A musical feast

On July 24, the Go Live Music Festival will fill the Christchurch Town Hall with the music of more than 16 new and established Ōtautahi performers. Julia Strelou talks with one of them.


Pop/jazz sensation Emily C Browning, who released her new single ‘I Wasn’t Into You Anyway’ in April, is one of those taking to the stage.

After blowing up on social media, Browning found herself playing to sold-out crowds in the USA, yet despite international fame, the Christchurch local says she is looking forward to playing at the Town Hall. “I have always loved the Town Hall ever since I was a kid. Go Live Festival will be my first time playing in that building (aside from high school choir), so it’ll be a pretty special gig for me.”

Browning also released her video for ‘I Wasn’t Into You Anyway’ in April, devouring a real Habanero and a Ghost Pepper provided for her by the SpicyBoys at Riverside Markets as part of it. “For this video, I wanted to be in some kind of pain and do something self-deprecating and kind of silly.”

The song is about the sting of rejection, a pain that is universally relatable, but the playful nature reflects how ridiculous the heart can behave when it feels unrequited love. “It represents the stages of getting over someone – swinging back and forth between desperation and total denial. And the whole thing is so silly because we barely spent any time together! It wasn’t even a thing, but feeling rejected just makes everything seem more dramatic.”

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At the end of the clip, Browning douses herself with oat milk, relieving herself of the sting left by the chillies and signifying moving on. “The milk served as a kind of climax to the story, which I suppose represents me losing my cool and then pulling myself together again right at the last second.”

Fans can expect to see Browning perform the song at the festival, and she adds there is music on the horizon. “A new single is on the way! I’m currently trying to cook up a new music video to match the energy of the last one, which is proving to be a good challenge.”



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