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The Autumnal Update

Whether we want to accept it or not, Games of Thrones is over and winter is coming! As dark mornings and cold nights greet us, it’s time to adjust our wardrobes accordingly. Converting from autumn to winter wear, especially in the Garden City, can be tricky. One day you may need to embrace a coat and the next day, a knit jumper may suffice.



So, if you haven’t already got your winter wardrobe organised, Kayte John is here to fill you in on how to make the seasonal switch.

1. Kondo convert – you knew this was coming, right? There is no better way to make space and to evaluate everything you own than going through your wardrobe methodically, piece-by-piece. If you’ve been watching the Marie Kondo series Tidying Up on Netflix, you’ll be familiar with this method of decluttering. Go through your clothes and sell or donate anything that hasn’t been worn in the last 12 months, or no longer fits you. Kondo believes the best way to choose whether or not to keep something is to hold each item in your hands and decide whether it sparks joy. Choosing items this way means that after you finish decluttering, you will only be surrounded with items that make you happy!

2. Take a browse – before you buy, go online and look at your favourite stores and view their latest winter collection. See what styles and trends take your fancy and begin scouting the best and most cost-effective version of each item online. You can even ‘get thrifty’ as Christchurch has an abundance of opportunity stores like The Recycle Boutique, Mīhana – recently opened by The Christchurch City Mission and located in the Boxed Quarter, as well as consignment stores like Style Me which can be found at 304 Selwyn Street.

3. Four seasons in one day – Christchurch is notorious for being warm one day and then bitterly cold the next – so we should take advantage of this! Instead of packing away your spring and summer clothes, look at what could be crossed over and efficiently used for all seasons. For example, a midi dress could be paired with tights and a jacket. Using this method will ensure you get full potential and more wear out of your wardrobe.

4. Invest in key pieces – we all know that winter clothes can be more expensive. So, to ease your wardrobe and your wallet into winter, invest in a few key pieces that you can style with items you already have. Investing in good quality items like boots, coats and bags is always a good idea as they will see you through this winter and the next! However, don’t forget to replace your basics for convenience and practicality. Pick a neutral colour palette for your basics such as blacks, greys and nudes, which allows for optimal mixing and matching. However, if you want to add a splash of colour then think khaki, magenta, maroon and red, or trending patterns such as leopard print.


Cement to be

It’s edgy, industrial and proving to be an enduring design element in the home – the concrete trend is bringing New York luxe into everyday homes.




It might not seem like an obvious choice for your home, but the grey stone is not to be ignored as interior design trends continue to focus on natural materials rather than just colours and textures. From concrete sinks to cement tiles, there’s a huge influx of concrete accessories for the home that can bring a subtle yet sophisticated edge to your interior. Why not add concrete accessories for a striking aesthetic appeal or go bold with concrete walls or floors?

Concrete floors may seem like a daring option, but they are a natural choice and work well in an open space. You can emphasise the industrial style with design elements such a steel and wood, or you can use textiles like velvet furniture to add a soft, luxurious feel to your abode.


Vegetables take centre stage

Meat and three vege has long been a staple of Kiwi dinners, but it seems the culinary tables are turning. Vegetables are increasingly taking centre stage and not just for the vegetarians amongst us.




We seem to be more open to a variety of vegetables that were once considered undesirable as we witness the emergence of cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles – showing us all that we can get creative in the kitchen. Whether it’s roasting an entire cabbage, creating spaghetti squash or even giving mushroom steaks a whirl – the options are endless on how we consume our vege and this plant-based food trend is not slowing down!

Search data from Google Trends has seen an impressive worldwide increase in the interest in veganism from 2004 to 2018. Christchurch restaurant Town Tonic recently promoted a plant-based degustation dinner. However, this is not a first for owner and chef Jamie Bennett.

Bennett, who also owns Story on New Regent Street, has been increasingly adding plant-based dishes to his menus for the past five years. “The seven course plant-based degustation at Town Tonic included whole foods, gluten free and refined sugar free courses,” Bennett explains. “This dining concept of plant-based foods is becoming more popular as diners are more open to the idea of ditching meat or dairy a couple of nights a week.

“People are more aware and educated about food and where it has come from. They also consider the health impacts when deciding on the food they eat, which naturally leads to eating more vegetables.”


Moody Pink

For anyone with a passion for all things house and home, you’ll know that the power of pink is making its appearance in the abode, but in a much more soothing and smokier tone known as dusky pink.



Whether it’s painting a room, or subtle pink touches, it is definitely a trend that’s not going anywhere fast. If you need some convincing, take a look at these three ways you can incorporate dusky pink into your home.


  1. Paint it pink – From the floor to the ceiling, transform your home into a sanctuary with dusky pink walls. This comforting tone will add warmth to your room and make a feminine statement. The great thing about this more mature pink is that not only does it pair well with neutral tones, but the soft shade also invites you to play with colours and get away from the matchy-matchy. Dusky pink can be matched with unexpected patterns like leopard print and floral which fits the bill for maximalism – a trend that’s encouraging us all to step away from the ultra-minimalist look and embrace the bold in our home.

  2. Dusky décor – If you’re still a little wary about the whole dusky pink thing, then take a step back from the walls and look to your furniture and décor. Integrating colourful accents into your existing set-up can be a great transition to a more daring interior palette. Choose a velvet blush chair, plush pink curtains that pool to the floor, or a patterned rug with hints of rose that will lift up your space. Dusky pink also pairs well with antique brass, metalwork (think copper) and ivory. This will give a more edgier and urban finish and stop it feeling too feminine.

  3. A pop of pink – A pop of pink will certainly give your space a shake up. Try taking the tone into the bedroom and swap your current duvet for dusky pink one or mix up your throw pillows with a range of beautiful pinks. This will add warmth to the room and the colour is neutral enough to pair with almost anything. Grey is a popular choice to pair with dusky pink, but the opportunities are endless for this muted, but oh so stylish colour.


Maxed Out

Online creative store Etsy is proclaiming 2019 as the year of maximalism – encouraging us all in their 2018 trend report to step away from the ultra-minimalist look and embrace the bold in our home.




Maximalism is everything minimalism is not; where minimalism forces us to make decisions about what we really need, maximalism allows us to eschew those hard choices entirely. It invites us to indulge in everything we desire and lets us express our individuality.

What was once considered clutter is now on-trend, as maximalism is all about adding clashing patterns, statement home décor and vibrant colours to our home. Even IKEA has swapped minimalism for maximalism as they introduced FÖREMÅL – a fun and quirky collection that includes skull-shaped vases, dog candleholders, and more maximalist masterpieces. IKEA’s creative leader Nike Karlsson said, “Life at home is about more than functions and solutions. We need art that stir-up emotions.”

Maximalism style works best when it’s imperfect. There’s no limit to this eclectic trend and you won’t mess it up if you’re filling your home with the things you love, or make you feel glamorous. There is absolutely no need to match furniture or décor – in fact, that’s the best part. So, don’t be intimated; rebel against the often unrealistic quest for simplicity in your home and let your passion and personalisation create a truly unique space that you can call your own work of art.


The Dark Arts

For many seasons now, neutral interiors have been a firm favourite. Many of us have been captivated by the soothing Scandinavian design, but lately design trends are dipping their brushes into darker hues and we’re starting to see a wealth of bold colours being introduced into the home.



As we head into the season of the winter blues, let’s not let our minds wander back to summer days, but instead embrace the dark arts by introducing a deep and moody palette into our interiors. After all, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a room that is filled with character and the dark effect can create this – reminding us of those rainy days when you just want to curl-up and read a book, or watch a movie with a hot drink and blanket… bliss!

Dark and moody is not all about dark coloured walls; it’s more a combination of colours and prints with more of an emphasis on a darker palette showing through for an overall moody effect. If you want to take a walk on the dark side, focus on one room to ensure you achieve a well designed dark and moody interior.

A good place to start is to select a colour for your walls. Too often people shy away from using dark colours in fear of making a room feel smaller and, while that can sometimes be the case, it isn’t always a bad thing. If you are daring enough to take on a darker colour, paint the walls, but paint the ceiling white. This will help to increase the perceived room height and make interiors seem much more spacious than they are.

Dark furnishings can also create a warm and inviting space, and can be a great change for rooms such as study spaces, formal lounges and dining rooms. You can also include lots of layers and textures to your décor and furnishings – for example, timbers and soft furnishings with similar dark tones will break up the space, offering personality to your moody space which oozes style and sophistication.

Regardless of how you incorporate this trend, interior trends come and go whereas a home is forever, therefore the key is to make a home feel unique and your own. However, you have to admit, there is something enigmatic and stylish in these inky hues that can captivate even the most scandi-style devotee.


Green Credentials

There are plenty of good reasons why you should fill your home with houseplants. They don’t just look good by adding texture and colour to your home, but they’re good for us too!



From flourishing foliage to jungle inspired botanicals, houseplants have sprouted their way back into our lives. So, what are the hot picks for indoor greenery this year? Here are some of the plants that are growing on us.


  1. Ferns – Gracing the covers of interior design magazines, ferns are set to be the leader in 2020 indoor plant trends. Ferns are ideal for bathrooms as they thrive on humidity and need little light.

  2. Succulents – The succulent craze is not slowing down and these easy-to-please houseguests will survive indoor conditions with minimal effort.

  3. Monstera deliciosa – Nicknamed the ‘Swiss cheese plant’ because of the holes in its leaves, this large exotic plant is renowned for creating a tropical atmosphere in the home.

  4. Chain of hearts – Oh, be still my beating heart! This trailing plant looks beautiful and is perfect for hanging pots.

  5. Fiddle leaf fig – With lustrous, wide shaped leaves, this leafy tree will create a graceful backdrop of luxurious fresh foliage in your home.

  6. Ficus elastica – Want an easy-care indoor tree with large, glossy leaves? This rubber plant can reach staggering heights within just a few years, making a dramatic statement in your abode.


When it comes to display, don’t be afraid to experiment with different coloured pots in different shapes and sizes; or hang plants from the ceiling with macramé hangers.


Get it white

The days might be getting darker as we make the seasonal shift to the cooler months, but that doesn’t mean our homes need to follow suit. In fact a clean, serene white interior might just be the antidote to the winter blues.



White may seem to be a safe choice in comparison to bold colours, but it brings an understated look that can make a big impact when styled right. The beauty of white is also its ability to be regularly restyled with ease. So how do you ‘get it white’ when it comes to incorporating this fresh favourite into the home?

Firstly choose your tone by deciding whether your white will have a grey or blue undertone, or a more yellow tint to it. Cooler tones will give the room a serene Scandi-style, while warmer tones will provide a warmer, rustic ambience.

White interiors are easy to apply to your kitchen and can maximise your space. A great way to style it in the kitchen is to pair it with indoor greenery which is a trend that has exploded in popularity. Your bedroom is another room where the all-white look can be applied.

However, you want it to be serene without it feeling like you’re sleeping in a hospital bed. To avoid this, throw in some neutral tones such as beige and cream. This paired-back look is perfect for creating an effortlessly stylish space.


Tied & Dyed

It’s official – tie-dye is making a comeback! The bleach-stained print is a huge trend for 2019, having popped up all over the catwalk and made its way into the wardrobes of celebs. Beyoncé wore it on the beach, Dree Hemingway chose the print for a red-carpet event and Justin Bieber turned up to church wearing it.



The tie-dye trend is keeping with the designer movement of bringing more colour to fashion, but it is one of those tricky, quirky patterns that can be quite difficult to get right. We’ve all dabbled in it at least once, and many of us may have come to the conclusion that the psychedelic print is not for us as it evokes images of the colourful dye splattered on cheap t-shirts. However, in the 1960s, tie-dye was seen as a symbol of the counterculture and a way to express freedom and individuality – and the 2019 trend pays tribute to this, but in a much more clean and crisp way.

Individuality returns with tie-dye that is more edgy. Once-distinct shades haven’t blended together to form striking new tones; they’re starkly separate, acting more as a print than a fusion of colour. The secret to wearing tie-dye is to counterbalance all those swirls with a soft colour palette. Pair it with something more subtle and guaranteed the 1960s nostalgia trend will put a smile on your face.


Neutral Territory

We may hate to admit it, but summer has officially ended and although the weather is taking a chilly turn, there’s one thing that can placate us – winter trends, as they start to dominate high-street stores with the promise of bringing our favourite knits, boots and jeans back into our wardrobes.




This season, there’s a trend that’s poised to lift our spirits and the good news is it’s not only easy, it’s oh-so stylish. We’re talking neutrals. Previously, neutral tones have made a great, fail-safe option to pair pieces together, as they’re easy to style. However, this season the key to embracing this trend is to wear neutrals from head-to-toe for a totally un-boring and luxurious look.

In the dreary embrace of winter, adding colour may seem like a better option to act as an instant pick-me-up, but shades of cream, ivory and beige are among an array of wintery hues that will add a sense of luxe to your look. So forgo the urge to add a pop of colour and embrace neutral territory from head-to-toe. Think creams, beiges, oatmeals and caramel hues, then layer them together for the ultimate blend. This layering effect of adding different variations of neutral tones can add volume and sophistication to this effortless look.