Bringing life to beige: take a second look at the far from boring beige for your home interior

Beige has long been considered the nemesis of fun in the home sphere, with no more ability to bring life to a space than a teaspoon can. But in recent times it has been shaking off its ‘plain Jane’ vibes and introducing an exciting new aesthetic.

Warm and welcoming, beige is one of those clever colour chameleons that can make the perfect pairing with almost any other colour. And, when it comes to mixing and matching with this shade shifter, the bigger the design risks, the bigger the potential payoff.
Create a clean palette by incorporating white, go dark and moody with deep blues or charcoals, or go cool and classy by incorporating a range of beige tones, from light through to dark.
When it comes to colour psychology, pair beige with soft and relaxing tones of muted green, dove greys and soft pinks to create a calm and restorative environment.
Its earthy tones lend themselves to the use of organic materials, with indoor planting, woven artwork and ceramics making popular pairings. Spaces can be brought to life by adding texture through soft furnishings like wall hangings, sheepskins, wall rugs or furniture featuring organic materials.
This colour trend pairs well with woven artwork and indoor planting helps add a lush element to the neutral palette.