‘Watts’ hot: light up your life this winter with our hot picks for home lighting

A home design trend that’s easy to implement in every room, statement lighting is about so much more than pendant choices. Cord length, materials, size and shape all make an impact. So we’re shining the spotlight on some of the brightest trends in lighting design. Old school: Our dalliance with décor of the authentic, aged […]


A tribal approach: bringing a taste of other cultures into your spaces

In a fast-paced modern world, it’s not hard to see why one might yearn for a more laid-back, relaxing vibe when it comes to the home. In fact, many of the trends that are creeping into these spaces in 2018 are related by virtue of their soft and earthy nature. And, although the modern tribal […]


Bringing life to beige: take a second look at the far from boring beige for your home interior

Beige has long been considered the nemesis of fun in the home sphere, with no more ability to bring life to a space than a teaspoon can. But in recent times it has been shaking off its ‘plain Jane’ vibes and introducing an exciting new aesthetic. Warm and welcoming, beige is one of those clever […]


Mellow yellow: interior designers are bringing the sunshine inside with yellow decor

In the past, yellow has suffered from a bit of an image problem. But it seems interior designers have launched a full-blown PR campaign advocating for its acceptance into the colour hall of fame and public perception of this sunny shade is looking up. Once treated as somewhat of an enigma, it’s now embraced as […]

Metallic Homewares

A metallic moment: make your home shine with the trend that keeps on giving

Metallics have been having their ‘moment’ in the homewares spotlight for the longest time now, with their prevailing popularity suggesting they won’t be leaving any time soon. Which is rather an exciting prospect, when it comes to our inner-magpies. Long gone are the days when the fixtures in our houses – taps, handles, pipes, shower […]


Green with envy: make this classic colour a part of your home and you won’t regret it

It’s not surprising that this nature-inspired colour is the one most closely associated with envy, because that’s exactly what you’ll be inducing in visitors to your humble abode if you style with this sophisticated shade. With some traditional textures such as velvet and timber following this hue into the homewares realm, why not weave this […]

Soho Bedhead

Popular new pairing: black and blue is trending it’s way into our homes (and hearts)

Not so long ago, black and blue were considered a sartorial sin. Now, not only has this match-made in heaven pairing marched its way down the catwalk, but it’s equally marched its way into our homes and hearts. Taking their cues from the fashion world, design darlings of the décor world have been taking this […]


Into the wild: home decor goes exotic

With a hiss and a roar, wildlife has burst onto the style scene and our love for this beautiful decor cannot be tamed. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The output of this preoccupation with some of our greatest outdoor species is, thank goodness, a big step away from anything taxidermy related – and […]


Lovely lavender: colour of the moment

It’s been touted as ‘the new millennial pink’. We’re not sure if it’s going to be able to knock this ruling hue right off its perch, but lavender is certainly not shy about what it has to offer our abodes this season. It may not have been in the running to steal the Pantone Colour […]