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The essence of beauty

Trying to accommodate the needs of your skin when we shift from the warmer to cooler months can be challenging for even those with the most balanced skin. Enter beauty essences, an effective way to introduce more hydration into your skincare routine and keep your skin glowing to its best ability this winter.



Also known as facial essences, are the skincare boost you definitely need in your beauty bag in the upcoming colder and drier months. It’s a product which has a texture similar to serum but with a lighter consistency and using it near the beginning of your skincare routine means the other products you use can sink deeper into your skin.

Recommended for those looking to step up your skincare a notch or add a much-needed extra hydration boost. Beauty essences deeply hydrate your skin without being heavy or clogging your pores in between the other steps of your skincare routine.

Vogue recommends that you use beauty essences after toner but before serum as they make the rest of your skincare routine absorb more smoothly into your skin. To use, pump several pumps into your hands and pat gently over your skin.


Well for winter

Keeping on top of your wellness during the colder months can feel so much harder when you haven’t got a good dose of summer sunshine to boost your motivation. Here are a few of Metropol’s tips for fighting off the winter wellness woes so you’re ready to face the chilly season feeling your best.



It’s important that you’re getting a regular dose of essential vitamins and supplements in your system to combat the cold and lack of sunshine in the upcoming months. Vitamin C and Zinc can super boost your immune system as well as strengthen your skin, hair, and nails. Vitamin B can lift your mood and energy levels, and vitamin D helps make up for the lack of sun which is always beneficial during the cold and dry seasons.

Winter can cause havoc to your skin like nothing else but boosting your hydration levels can help combat dry or affected skin. As well as making sure you’re getting your daily water intake, you can also give your skincare routine a hydration boost by treating yourself to a more nourishing moisturiser or an overnight facemask to help distressed skin.

Saying goodbye to summer is a little less bitter and a little bit sweeter when you think about all the autumn and winter fruits and vegetables that you can welcome into your kitchen and pantry. Slow-roasted vegetables, hearty soups and preserved fruits are the perfect way to keep on top of the winter wellness game and can be something to look forward to on dark and chilly nights. Add spices like turmeric and ginger to boost nourishment and flavour!


Stretch it out

Meghan Markle does it, Vogue has given it the tick of approval and now #faceyoga is gaining millions of views on TikTok. So, is this a beauty habit you should be implementing into your routine?



Face yoga uses special facial exercises, stretches and massage techniques to apparently give your facial muscles a workout.

According to Vogue, face yoga helps build stronger facial muscles which in turn helps with facial elasticity, draining excess fluid from your face, reducing puffiness, and tired lines from creeping in.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve been to a masseuse the moment they roll out of bed in the morning or just before going to sleep?

Taking the time to stretch your face may help your skin appear firmer and more supple, as well as give a mental boost via creating a regular mindfulness practice – especially when combined with applying your favourite serum or moisturiser.

You can even try a tool like a gua sha or roller to aid your face yoga and massage.

If you’re interested to try face yoga, check out @faceyoga_monna on Instagram, the Face Toned app, or search the #faceyoga hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or even TikTok.


Edible landscaping

Take your landscaping a step further by giving it an edible twist. A boost for your palate as well as Mother Nature’s, this flavourful endeavour will brighten up any space. Here are Metropol’s tips to incorporate edible plants into shaping your outdoor spaces.



Herbs don’t just give any recipe an edge – they can give your garden beds one, too. Lavender looks lovely lining any garden or path, and onions, garlic and chives can be planted as edging to protect other edibles from hungry birds and animals.

Fruit trees look stunning in every landscape. Supposedly nothing tastes better than the fruits of your labour, but just make sure you monitor excess fruit to keep hungry rodents and possums at bay. We especially love the look of an immaculately groomed citrus tree – and not just for the G&Ts.

If you’re using trellis to adorn a wall or to create a pergola or space divider, add interest and function with tasty additions. Runner beans and nasturtiums both have eye-catching blooms and enjoy a climb. The leaves of beans are also more attractive to pests than the veges – win, win!

Pansies and calendulas make beautiful touches to your landscape and can be added to your cooking in the way of salads and baked goods. Plant in garden beds, pots of hanging baskets – and then pluck away to garnish your meals.


Powering up plants for 2021

Including more plants on your plate is nothing new, but the global appetite for meat alternatives is tipped to just keep growing in 2021. A win for your health, and the environment, it’s hard to fault this trending food philosophy. So here are Metropol’s suggestions on how to up your plant intake and add a few new foodie tricks to your repertoire.



Plant-based burgers are old news, and plant-based seafood is in, according to vegan media site, The Beet. Made with konjac, carrot and cellular agriculture (yes, lab-grown), there’s plant-based tuna, crab and fish cakes.

Finally, an answer to the, “But, what about bacon?” question often posed to plant-based converts. More and more plant-based bacon and pork alternatives are making their way onto shelves, in all their smoky-flavoured glory.

Don’t fret if the idea of never touching steak again sends chills down your spine. Adapting a flexitarian mindset ensures you get to keep your rib-eye or cheese – just eat them in moderation. Start by making plants and pulses the heroes of your meal, instead of meat.

Already a rich and flavourful favourite, mushrooms are getting a meaty reboot for 2021. Mushroom meats resembling steak, meat patties and even braised beef are all the rage overseas. Keep an eye out for fungal proteins called Mycoprotein and mycelium, too.


Telling tool tales

When it comes to putting your dreams into action for your yard, you need the right tools for the job. Here are Metropol’s tips for the tools to lead you down the right garden path.



Gloves, boots, action! Whether it is to protect yourself from contaminated soil, prickly plants, sharp objects or heavy items, pull on those boots and put on those gloves before you get started. Your future self’s unscathed hands and feet will thank you for it!

Dig it: A trusty shovel is a landscaper’s bestie. From trench to planting, a shovel is a landscaping non-negotiable. The tricky part can be choosing the right one; there is handle length, weight, shape and sharpness and size to consider.

Shear the love: Easy to use and intensely satisfying, pruning shears give you the ability to practise your hairdressing skills and keep your garden tidy and healthy at the same time. Multitasking at its finest.

Rake it off: Leave no debris behind with a rake that can help you tidy up those never-ending autumn leaves, as well as load other clippings and cuttings into your trailer or wheelbarrow. A general garden rake can help with weightier waste, or a leaf rake with more delicate debris.


Fruits of love

February brings with it the last glorious month of summer, the peak of the summer fruit season and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Here are Metropol’s recommendations on how to celebrate all three in style via some fruity treats to spoil your sweetheart (or yourself!) this romantic month.




According to both health experts and cuisine connoisseurs, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What better way to start Valentine’s Day off than by treating the love in your life to a glorious berry breakfast spread? A frothy smoothie, fresh fruit salad or buckwheat waffles topped with berries straight from the punnet makes for a romantic start to the day.

Toast the day and the season with a fruity twist on your favourite beverage – or try something new. Simply add a fresh berry to garnish your prosecco; muddle some berries with crushed ice, vodka and soda, or, go all out with mixed-berry mojitos and frozen margaritas. For non-alcoholic options, add fresh fruit with mint and cucumber to iced water.

Dessert is a sure way to win any heart, so why not sweeten up your V Day with a luxe post-dinner treat. Layer fresh fruit with whipped cream and passionfruit pulp in a glass for an easy (but impressive-looking) option, or get creative with barbecued stone fruit, balsamic roasted strawberries or homemade real fruit ice cream.