Futuristic fermentation

  Fermented foods have been making waves for a few years now, as the power of their probiotics keeps those keen on consuming gut-loving goodness coming back for more. And this trend is showing no sign of subsiding. Morgan Tait looks at the next evolution of fermented foods.     Cultured coffee Putting new meaning […]

Cash-free coffee: Ricoh Pandemic Pivot

One Christchurch café is putting the “e” in coffee, making a post Covid-19 decision to use only electronic payment. Allpress Espresso has made the call to accept no notes or coins at its Montreal Street café.     Roastery and café manager James Nightingale says the cashless system has been largely well received, with staff […]

Why buy local? Coffee Worx

Kiwis are serious about their coffee, and in a time where supporting local has never been more important Metropol catches up with local roasters, Coffee Worx, about the importance of supporting Cantabrian coffee connoisseurs.     The coffee industry is very competitive. Many homegrown coffee roasteries are facing increasing costs and a saturated market. Trying […]

An adventurer’s blend: Heartland Brew

Canterbury based coffee roastery Coffee Worx is gaining ground with its retail coffee brand Heartland Brew.   Roasted from high grade premium coffee, Heartland Brew range is blended for the adventurers, hikers, bikers, trampers, car enthusiasts, fishermen and women, and all those that enjoy sipping on a superb coffee while enjoying the best New Zealand […]

Equipped for anything: Total Food Equipment

For kitchen and cooking lovers, walking into Total Food Equipment is like a kid walking into a candy store: It’s hard to know where to look. With a gadget for everything from bakeware to cookware, the name Total Food Equipment makes total sense. It is Total Food Equipment owner Sandra McLay’s firm belief when buying […]

Time for a revival: Urban Revival

Urban Revival’s mission has always been to use food to create community and to have a good time. During these times of uncertainty, they are excited to be able to welcome guests again to provide both!     Hankering for a taste of good quality food prepared by someone else? Then visit Urban Revival for […]

Oat of the ordinary

Oats have long been a mainstay of the breakfast buffet, but now oat milk is adding to the lineup. Yes oat milk has joined the ‘dairy alternative’ hall of fame alongside almond, rice, soy, cashew and coconut milk, except it seems this new option is trying its best to inch ahead of the rest. Consumers […]

Spend time at Seven!

On the corner of Hansons Lane and Riccarton Road sits an idyllic spot for your next private function, Seven Café; great for small groups of people to get together after the lockdown in an intimate, safe environment to share time together. Catering to groups of 15 to 30 people and with an outdoor area if […]

Takeaways & coffee sorted! – Pam’s Cafe and Gifts

These may be testing times we’re living through, but Pam Burrows of Pam’s Café and Gifts is proving that the old saying ‘The show must go on’ is the only way to go when the going gets tough.                 While keeping in mind COVID-19 Level 3 protocols of […]

The Caffeine Queen

An energetic buzz brews behind a Christchurch coffee icon – and its co-owner shares her gift of motivation to the world. Sacha Coburn is the Chief Operations Officer for Coffee Culture and who also delivers entertaining leadership talks through The Company You Keep. Now 46, she overcame aggressive breast cancer a decade ago, when fate […]