Adairs Jardin Quilted Velvet Bedlinen

Time for texture: interior design trends

While hay bales as a decorating tool at parties and events may be pronounced ‘over’, texture is still huge. In fact, you could successfully argue that textural elements in interior design have never been more crucial. Texture is basically where beauty and decadence meet. Maybe it’s the rise and rise of fabulous-looking faux furs. More […]


Earn your stripes: exploring a fashion staple

The concept of ‘earning your stripes’ has its foundations in the military chain of command and, although it refers to hard work and accumulated experience, we wholeheartedly believe you can earn your stripes by adopting a stylish striped selection. A staple of both wardrobes and fashion collections the world over, stripes seem to sidle their […]


Autumnal edge: diving into the deep red tones of fashion

Though it’s more commonly known as autumn on this side of the world, the fact this season’s moniker is known to some as fall is a fashionable little irony, as we’re falling for this shade in all its seasonal glory. Whether you think of it as plum, burgundy, deep red, maroon, wine or even oxblood […]


A tribal approach: bringing a taste of other cultures into your spaces

In a fast-paced modern world, it’s not hard to see why one might yearn for a more laid-back, relaxing vibe when it comes to the home. In fact, many of the trends that are creeping into these spaces in 2018 are related by virtue of their soft and earthy nature. And, although the modern tribal […]


Bringing life to beige: take a second look at the far from boring beige for your home interior

Beige has long been considered the nemesis of fun in the home sphere, with no more ability to bring life to a space than a teaspoon can. But in recent times it has been shaking off its ‘plain Jane’ vibes and introducing an exciting new aesthetic. Warm and welcoming, beige is one of those clever […]

Colour & styling by Carla Thompson H&B hair art & beauty.

An autumnal shake up: transforming your hair with Carla and the team at Hair Art & Beauty

Planning a hair shake-up? Need some inspiration from professionals around the world? H&B has been taking notes on the colour trends for autumn 2018 and is ready to help you transform your locks! With leaves changing and temperatures dropping, red and copper-based colours are making their comeback. The latest autumn trends point towards burgundy and […]

Salon E

Transitioning to grey hair: trying the grey trend with Salon E

Grey hair is on trend right now so there has never been a better time to transition from your permanent coloured hair.   Going grey is a big decision and many, if not most, women freely admit they’re afraid of looking old or that people will treat them differently because of their salt-and-pepper tresses. When […]

Wedding cake

Have your cake and eat it too: a non-traditional approach to wedding cakes

Once upon a time, wedding cakes were a one size fits all affair – that is to say, dried fruit and white fondant were the order of the day. That was – of course – pre-Instagram. As our cake creations have become increasingly elaborate, they are taking a bigger bite out of the bridal budget. […]

Metallic Homewares

A metallic moment: make your home shine with the trend that keeps on giving

Metallics have been having their ‘moment’ in the homewares spotlight for the longest time now, with their prevailing popularity suggesting they won’t be leaving any time soon. Which is rather an exciting prospect, when it comes to our inner-magpies. Long gone are the days when the fixtures in our houses – taps, handles, pipes, shower […]

Vintage Vibes

Vintage vibes: get the look in your home

There’s something deliciously authentic about 20, 30 and 40 year old homewares with their ability to bring a well-loved homeliness and cosy warmth to a space. The prevailing popularity of the vintage vibe has seen it become an enduring style staple with a quality that transcends time. And, with the cyclical nature of trends bringing […]