difference.”

Visit Ngātahi Real Estate at 267 St Asaph Street, Christchurch, phone 0800 4 NGATAHI (0800 464 282) or email


A culture of design: Ōtākaro Design Build

Tautahi is the name of the Māori chief after whom our city of Christchurch takes its name. In his time, children played on the banks of the Avon (Ōtākaro) River as their elders gathered food (mahinga kai). It is this connection with the city’s Māori heritage that is central to the mission of the twin companies – Ōtākaro Design and Build and Ngātahi Real Estate.



“Our two companies were established to create beautiful real estate together,” says designer and salesperson Kian Clements-Ormond, who co-owns Ōtākaro with Calvin Kent.

“Calvin oversees the construction side of the business,” says Kian. “And although we are relatively new to the market, in that short time we have both gained a real understanding of what clients want in their homes. In particular that is spacious open plan living designed for the sun and seamlessly linking to the outdoors.”

So attractive to buyers have Ōtākaro’s homes proved that the company has over thirty houses either already under construction or about to be built.

“If you don’t design liveable, workable spaces, houses will not sell.”

In keeping with the company’s distinctive brand and Kian’s own tribal links, each house design has a significant Māori name. Tamahine (daughter), Timatanga (beginning), Piwari (to be beautiful) and Tuahine (sisterhood) are just some special examples.

Clients are free to make changes to the designs to suit their individual lifestyles or they can create a new design at no extra cost.

The use of natural materials – timber and stone – is a constant feature across many of Ōtākaro’s designs, as is their strong connection to the land they are sited in.

The company’s showhome in Marshlands, open by appointment, is a stunning example of this design philosophy with its cedar and schist exterior cladding, the use of timber internally for ceilings and doors, as well as granite benchtops in the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms.

Stylish botanical-themed wallpapers complete the look in the living areas and bedrooms. The total effect is spectacular.

Ōtākaro’s homes and house and land packages are marketed exclusively by Ngātahi Real Estate run by Hayden McKenzie. “We aim to show clients how good it is to buy a new home. We believe people like the link we emphasise about our nation’s roots, about what New Zealand really is.”

You can view many of Ōtākaro Design and Build’s homes on the company’s Facebook page or on Kian Clements-Ormond – Ngātahi Real Estate Facebook page.



A day in the life of Cameron Bailey: Harcourts gold

Cameron Bailey is one of New Zealand’s most renowned real estate agents, and Harcourts’ number one consultant of almost 7000 internationally. Metropol catches up with the Christchurch Harcourts gold agent about how he manages his career, and his life.


I wake up and check any emails which may have come in overnight, and plan my day ahead. It’s an early start to a long, busy but purposeful day.

I head to Koha Fitness for a workout every day, often with a good friend of mine. I love the gym, I don’t have my phone on me or many people around so I find it quite relaxing.

I usually have my first appointment of the day about 8am. That could be a video shoot for a home, an appraisal, negotiation, contract or viewing. On the weekends (I work seven days a week) I can have up to 16 open homes to attend.
I have two PAs who are the best PAs in the world, and they organise all my appointments for me and my team and sort out the paperwork and administrative tasks. This means I don’t get bogged down and can focus on sales and viewings, dealing with our clients and getting the best prices for our owners.
People think real estate is about houses, but it’s about people, and helping them move from one chapter to the next – so I need to be out there with them, not in the office.
I eat a keto carnivore diet (which my mates give me grief about) and I’ll grab something for lunch quickly between appointments.

I usually get home about 8pm and have dinner (another steak!), and will spend some time answering emails and planning the next day.

8.30PM – 10.30PM
I like to relax at home and usually listen to music, I like all the old stuff – Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart – or I’ll see what’s on Netflix. I also have a sauna at home, and I’ll have about four or five a week – it’s like meditation for me – with my trusty citrine crystal not far away. I am usually asleep by 10.30pm. In the weekend my favourite family pastime is ice skating with my girls. | 027 555 7079 |


Climbing the ladder: Jonny Nicholls

He spent two years stacking supermarket shelves to pay his bills while working 12 hour days as a fledgling real estate agent. Now, he’s in the top one percent of Harcourts’ global performers. Metropol catches up with Harcourts Grenadier’s Jonny Nicholls about what it takes to get to the top – before you even turn 30.



At 29-years-old, Christchurch real estate agent Jonny Nicholls sits amongst the region’s frequent top performers.

But just five years ago, as a fresh University of Canterbury Bachelor of Arts graduate, Jonny initially fancied a career in sports journalism or property valuation.

That was until a conversation with the only real estate agent he knew set him on his current path, and he successfully applied for a job at Harcourts Grenadier City Office.

The only problem was – he had to make sales to earn commission.

“I followed advice to tap into my network of homeowners, but at the time I only knew four; my brother, my sister and two of the coaches at my rugby club – and none of them wanted to buy or sell.

“I worked out that I needed $350 a week to pay all my bills, so I took a job at Coca-Cola and would go into supermarkets from 4am to 7am to get that covered.”

After his failed bid to tap into this network, he decided he needed to focus on growing one instead.

“From 7am to 7pm six or seven days a week I would prospect. I set myself a goal of 100 calls per day, so would go through the phone book and try and convince people to buy or sell their house through me.”

It took two years for him to earn enough to leave Coca-Cola, three years to start seeing impressive results, and four years to make it into the top one percent of Harcourt’s 7000 real estate agents across seven countries – including 2000 New Zealand wide.

He is also now a shareholder of the Harcourts Grenadier City Office – making him one of the brand’s youngest shareholders in New Zealand – and heads a team of four, the Nicholls Group.

“I wanted to join Harcourts because it was the biggest real estate company in Christchurch, so I thought I may as well try and join the biggest and the best.

“I also liked that there was opportunity for growth in the company, you could be an agent or move up into management.”

It is this growth which motivates Jonny each day.

“I love the growth and being able to measure myself against how other people in the business are doing.”

But how does a twenty something stay compelled to work six or – more often than not – seven days a week?

“A lot of it comes down to personal stuff – your health, your friends, your relationships – you have to nurture all those areas outside of work to do better in your career.

“And I love now that when I go to work I have to be a better person to grow my career.”

Jonny says an added bonus of the job is the opportunity to deal with a wide range of people every day.

“I always had an interest in property and people, and there was the added drawcard of the opportunity to work hard and be rewarded quickly – and I didn’t know any other jobs where I could do that.

“Everyone is interested in property – they have something to say about it, or want to learn more about it, so you can go anywhere and talk to anyone about it, it’s a great way to meet new people.”

Jonny says he has also relished the opportunity to dismantle a somewhat cynical view of real estate agents as untrustworthy, or just after a sale.

“The industry does have a bit of stigma, so you have to work hard to build your reputation. I have tried to build a reputation that’s probably based on a) working like a dog, and b) telling it like it is.

“Now, 70 to 80 percent of my work is repeat or referral based, and I think that largely is down to me being trustworthy and telling it like it is – I think we’re a winning business because of it.”

So, what happens when you reach your career goal before you’re 30?

“We set new goals and go again, that’s the beauty of this role. The growth is unlimited and that’s what drives me more than anything, to keep serving our clients and go again. Being number one nationally by the time I’m 35 wouldn’t hurt, either.”


Getting down to business: NAI Harcourts

For many, 2020 has proven to be a gamechanger, with lockdown providing the opportunity for a lifestyle reassessment.


“We’re finding a lot of people are looking for employment alternatives,” NAI Harcourts Grenadier Business Sales Manager Athol McCully says.

“They may have gone through lockdown and reassessed, they’ve lost their job and they’re looking to get into a business of their own and there are vendors who have decided it might be time for them to move on, particularly if they’re nearing retirement.”

With the largest team of NAI Harcourts business brokers in New Zealand, Harcourts Grenadier can guide you through the buying and selling process, ensuring everything is simple and straightforward.

“We have a huge amount of experience within our team and sell a wide range of businesses,” Athol says.

“We’ve also got a lot of qualified purchasers looking for businesses right now.”

Athol has the hands-on experience of 25-years of business ownership and operation and more than 15-years as a business broker.

“We have such a strong team of 10 here, with a huge amount of experience – three of our business brokers each have over 15 years’ experience in business sales. We cover business sales from cafés to motels to agricultural businesses and everything in between.

“If you’re considering buying or selling a business, get in touch with myself or our team and we can take you through the process. It’s a well-worn path, but it’s a process we go through to get a successful outcome for buyer and seller.”


The power of teamwork: Harcourts Alison Aitken

American author Ken Blanchard wrote, “None of us is as smart as all of us”. Certainly, success flows from people working together in a team.

Combining the complementary skills and experience of each team member creates more effective solutions to problems. Real estate consultant Alison Aitken definitely believes in the power of teamwork and has built up her own team of superb sales consultants and administrators.

“When vendors choose me to sell their homes, they receive the benefit of our whole team’s knowledge,” Alison explains.

“But the team members themselves benefit too, from the opportunity to grow and develop and to learn from each other.

“Each of them has also embraced my passion for delivering exceptional results.”

Sales consultants Pauline Wilson, Gemma Aitken, Glen Ford and Sarah Fidow echo Alison’s views. They’ve each worked in various aspects of the real estate industry over the years from sales and management to valuation and banking.

They place particular emphasis on developing and maintaining the very best relationship with their clients, both vendors and buyers, no matter where their property may be.

“We’re proud to sell every property, everywhere.”

Essential to the team is smooth, organised administration and that is the role of Office Manager Angela Pye.

Attention to detail is her forté and completing tasks to the highest possible standard is her focus. And no marketing campaign would be complete without Nicky Cocks’ styling expertise for home staging.
Alison sums up her team’s success in these words. “When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.”

Making success happen: Harcourts Gold Kathryn Picton-Warlow

Synonymous with multi-million-dollar listings, Kathryn Picton-Warlow forged her successful real estate
career while bringing up two sons as a single mother – and wants other women to know they can do the same.


One of the top performing real estate agents at the number one Harcourts internationally for revenue, Harcourts Gold Papanui, Kathryn believes listening, paying attention to detail, and nurturing relationships is the key to succeeding in business.

“I always try to go above and beyond for my clients because I genuinely want to help people achieve their dream result,” she says.

“Being able to listen is sometimes all you need to do.”

It also helps that she has a deep passion for the industry.

“If I am passionate about a product, I have always been able to sell it. With real estate, I am passionate about the people and the product is their homes.”

The home buying process can be an emotional one and Kathryn supports her vendors every step of the way.

“It’s the little things that matter to me; the service, the follow-up, the level of care to my clients is very important to me.

“Clients become friends and I get to see some unbelievable homes and lifestyle properties.”

Kathryn grew up on a family farm, her family instilled good manners and a great work ethic from an early age.

“This is a big part of why I am so successful today.”

Those values are reflected not only in her business philosophy, but in her parenting of her two teenage sons, too. |

“I am incredibly proud of my boys, William has flown solo at age 16 while training for his PPL and Tom has represented New Zealand with his ski racing from an early age.

“The boys see their mother working long hours and striving for excellence and I hope I have instilled the same values and ethics as my parents have.”

While she’s known for her aspirational multi-million-dollar listings, Kathryn says she treats all her listings with the same fastidious care.

“I have sold all types of properties across every price point; however, my business has always had more of a lifestyle component to it.

“Currently, my listings include an estate in Darfield, a château on Pound Road, and a resort-like mansion at Clearwater.”

Competitive industries like real estate may seem intimidating, so Kathryn hopes by sharing her story other women will feel inspired to achieve their dreams. Her advice?

“Stay true to yourself, trust your gut, and be the very best version of yourself. Always remember if you look after your clients and do the right thing, your business will flourish.”


Getting real estate results: Harcourts Gold Milena Bartlett

Their individual skills and experience are very impressive. Harcourts Gold sales consultant Milena Bartlett has brought to her real estate role a wealth of experience in sales to the most discerning of customers, while her colleague Andrew Swift has served real estate with passion and drive for more than 20 years. Put these two powerhouses together and you have created a really formidable team.



“We decided to form a partnership because we really are like-minded in the way we think and act. The client gets double the attention and double the service. The primary focus for both of us is on meeting our customers’ needs. We know that every vendor’s or buyer’s circumstances will be different and so we work with them to achieve the best result possible.”

Milena and Andrew say that while they bring complementary strengths and abilities to the partnership their combined experience, skill, knowledge and accessibility are what sets them apart from most other sales consultants.

They love a challenge and will persevere until they get a result or find a solution to a problem.

Their passion for outstanding customer service has earned Andrew and Milena an enviable reputation for success in the industry. In the last financial year they were recognised amongst the top 20 consultants for Harcourts Gold.

“Of course accolades are nice to receive, but it’s helping people that’s the greatest accolade for us. Our clients appreciate our promptness of service and our availability and that is not going to change.”