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A girl’s best friend

A 59.60-carat pink diamond (the Pink Star) last month fetched a world record $71.2 million. Pink may not be your colour choice, but if you’re looking for diamonds there are plenty out there in all sorts of colours. Here are some tips from Metropol.



Diamonds are still the first choice for many engagement, wedding and eternity rings along with necklaces, earrings and most other jewellery.

They come in all shapes, sizes and many colours including the traditional sparkling white.

During the last 10 years or so, coloured or fancy diamonds have become increasingly sought after. Think champagne-coloured, yellow, blue, green and purple even. And with synthetic diamonds also now readily available and many people unable to tell the difference, the colour range is every shade of the rainbow and many spectrums in between too.

Stick to the four Cs when choosing your diamond and you will not go wrong.

Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight will guide you through making your choice.

The cut is a key factor in a diamond’s appearance, adding to its brilliance and sparkle.

Diamond weights are expressed in carats. One carat equals 0.2 grams.

Colour is measured in alphabetical order beginning with D and descending to Z, where more colour is present. Fancy coloured diamonds are an exception to the rule because they are rare.

All diamonds contain imperfections, most of which are too small to be seen by the unaided eye. The fewer noticeable flaws, the higher the value and clarity.


Trailblazing women sought

The search for New Zealand’s most empowering, hard-working and inspiring wāhine has begun, with nominations now open for the 2021 Women of Influence Awards.



The awards recognise women who are driving change, excelling in their field and leading by example, from community through to international level.

Presented by Stuff and Westpac NZ, the Women of Influence Awards feature 10 categories across business, philanthropy, innovation, diversity and more.

This year’s programme includes two new categories: Environment and Primary Industries.

Nominations close at midnight on August 16 and will be assessed by a high-calibre judging panel led by former Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright, with one new member, tech expert Te Aroha Grace. The winners will be crowned at the annual gala dinner in Auckland on October 21.

The popular Women of Influence Speaker Series returns in July and August. Held in Christchurch (August 12) as well as Tauranga, Auckland and Wellington, the series will give audiences the chance to hear from a range of influential New Zealanders in a relaxed and interactive format.

Last year’s Awards winners included well-known New Zealanders such as science communicator Siouxsie Wiles, and international performer and choreographer Parris Goebel.

The programme also celebrates the work of grassroots figures such as domestic violence campaigner Jackie Clark (2018 Supreme winner) and environmentalist Annika Andresen (2019 Young Leader winner).

The new Environment Award was introduced to recognise women who are fighting climate change or protecting our natural environment. Westpac NZ Chief Executive David McLean says he is encouraged by the ingenuity of environmental work being undertaken, from a community through to corporate level.

“There is extraordinary work happening around New Zealand to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

This award is about acknowledging the people spearheading this work, and encouraging businesses, communities, and individuals to join us in making bold commitments to a cleaner and healthier New Zealand,” Mr McLean says.

To nominate a woman of influence or for more information about the 2021 Women of Influence Awards and the nomination process, as well as this year’s Speaker Series,

Follow Women of Influence on Facebook and Instagram for programme news and updates.


Invest in a business

Buying a business is just as good an option as buying property, says business sale specialist Richard O’Brien.



The potential to make a much higher return on your money and to spread your financial risk, to become involved in something you’re passionate about, and to be part of growing the local economy, are all reasons he cites.

“Investing your money to buy a business can be a great option and the returns can be several times that of owning an investment property,” says Richard, director of Business for Sale website

“Personal fulfilment and financial gain are among the attractive benefits of owning a business. And when you sell there is no tax on the intangible asset component. Owning (and potentially running) a business will take some skill and serious effort. It can also be hugely rewarding.”

Self-involvement is essential, he believes. “With smaller investments you are likely to be working in the business, and will be busy with operations, sales and marketing, and staff. This then becomes a “job” plus an “investment”.

His final piece of advice: “Do your homework and purchase a business that will work well for you. Make sure you understand the numbers and enjoy exploring the possibilities.”


For all your legal needs: Pier Law

A merger with Strowan Law means that long-established Christchurch firm Pier Law can now provide a wider range of legal services to its clients.



The firm takes pride in having a team of widely experienced, helpful and approachable staff who place value on quality client service.

“We talk your language,” says Managing Director Bill Herbison. “We take a genuine interest in our clients, listen to their needs and work towards providing solutions that our clients understand so they can feel part of the process.”

The introduction of Indira Sirisena and Lisa Kennedy, formerly of Strowan Law, means that Pier Law can broaden its services to its clients. Indira and Lisa are both experienced, able and efficient lawyers who look forward to serving their former client base and new clients through Pier Law.

Their practice areas cover property law, trusts and estates as well as all aspects of family law.

This includes adoptions, care and contact arrangements for children, Oranga Tamariki matters, domestic violence, guardianship disputes, orders preventing removal of children, paternity and relationship property. They also offer Legal Aid family law services, recognising the importance of that offering to the local community.

Directors Bill Herbison, Caroline Davey and Indira Sirisena head the Pier Law team, which comprises experienced lawyers and legal executives spread over all its three branches in convenient Christchurch suburban locations (New Brighton, Kaiapoi and Styx Mill).

The spread of offices allows the team to meet with clients at their preferred office location, whether that be close to their home, their workplace or otherwise.

The firm also offers other legal services including advice and representation on buying and selling residential property, wills, enduring powers of attorney, advice on and administration of Family Trust’s, commercial property advice, estate administration, relationship property and contracting out agreements.

The legal team is small enough to work closely with all its clients one on one and to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs, and at the same time large enough to have the expertise, knowledge and skills required for clients’ ongoing legal needs.

“The quality of the services we offer to our clients is given the highest priority. We are all people who very much take an interest in our clients as well as their needs, and work with them individually to achieve their goals,” explains Bill.

If you need legal advice at a level, you can understand and feel part of, Pier Law welcomes your call to any of the branch offices or visit the website.


A helping hand: Ricoh NZ

The children of today are the leaders and future-shapers of tomorrow and giving those in need a helping hand often makes a big difference. One organisation playing a vital role in this area is Christchurch Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).


Jacqueline Campbell, philanthropy manager for the group, explains that like most charitable organisations BBBS is reliant on donations and volunteers.

Both are important, she says, to help youngsters in need of extra support achieve their goals later in life.

“Growing up I was lucky to have a very supportive family and extended whanau, and that has helped to get me to where I am today,” she says.

“Many of the children at BBBS don’t have that level of support and that’s where we come in.”

Currently BBBS has a lot of children in Christchurch waiting for mentors. “We are looking for everyday people to be friends with these youngsters and guide them in life. Professional people, semi-retired people, retirees, all sorts.”

Jacqueline says the need is for both female and male mentors. “Someone who has at least an hour a week to have some fun with a young person.”

Mentors are carefully vetted and then matched with children and young people. “We want to get to know our mentors really well, so careful and appropriate matching is done,” explains Jacqueline. “This involves interviews, reference checks, police checks, and more to ensure mentors are suitable and that they do have the time to put into helping out.”

Mentors are initially sought for children aged from six to 12 years, although BBBS supports the matches it makes up until age 18.

“Research says that having an extra role model at that age (six to 12) makes a big difference,” says Jacqueline. “We initially ask for a 12-month commitment, although the average mentor in Christchurch stays for 4.3 years.

“The difference you can make with one hour, once a week can impact a lifetime.”

Playing sports, hanging out, walks, playing board games, bike rides, crafts and more; how the time is spent is up to the mentor.

“Mentoring sessions are a fun, relaxed time when young people and their mentors hang out and build a friendship. It is all about spending one-to-one time together doing things both the big and little enjoy from one to three hours once a week.”

To learn more about how you can help, visit the website.


The name says it all: Bradley Wood Dentists

In the past, wearing braces on the teeth was a daunting prospect, and achieving the desired outcome could take a long time. Fortunately for us, Bradley Wood Dentists offers patients the Fastbraces system, and true to its name, it’s a gamechanger for those requiring braces.



The average treatment with standard issue braces lasts two years, and many people have their braces even longer.

With Fastbraces, some patients have completed their orthodontic care in as little as 20 weeks.

With traditional braces, teeth are moved in stages, and each stage takes time to complete, but with Fastbraces, the crowns and roots can be moved at the same time, saving patients’ time and money.

Another point of difference is their special triangular brackets. This affects the forces exerted by the arch-wire, as well as using the flexibility of the wire.

Dentist Anthony Wood says the revolutionary system also allows for far fewer extractions. “We seldom do extractions. In the last five years, we’ve done only three to four [extractions].”

Over 50 percent of the business’ patients accessing Fastbraces are in the 30-plus-years bracket, which proves that no matter what age we are, we all just want to smile with confidence.

Bradley Wood Dentists is located at 252 Papanui Road, phone (03) 355 7890 or visit the website.


Fragrance that defines you: Fragranzi

What is life without the heady traces of some indefinable perfume lingering in the air? Those aromatic scents that, for many of us, can conjure memories of people and places from our past.


Fragranzi Artisan Perfume Studio retails not only a unique range of fine fragrances for men and women, but also offers clients a world-leading design system that enables them to create their own perfumes from a set of 24 fragrance components in the studio.

Group bookings and perfumer-led design parties for special events are also on offer.

Commencing in June, perfumer Conan Fee and product formulator Stacey Fraser will be running informational and hands-on practical evening workshops on the third Tuesday of each month for clients to design and make their own particular and preferred fragrance types, such as chypre, oriental, fougere and cologne, as well as personal care products, including moisturisers, room sprays, body lotions, solid perfumes and diffusers.

This is a wonderful experience that doesn’t come along every day, so to ensure not missing out, sign up online for the June workshop and learn all about the subtleties of creating rose fragrances, body oils and facial serums.

Fragranzi is located at The Arts Centre, Old Boys’ High Building, 28 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch, or visit the website.


Physio on the move: On the Go Physio

On the Go Physio has provided physiotherapy services to a very special group of people – older adults – for 13 years. “I’ve always loved working with this patient group; many changes that come with aging aren’t inevitable. A proper assessment, the right shoes, exercise and nutrition can give people back independence, energy and quality of life” says director Jessie Snowdon.



Initially a fully home-based service, Jessie started small to fill a gap between what clients sought and what was publicly available.

This expanded quickly with a combination of private clients living at home, and aged-care facilities keen to utilise her skills. The team now includes seven physiotherapists, two physiotherapy assistants, an office manager, and recently, an occupational therapist and dietitian.

Working with older adults takes a vast knowledge as people can present with the full range of health and rehabilitation needs. “My fabulous team might be working with someone who has had a stroke but also has COPD, arthritis and diabetes. And maybe fractured their hip the year before!” says Jessie.

A typical physiotherapy assessment takes at least an hour and follow-up sessions are 45 minutes. “We are often working on a range of activities from strengthening, balance work and endurance, as well as specific neurological input for some people.”

As people improve, they can join one of the speciality groups at On the Go Physio’s new home – The Older Adults Health Collective at 47 Whiteleigh Ave.

“We now have a small gym space and are offering classes of up to eight people with specific conditions such a stroke, Parkinson’s, Polio, vascular conditions and strength and balance,” says Jessie.

A new venture, the Older Adults Health Collective houses other health professionals with a passion for working with older adults. “We work closely and collaboratively with our dietician, speech language therapist, massage therapist, and hand therapy colleagues.

Clients can access a full range of services without long waiting times or having to repeat their story.”

One collaboration is an assessment service for people suffering frailty, started in response to people needing surgery but who weren’t physically strong enough.

Jessie says, “Nobody wants to hear themselves described as frail and we are now offering a service for people identified as frail, or heading towards frailty, who would like to reverse this.”

The frailty service sees physiotherapist and dietitian collaborate to ensure people have the nutrition they need to build strength.

Any issues with managing the eating and swallowing aspect can be immediately referred to the speech language therapy team. “We are so excited about this expansion and serving more people in the later stages of life.”

Phone the team on 0800 000 856 or visit the website.




Something for all: Kiwi Health 2020

Winter can take its toll on skin and general health, so it is an ideal time to research a boost, which is where Kiwi Health 2020 Ltd comes into play. Its website is chock full of vitamin and supplement suggestions, aimed at improving all manner of things from skin tone and elasticity to weight management, joint support and, specifically for men, libido, stamina and erectile function.



Apple cider vinegar is a popular health food which Kiwi Health owner Karl Petersen says is often used for weight management, and for its anti-arthritis and diabetes benefits.

Keto powder is another supplement that Karl advocates using for weight management.

“It promotes the body to enter ketosis, which is when the body utilises fat for fuel, as opposed to carbohydrates. If your body is burning fat, you will lose weight.”

He says keto powder is also used for improved mental clarity, energy, better digestion, and sleep.

Another supplement on his winter suggestion list is Collagen C, which he says can support skin, nail, hair, bone, and tendon health.

For these and other supplements, check out the website. Orders are shipped daily Monday to Friday for New Zealand delivery the next business day.


Here for health: Christchurch Immigration Clinic

Good service is important for Dr Lisa Amin and her team at Christchurch Immigration Health, and with over 400 five-star reviews on Google it is safe to say good service is what they provide.



One of those reasons could be down to the fact that the team can cater to individuals, families, and businesses, with the capacity to schedule your medical examination quickly, with the results ready and emailed to you, usually within 48 hours.

Christchurch Immigration Health also offer medicals for pre-travel, if you’re going to work in Papua New Guinea or Rarotonga for example.

Dr Amin urges patients to remember their current passport, glasses and any medication you take. Past medical records can be helpful and save time where appropriate.

With the clinic, bookings are preferred but drop-ins are also available, with free parking on site.

You can now find Christchurch Immigration Health at The Caledonian Centre on 8 Caledonian Road, St Albans or phone 021 334 110. If you need, view the price list on the clinic’s website.