Purple Reign

Life can feel chaotic right? So, when it comes to creating the perfect abode, it’s no surprise that people want to simplify their homes and interiors to create a space of calm and comfort.     The colour purple is known to evoke a sense of calm, and if done right, it can be a […]


Tiling talents: Tilemax has the range and customer service to get your project sorted

When it comes to current tile trends, bigger is definitely better. With an extensive range of large, rectangular tiles for both floors and walls, Tilemax has a team of experts – whether you’re building a new home or renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Dimensions vary from the most on-trend size of 45x90cm, as well as […]


Easy living: minimalism and the art of achieving simplicity in your home

Simple living is easier said than done. Not dissimilar to the skill involved with writing a concise, compelling letter, the art of creating a minimalist space that makes an impact takes creative courage and a sense of conviction that less truly is more. It’s a challenge not for the faint hearted. If you’re a minimalist […]


Bringing life to beige: take a second look at the far from boring beige for your home interior

Beige has long been considered the nemesis of fun in the home sphere, with no more ability to bring life to a space than a teaspoon can. But in recent times it has been shaking off its ‘plain Jane’ vibes and introducing an exciting new aesthetic. Warm and welcoming, beige is one of those clever […]


Handsome homewares: a masculine approach to interior design

American industrialist and Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford once said, “Any colour, so long as it’s black”. Renoir once described it as the “queen of all colours”, while JMW Turner once said, “If I could find anything blacker than black, I’d use it”. As physics would have it, the absence or complete absorption of […]


Green with envy: make this classic colour a part of your home and you won’t regret it

It’s not surprising that this nature-inspired colour is the one most closely associated with envy, because that’s exactly what you’ll be inducing in visitors to your humble abode if you style with this sophisticated shade. With some traditional textures such as velvet and timber following this hue into the homewares realm, why not weave this […]


Creating Cosy: making a space fit for the long winter “hibernation”

Though hibernation is strictly associated with the animal kingdom, it’s not far removed from the human instinct to hunker down in the cooler months. With the weather now beginning its downward descent, it’s an opportune time to harness the power of colours and textiles to create the cosiest of winter retreats. Not only do leather […]

Linen House Drift Denim

Dreamy denim decor: get inspo for your home from this fashion classic

The sartorial centrepiece of so many memorable outfits, from James Dean’s rebellious revolution to Britney and Justin’s infamous denim double-up, there’s nothing more iconic than denim. Decade after decade this style staple maintains its place on the ‘latest looks’ lists. Beloved for its timeless appeal and ‘dress up dress down’ versatility, it’s always on trend. […]


Into the wild: home decor goes exotic

With a hiss and a roar, wildlife has burst onto the style scene and our love for this beautiful decor cannot be tamed. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The output of this preoccupation with some of our greatest outdoor species is, thank goodness, a big step away from anything taxidermy related – and […]


The feature wall

The feature wall, also known as the ‘statement wall’ is the pièce de résistance in modern homes, and a welcome saviour for spaces missing that certain je ne se quois. A concept that goes hand-in-hand with many pros – helping to divide a space, adding flair, giving the illusion of depth when there isn’t much […]