Washing up on produce

As tempting as it may be to bite into a freshly bought apple straight from the bag, it’s long been known produce should be rinsed before consumption.But, just how much washing is required?   Visible dirt on your potatoes, the thought of all the hands that have touched your tomatoes and the various sprays used […]

Edible summer garden

The cold is (meant to be) behind us, which means in the garden, it’s time to look forward. Look forward to our homegrown fruit and vegetables, that is. From basil to beetroot, lettuce and zucchini – it’s all happening in the fruit and veggie patch this December.       SOW WHAT? The end of […]

In season

As the days continue to warm and the sunshine hours increase, summer fruit and vegetables flourish to provide us with deliciously ripened produce for our plates – often ready to just be rinsed and eaten right away.   BETTER FOR YOU Not only does our produce taste better when in season, but the fresher the […]

Sustainable Spaces

Creating food in your own backyard is a great way to minimise your environmental impact. And it’s not as time or labour intensive as you might think!   Raised vegetable gardens, homegrown herbs, low-maintenance fruit trees, backyard beehives and DIY compost – they are growing in popularity as we increasingly seek sustainability from our spaces. […]

All a-skew

Colourful, sizzling, tasty skewers. As the weather warms up, so do our backyard barbecues. These simple and fun crowd pleasers set the chef’s creativity on fire – and everyone can pitch in with the preparation.   MEATY MOUTHFULS: Pairing up bite-sized morsels with their likely partners always wins. Chicken and red pepper, lamb and onion, […]

Warming up to salads

Gastronomically speaking, it can be a confusing time of year. Longer days and slightly balmier temperatures tell us salad season is near. But the fact we still need our jumpers and coats leaves us equally in want of warming comfort foods. Enter the warm salad: A happy medium between crisp freshness and hearty wholesomeness.   […]

Sow what?

TIPS FOR YOUR PRE-SPRING GARDEN The winter chill will be with us a while yet, but the slightly longer daylight hours are a sure sign spring is on its way. So, it’s time to get the last of your pre-spring gardening done so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your […]

Thrive through winter

Your little garden projects don’t take a break just because it’s coming into winter… and neither should you. We’ve pulled together all of the tips and tricks to making sure your Garden of Eden stays alive and thriving.     Don’t forget your roots: While we’re certain Six60 wasn’t being literal… in this case, we […]

Top Picks

When it comes to summertime fresh fruit and vegetables, we Kiwis are truly blessed with the bountiful best. But what of late summer and beyond? Will there still be rich pickings? You betcha!     Below is an A-Z of what’s on offer. A is for apple. Harvested between February and May, varieties such as […]

Growing vegetables = Growing health: Terra Viva Home and Garden

Growing your own vegetables is a win-win all round. High in vitamins A and C, antioxidants, minerals and fibre, vegetables protect against heart disease and cancer. The mental health benefits too have been well documented.     By Terra Viva Owner Peter Worsp   The 1959 rehab programme for war veterans included working in the […]