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Now trending in wellness

Whether you see wellness as a commodified buzzword or a holistic wellbeing tool to embrace; there is no denying the influence of the concept. And in 2021, as the world continues to prioritise its health and wellbeing for pandemic-related reasons, there are some new wellness trends on the scene. Metropol has compiled those making waves this year.



You’ve heard of probiotics – and the associated health benefits – but have you heard of prebiotics? A type of fibre, prebiotics feed probiotics to help them do their thing. Find these in foods like artichokes, garlic, onions, leeks, oats, asparagus and bananas, as well as in herbal supplements.

Getting good quality shuteye is top of the wellness to-do list in 2021, and people are employing a raft of tools and techniques to help them achieve their best night’s sleep. Think sunrise alarm clocks, sleep sprays, silk bedwear, luxe linens, digital detoxes, weighted blankets and natural sleep remedies.

Immerse yourself in the soothing meditative experience of a sound bath. Intended to encourage listeners to release repetitive thoughts and balance energy, a sound bath is a therapeutic experience. Usually occurring in a class taken by an instructor or sound therapist, but you can also DIY with curated playlists.

Yes, the substance which helps plants get nutrients (and makes them green). This pigment is getting some serious attention from wellness warriors, especially on Tiktok. The power of chlorophyll – consumed as chlorophyllin – for humans is said to be in its abundance of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.


Fluff your brows ladies

Beauty trends take a significant turn this year. What was once an obsession, now makes us cringe. I’m talking about dramatic lashes that could pick you up and fly you away, highlighter that’s brighter than the sun and well, we can’t forget about overdrawn brows. This year however, it’s all about simplicity and we are all for it!



Fluffy brows and natural, dewy looking skin are the go-to this season; a combination that will make you feel 10 years younger.

Fluffy brows provide a subtle face lift as you are forcing your brow hairs to remain upwards, in turn, lifting your face (try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze for this).

Natural and dewy looking skin underemphasises fine lines and wrinkles. Pair this look with a deep lip colour if you feel like showing off your adventurous side.

20s to 30s:
It’s still possible to even out your skin tone, hide blemishes and boost your skins appearance using a little bit of foundation; however, if you have some blemishes you would like to cover even more, use only a touch of concealer to do this. Dampen your brush or sponge using some water before applying liquid or cream products, this will help loosen up the texture and allow for a more airbrushed finish. Try the Too Faced Dew You Foundation – it’s magic in a bottle.

30s to 40s:
If hydrating sprays are not part of your makeup routine – you are missing out! Try the Mario Badescu Facial Sprays before, during and after your makeup application to help hydrate your skin. For an added benefit, spritz your foundation brush with some spray before applying your cream or liquid foundation, this will allow the foundation to sit on your skin so much better. You can use the same technique for cream or liquid bronzer too.

Avoid full coverage foundations as these tend to emphasise fine lines and wrinkles. Instead try a lighter coverage foundation such as the Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation – this is a favourite of ours! Apply a pea-sized amount or two to a foundation brush and gently blend it into your face (never use your hands to blend in foundation). For an added dewy effect, combine some foundation with your favourite moisturiser before applying it on your skin.


The essence of beauty

Trying to accommodate the needs of your skin when we shift from the warmer to cooler months can be challenging for even those with the most balanced skin. Enter beauty essences, an effective way to introduce more hydration into your skincare routine and keep your skin glowing to its best ability this winter.



Also known as facial essences, are the skincare boost you definitely need in your beauty bag in the upcoming colder and drier months. It’s a product which has a texture similar to serum but with a lighter consistency and using it near the beginning of your skincare routine means the other products you use can sink deeper into your skin.

Recommended for those looking to step up your skincare a notch or add a much-needed extra hydration boost. Beauty essences deeply hydrate your skin without being heavy or clogging your pores in between the other steps of your skincare routine.

Vogue recommends that you use beauty essences after toner but before serum as they make the rest of your skincare routine absorb more smoothly into your skin. To use, pump several pumps into your hands and pat gently over your skin.


Rug up for summer

It’s not very often you’re told to rug up for the warmest season. But, as soft furnishings continue to blur the lines between the indoors and out, rugs are just one of a number of typically interior provisions making the trip outdoors.


While the addition of an al fresco floor covering may not be revolutionary, the emergence of textures and designs which closely resemble those adorning the indoors does add a contemporary touch.

Jute, wool and even shaggy styles may look dangerously delicate for the elements – but durable fabrications ensure they are not.

Patterned Persian rugs can create a Moroccan feel outdoors, especially when teamed with of the moment terracotta hues and bright tiles. Jute adds an instant touch of bohemian, and monochromatic patterns carry a contemporary mood.

Topped with a coffee table and surrounded by outdoor seating, plush ottomans or canvas beanbags – an outdoor rug is an exterior addition which adds character, intimacy and elegance.

Create further interior-esque ambience

by adding accents like lanterns, potted plants, cushions and even some outdoor art.


Extend your shelf life

Styled well, shelves can be a catalogue of beloved life knick-knacks on show for all, but done with less consideration can appear as a clustered after thought. Rather than being s(h)elfish we thought we would share our top tips to styling your shelves.


Book smart:
This may seem obvious, considering bookshelves are not new on the home décor scene, but experiment with the configuration of your books, stack them vertically, horizontally or in an L-shape. You can even try colour coding the spines, or displaying a particularly special title front on.

Texture and accents:
Add contrasting textures like glass and ceramics, plants, and metallics to bring some eclecticism to your shelves. Rearrange items and try different combinations – layer items, arrange in odd numbers, and with greenery creeping between shelves.

More is more:
A shelf serves the function of display and storage. Interior designer and blogger Chris Carroll says to avoid only displaying three or four items like your home is an art gallery. Instead, give your shelves personality by creating a visual story.

Quality over quantity
While too much negative space is not a positive, too much clutter is also not the goal. Instead, balance the space and interest by only incorporating items you truly love – whether that’s treasured family heirlooms, your favourite book titles, or a coveted vase.


Gritty Pretty

When it may be months until we can fully trust an early morning clear blue sky or the slippery frosts they bring, a chunky Chelsea boot is a chic way to take no chances in these changeable climes.



Thick, flat and platformed, a rubber-soled stomper adds grit to the most feminine of silhouettes while serving as a sturdy and practical companion for the tail end of these cold and rainy days.

Asos Design Aqum Premium Leather Chunky Chelsea Boots

Don’t just take it from us, Vogue touted the style as the must-have shoe of the season and designers like The Row, Bottega Veneta, Prada and Burberry have been leading this grungy ‘90s trend back around, with a chunky Chelsea boot a-foot most of the models in their pre-Covid-19 shows.


Dr Marten Quad Boot

Closer to home, Karen Walker stocks a Dr Martens version in her Playpark stores and online, Beau Coop has designed a crocodile print number, and the footwear has been favoured to accessorise the campaign shoots of local designers like Harris Tapper and Paris Georgia. High street heroes Hannah’s, Zara and Tony Bianco also stock more budget-friendly versions.


Blundstone Gusset Boot.

Though typically black, we’ve spied chunky Chelseas in a covetable array of tan, chestnut and white hues with plain, suede and patent finishes to give your prettiest floral spring dresses or favourite jeans and jumper combo an edge.


That’s a wrap

The transition from winter to spring is nearing and with it comes a change in wardrobe staples. It may be time to say goodbye to turtlenecks and high-rise necklines, and hello to our favourite transitional garment – the wrap. We look at what’s trending in the wrap world.




SAY YES TO THE DRESS: and hello to a look that is both elegant and fun. A wrap bodice, cinched waist and a free-flowing hem is a beautiful style of dress in any pattern. Add a pair of hoop earrings and heels for a daytime look with a bit of sass.


PARTY WITH CARDI: There’s been many a time that I’ve walked into the cold with a cardigan on and crossed it over my chest in an attempt to keep in the warmth. Make your wrap cardigan do all the work. Wraps are so diverse that you can wear them to work or a night out!


GIRL IN A GOWN: You may think that we’re about to recommend something exquisite and reserved only for special occasions… it’s quite the opposite. Wrap dressing gowns, robes or kimonos will always be in style because not everything you wear has to be for the eyes of everyone else.

TOP TIP: Fashion tape and safety pins will be your best friend for wraps with a lower neckline.


Vested Interests

It’s time to in-vest! This style staple has made a welcome return and this sartorial season, designers are offering up just about every shape, size and silhouette imaginable.



Whether you opt for a sexy tuxedo design sans shirt like Kaia Gerber at Saint Laurent or a fluffy number to keep the chill at bay as spotted in the latest Coach lineup, vests are the optimal layering piece, adding dimension to any look.









Just the essentials: Kjole Style

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can leave one feeling a bit like Goldilocks; one’s too short, one’s too long. With their expanding jean range, handpicked to fit lots of different body shapes, Kjole Style can help you find a pair ‘that’s just right’. We caught up with Stephanie Suckling about two new styles in the range and a top that makes the perfect partner.


(NOT) JUST JEANS: These Dranella Pam fit jeans are a must-have! The tight fit gives definition to your legs – giving support in the front and push up in the back. Sizes 8 to 20 are available instore and online.









POPULAR PAIRING: The Denim hunter OT t-shirt is a great basic to complement any jean. It is a good fit, nice neckline and washes well. Who doesn’t love a basic white tee?







ON THE HUNT: Kjole is the exclusive NZ stockist of the brand Denim Hunter. The DHNew Finch Free Jean is a diverse fit for all shapes and the light blue wash is very flattering.








Get ruffled

Where fashion once adopted a minimalist aesthetic, we’re increasingly seeing big, bold, statement-making styles bursting out of the sartorial shadows.




Get ready to don some polka dots, colourful leather and metallic fabrics… we’re even going mad for marigold!



So it’s not surprising then that we’re getting hot around the collar for ruffles.

While your collar may just be the thing that gets ruffled up, we’re also seeing this trend embellishing sleeves, skirts, sweaters and even footwear.



Buyer beware, the tiered silhouette isn’t for the faint of heart.