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Character study: RESENE

Let rebooted neutrals bring a multidimensional minimalism to your bedroom.

Styling by Vanessa Nouwens | Photography by Bryce Carleton. FURNISHINGS: Black frames from Kmart, art from Etsy/Art Design, duvet cover from Home Republic, pillowcases and cushions from Adairs, chair from Freedom Furniture, throw, cushion and rug from Città.

What are ‘character neutrals’ when they’re at home? You’re looking at a few of them. The Resene Tea paint used on this wall is one such colour, as is the floor in Resene Blanc.

The former is a complex river-boulder beige that’s perfect when pure white seems too harsh. The latter is a restrained Parisian white also available in versions from stronger-hued Resene Triple Blanc to the palest Resene Eighth Blanc.

Sitting perfectly within this palette is the warmed green-beige Resene Bison Hide on the bedside table and lampshade. The vase and frame in smoky, understated grey Resene Tapa bridge the gap between these paler character neutrals and the contrasting dark bowl and lamp base in ebonised Resene Black.

Painting accessories such as these is an affordable way to layer colour in an interior scheme and provides a satisfying creative project even a novice DIYer can pull off. To give an old bedside lamp or thrift store find a new attitude, remove the shade, bulb and fitting from the base, then gently sand
the base to give your paint something to stick to.

Painting your lampshade will be even easier – all you need is a brush and a Resene testpot. When choosing a colour, remember it’ll have an influence on the light the bulb casts. In a neutral sleep space such as this, a colour that’ll impart a warm, enveloping glow will maximise your character neutrals’ chameleonic potential and be the difference between blah and ta-dah.

Background in Resene Blanc with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from top) Resene Eighth Fossil, Resene Tapa, Resene Bison Hide, Resene Tea, Resene Blanc, Resene Antidote and Resene White Linen; bowl in Resene Double Gravel; and vases in (from top) Resene Sandstone, Resene Quarter Drought and Resene Sandal.



The power of red


Classic, passionate, and powerful, red makes a statement, on your lips, over your shoulder or from head to toe. Wearing red can be soft and romantic, it can be bold and assertive; there is a reason it has been seen on runways for decades, always coming back around no matter the season.

Trelise Cooper mary poplin in a mad rouche dress


Strong and serious

Sleek tailoring and structured pieces makes red bold and brilliant; confidence is guaranteed in these styles. To break up the bold colour, try gold jewellery and neutral accessories.

Ruby ima a-line skirt in red
Karen Millen wide leg jumpsuit in coral


Silk & Steel Jewellery estate necklace in gold
Witchery eliza linen belt in cream


Pretty and soft

When wearing red, sheer fabric is the perfect way to soften up the bright colour. Patterns are another way to add an extra layer of femininity to pieces, making for the easiest date night option.

Bohemian Traders billow sleeve midi dress


KETZ-KE hotshot dress in tamarillo


Trelise Cooper on the spot rose and ruffles blouse
Karen Walker leaf drop earrings


Cool and casual

For lazy Sundays, it’s all about comfort. Wearing a pop of red will keep you looking warm and feeling cosy. You can still look bright when running errands or just from the comfort of your couch.


SABA knit
Scanlan Theodore mohair shirt sweater in rasberry
Trelise Cooper smoothing on the prowl trouser
Asics sportstyle gel lyte



Perfectly pretty paisley


Paisley, once only popular as a bandana print, is tipped to be a top trend this summer.


Yorkshire Fabric Shop, Beatrice Chair


The teardrop-shaped pattern has been a regular on fashion catwalks for decades, and now major textile producers and furniture manufacturers are also embracing paisley.

You too can join the paisley parade whether it be reflected in your fashion, furniture or furnishing choices.

Developed in Kashmir in India centuries ago, paisley was hugely popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly for interior decorating.

Now it is being used increasingly in textiles and wallpapers. Considered both bohemian and luxe, the iconic motif is found on everything from ceramics to curtains to bedding, so check it out.

Less is usually best so if you are using it somewhere in a room’s furniture or furnishing, make sure it is balanced by some contrasting plain fabrics, walks or fittings. Mix and match; it’s a fun pattern to work with.

Here are some suggestions:

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Amalia Chair



Brosa Alexa large ottoman


Oz Design cushion in Seafoam


Boca do Loca ottoman side table


Satara Australia Nordic round ottoman



New beginnings: Haar Design


Haar Design is delighted to introduce its newest team members!




Amanda has 17 years’ experience in the industry and holds dual qualifications in hairdressing and barbering. She loves to create beautiful soft colour, balayage and sharp bobs through to short textured shapes. Check out her work on instagram @amandaellishair



Holly has been in the hairdressing industry for over five years. She loves making clients feel special while they are in her salon chair, and she thrives on creating beautiful blondes through to vibrant coppers. Check out her work on instagram @holls_hair




Elaine has a wealth of knowledge, with 20 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. She specialises in blondes and balayage and is all about her clients walking out of the salon looking and feeling fabulous. Check out her work on instagram @elaine_smyth_hairstylist
(03) 355 1000



Wongi and the giant peach


Christchurch residents are often surprised and delighted when a new work of art appears on the walls of their city, which has become known as the ‘street art capital’ of New Zealand. Julia Strelou talks to one of the artists.



Wongi Wilson is the man behind the giant peach which popped up in the Wilson’s car park on Manchester Street earlier this year.
A wall of bright pink renders the piece unmissable, as a hand reaches tenderly for a single ripe peach, passers-by cannot help but take a second glance. “The mural plays on the idea of old and new, and how since the quakes Christchurch isn’t referred to as The Garden City as often. It has been referred to as the Street Art Capital of New Zealand,” explains Wilson.

One of the original artists who helped utilise the power of street art to uplift the city’s spirits after the February 2011 earthquakes, he was involved in some of the city’s most renowned pieces including the Rollicking Gelato Cone, and Giant Spray Cans. “The city was a blank canvas, the artists had creative freedom, and the result was an exciting, everchanging place that attracted artists and viewers alike.”

Although Christchurch’s street art has been noticed globally, the part urban art plays in the rebuild will decide whether this reputation will stand the test of time. “If we really want to be internationally renowned, wall owners should commission credible artists, limit the creative restraints, and trust they will create a great piece of art.”

The peach is a seasonal fruit, and Wilson explains that this represents the changes the city has undergone. A city destroyed gave artists the way to create an urban art gallery, but as the city regenerates this newfound identity is at risk of being lost, he believes. “As the city rebuilds, there is a concern we’ll lose the reputation. The key difference now is that the city isn’t a blank canvas and the developers rightfully want to control what is going onto the beautiful new buildings. Street art is about freedom of speech and if the artists are controlled too tightly, it loses the essence of what makes it exciting.”

Time will tell if the vibrant colours and carefully selected subject matter give Christchurch a long-lasting international street art reputation.



Working with murals


Wall murals are an easy way to turn a plain wall into an artistic expression and also an art form that dates back to around 30,000BC.


Honey Sky Mural by SpaceFrog Designs at



Well-known ancient murals include paintings in the Chauvet cave in France, found in Egyptian tombs in 3150BC, Pompeii in 100BC-AD79 and Minoan places around 1700-1600BC.


HOMMÉS Studio CRINA leather patchwork rug


Murals in the modern home may be hand-painted or take the form of a picture wall using enlarged photographs and imagery. Accessorising is simple. It may follow a theme or pick up on accent colours.


Zafferano Poldina Pro portable lamp in hand-painted gold leaf


Brabbu Design Forces INCA Armchair


Adairs throws



All pride, no prejudice

A true feast for the eyes, this ROYGBIV-realness is a great way to liven up any wardrobe. These head-to-toe suggestions, from red to violet, ensures that there is something for everyone. Because as Coco Chanel once said, “the best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

Ruby Champ Sweater & Rae Miniskirt

Not only do these colours make for awesome statements pieces, but there is also a deeper connection to the arrangement of the hues.

Pride month is coming to a close, with the inaugural Pride Day occurring June 28.

In honour of the rainbow flag and all it entails, here are Metropol’s picks to stand out from the bunch. Because who wants to fit in…

Masion de Sabre Clutch
Witchery Fluted Mini Skirt in Tangelo
Forever New Krissie Brushed Knit Jumper
SABA Claudia Wool Knit
Ketz-ke Upright Top
Leo+Be Setting Top
Auguste Maya Merino Sweater



Olive and let live: RESENE

Colour plays an undeniably important role in interior design. Each hue has the power to set the tone, mood and general ambiance. It also has the power to both give the illusion of space or make a space seem smaller than it is. Taking a brand-new-to-you hue onto your room’s major surfaces – your walls, floors, ceilings – is a sure-fire way to completely transform your space and breathe new life into your home.


Styling Vanessa Nouwens | Photography Melanie Jenkins

PAINT: Walls in Resene Waiouru, accent battens in Resene Gravel, floor in Resene Quarter Spanish White, large coffee table in Resene Clover, small coffee/side table, cabinet and coffee table tray all in Resene Gravel, plant pot in Resene Gravel with design in Resene Waiouru, tall vase in Resene Black, other vases and accessories painted in Resene Clover, Resene Dingley, Resene Solitaire, Resene Gravel, Resene Biscotti, Resene Thistle and Resene Highland.

FURNISHINGS: Sofa and chair from Contempa, rug from Citta, throw and cushions from Shut the Front Door, candle from Kmart, grey linen-look cushion from The Warehouse, all other are the stylist’s own.

As a colour that features prominently in nature, light olive green can be a great hue both inside and out. Going for a deeper version, such as Resene Waiouru, is ideal in a lounge setting to create a serene, cosy space that is also very on trend.

It’s a colour that’s deep enough that it brings a sense of intimacy without dominating the things around it.

For an interesting twist, break up the uniform green by creating a diagonal batten wall. Paint your battens in Resene Gravel for the lattice-like structure to bring in visual interest and give your room another tactile element.

You could also paint your battens in a lighter colour, like Resene Parchment or Resene Flax, to lift the batten design out of the wall.

Charcoal and gravel greys are popular deep hues and can be used in almost any room, be it your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room or lounge.

While they can be amazing options as main colours in a room, for a look that is dripping in drama, charcoal and gravel grey also work wonderfully as accent colours.

They pair perfectly with olive green and other shades of grey, adding visual interest and depth to a space. Bring them in by painting your cabinetry, lamp stand or side table, or by layering in soft grey furnishings, like cushions.


L-R: Resene Black, Resene Waiouru, Resene Dingley



Setting the bar high: RESENE

An intimate corner with an elegant bar cart and a cosy, layered blue setting makes for the perfect sophisticated spot. What is better than entertaining with a tipple from your own home bar? To make your space elegant and sophisticated, layer tonal blues and incorporate metallic accents.


Styling Melle Van Sambeek | Photography Bryce Carleton


FURNISHINGS: Bar cart from Wooden Horse; rug from Grounded Homeware, brass scoop from Good Thing; brass plant pot (on shelf) from H&M Home; plant from Mood Store; all other accessories are stylist’s own.

The walls in this graceful nook are painted in the mid-toned hue of Resene Seachange, a soft Scandinavian blue with a touch of slate grey; an excellent example of how a mid-value wall colour can be rich and luxe when layered with lighter and darker tonal hues.

Here Resene Seachange is paired with another lighter mid-blue, Resene Awash, on the curved wall feature, and a lighter blue with notes of lilac and grey, Resene Breathless, features on the floor.

Metallic accents add a sophisticated and elegant look to a space, such as here on the bar cart and again in the floating shelf accessories; remember, if you want to make it a feature, repeating it three times in a space will help do so.

The bar cart itself has a distinct Art Deco vibe.

The arch painted on the wall in Resene Awash gives a nod to this glamourous era and serves to simultaneously define the area as a place to relax and enjoy while linking the other curved elements in the room together.



PAINT: Walls in Resene Seachange; arch in Resene Awash; floor in Resene Breathless; lipped shelves in Resene Awash; pot in Resene Rhino with stripe in Resene Breathless and triangle motif in Resene Awash; small vase on shelf in Resene Breathless.

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,


Add rustic browns for calming warmth

Tobacco brown is the perfect colour to incorporate into your home all year round. The natural essence of this colour will create a dark Scandi vibe during summer and bring the outdoors inside during autumn and winter. This colour can be calming yet will make a statement in any interior space. Here are some of Metropol’s tips for incorporating it into your interior design.



Living Room: The living room is a functional space that is high on style and comfort. It celebrates the lightness of living with curated minimalism, calming designs and versatile furniture..


Home office: Your is a well-designed space that inspires creativity and helps to shut out distractions. The lounge chair is perfect for those moments of concentrated thinking while the discreet desk and the tactile walls bring a luxurious feel to the set.


Accents: Use soft browns to achieve a timeless, durable and functional furniture striking a marvellous balance with sophisticated colours and simple design.