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Fall in love with gua sha


Wondering what these pretty pink jade stones are? Meet gua sha! This time-honoured tool is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and has been around for thousands of years, used to promote healing in the body and remove energy blockages.


When used correctly on the face, gua sha can promote blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, which eliminates fluid build up and reduces puffiness. Meaning gua sha might just become your new best friend for those puffy faced, sleepy mornings.

Find tutorials online for correct techniques; it is simple once you get the hang of it. Once mastered, gua sha is sure to become a new ritual in your skincare routine.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started.



Use a face oil or serum before starting with gua sha for an extra luxurious feel. Be careful to use a featherlight pressure, remember you are working on sensitive areas!

Around the eyes:

Sweep the gua sha under the eye area, starting close to the nose and out to the temple, all the way to the hairline. Repeat three times on each side of face.

Along the jaw:

Starting at the chin, sweep the gua sha along the jaw, then up to the ear. Sweep the gua sha behind the earlobe and down the neck. Repeat three to five times on each side of face.

To relieve tension:

Start in the middle of the forehead and sweep out towards the temple. Sweep all the way to the hairline. Repeat three to five times on each side.



Gentle approach to skincare: Beauty Progress


Dedicated to the selection of the most natural and highly competent formulations in skincare products, Beauty Progress has chosen GERnétic for the entire well-being of its clientele.



GERnétic was created in 1978 by Albert Laporte, a French cellular biologist and gerontologist, who specialised in the study of the biological aspects of ageing. Laporte developed a cream that both healed burns and scars quickly, but also improved the overall health and condition of skin.

“The range is based on advanced biotechnology and cellular biology; the latter being a discipline that studies the physiological properties of cells, including their structure, nutritional needs, life cycle, division and death,” says owner Wendy Barker. “GERnétic recognises that cellular therapy is a powerful way of treating any organ, including the skin. It can harness the body’s ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells are properly nourished.”

She says the products encourage skin to repair itself, balance its functions and strengthen its immunity for better protection against environmental aggressions. “The Synchro cream is one such product in the range. Renowned for its unrivalled anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating and healing capabilities, it can also be purchased from Beauty Progress.”

The beauty salon is located at Unit 1/171 Waltham Road.

To book your appointment phone (03) 379 4315, email, or visit



The personal touch: All About You

All About You is a leading, local beauty therapy salon that has been in operation for many years, long before its present owner, Tracy Cox, bought the business in 2016. Now, with two salons located in both South and North Christchurch, its visible presence is on the rise.


Tracy Cox, salon owner


The main focus is skin health and laser hair removal. Paramount to Tracy and her team is that clientele feel as if they’re being pampered, rather than processed.

“Our point of difference is we come from an holistic, hands-on approach. To lie in a heated bed, having a facial of up to an hour’s duration that is tailored to each client’s needs is a unique experience these days. We pride ourselves on our personal touch. We know our clients well – their families, their stories,” Tracy says.

Being major stockists of Environ (called the skincare of the decade), and Aspect Dr (a medical grade skincare range), clients can enhance their treatment plans with premium skincare products.

The business offers a membership described as exemplary. “That’s why our client base is long and loyal. We are results driven,” Tracy says.

You will find them in Centaurus Village, and at 248a Papanui Road. Visit



Skin City

Avoid dull and dry skin this winter, and look out for your head, shoulders, knees and toes with these skincare superstars. Metropol has your winter routine must-haves whether it’s for added Vitamin C or pre-ski, stay hydrated this chilly season.




Always remember to stay hydrated. Weleda 24h Hydrating Facial Cream


Sun care for ski season. Bondi Sands Fragrance Free SPF50+



You can’t argue with science. Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask


Get your daily dose of Vitamin C. Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream


Goodbye dry skin! Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream


Diagnostic expertise: Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist

There is much to love about New Zealand – our beaches, forests, rivers and mountains, and nobody celebrates their great outdoors quite like us, but in doing so, we run the risk of over-exposing our skin to the damaging radiation of the sun. Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist are here to help detect early signs of harmful skin damage.



“It’s not just sunbathing that’s a danger; it can be gardening, walking, biking, or any kind of outdoor activity,” says dermatologist Dr Mairi-Clare Ferguson.

New Zealand and the southern hemisphere tilts closer to the sun during our summer. We have a high number of clear sky days and our ozone layer is thin; this results in New Zealand having some of the highest solar radiation in the world.

Fortunately for us, Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist has combined diagnostic expertise with cutting-edge technology that facilitates detection of skin cancers in their earliest stages.

“FotoFinder is the big point of difference here,” Mairi-Clare says. “The clarity of the images is outstanding. We can use this tool to monitor lesions for change. We can re-image the same lesion at different time intervals, and the technology will detect any minute changes in the lesions before they are visible to the human eye.”

Dermoscopy is an imaging technique using polarisation, which allows the clinician to see into the surface levels of the skin. There are many dermatoscopes on the market but the FotoFinder Medi-cam is world-leading in this field.

“The Medicam allows up to 100 times magnification without losing any clarity in detail. That’s how incredible the camera is. The lesion is displayed on the large monitor which means the important details can be easily shown and explained to the patient,” Mairi-Clare says.

What patients really value about this clinic is that the patient has their skin examined by the doctor, and a management plan will be explained and provided to the patient during that appointment.

Also offered are all types of medical and surgical removal of skin cancers, meaning the patients do not need to look elsewhere for treatment once a cancer has been diagnosed.

“In addition, we are one of the few practices in the South Island offering the gold standard procedure for removal of skin cancers on the face, called Mohs’ micrographic surgery. This technique has the highest cure rates, while leaving the smallest possible defect after tumour removal,” Mairi-Clare says.

“We are experts in diagnosing skin cancer, and with the reassurance of precise digital monitoring, we can reduce the number of unnecessary excisions. For patients that do require surgical removal of a lesion, this will be provided ‘in-house’, saving patients time and providing peace of mind.”


The pros of probiotic skincare

Gut-loving probiotics are a science-backed hit with the health conscious. And now it seems our fermented friends are making their way into skincare, too. Because, the same way our insides need good bacteria, so does our skin.



The sound of skin bacteria may not spark the most luxurious of thoughts, but experts assure these microscopic members of our body’s ecosystem are good news for achieving a much-coveted plump, dewy and healthy look.

Probiotic skincare is said to help keep a diverse collection of bacteria living and metabolising on your skin, which in turn helps your skin protect itself from bacteria which can cause inflammation, dryness, itching, irritation and premature ageing.

It appears there is a popular threesome of probiotics to note when it comes to skincare: lactic acid and the less-easy-to-say, Bifidabacterium and Vitreoscilla. Each has its own benefits, and the more diversity of strains on your skin – the better.

Brands around the globe have embraced the organisms into their offerings, from face masks to mists, moisturisers, serums and oils. Of note is New Zealand’s Tailor skincare, and others include Paula’s Choice, Clinique and Estee Lauder.


The skinny skincare tools

Regular visits to the beauty salon sounds like a fabulous idea, and is a fantastic way to not only look after your skin but doubles as a relaxing selfcare ritual. With so many salon treatments available, it can be tricky choosing which to invest in, but luckily, it’s becoming easier to take care of your skin at home, too. Here are Metropol’s picks of some tried and tested beauty tools designed to help bridge the gap between salon appointments.



We wish we discovered this sooner! This tool has hundreds of tiny needles which pricks the skin. This prompts the skin to repair itself by stimulating collagen which is proven to help reduce scarring, acne, and fine lines. Results won’t happen overnight but when used frequently, this device will be your new best friend! It does hurt to begin with but not for long and the benefits are so worth it!

More commonly known as dermaplaning, getting rid of that very fine facial hair (peach fuzz it’s called) may seem like a fad but this tool is more than meets the eye. The fine gaps in this blunt blade gently remove the fine hairs that may carry dirt and oils. This also helps remove any dead skin, which in turn allows your makeup to go on smoother.

Skincare fridges are the new must haves! The benefits you ask? Keeping your skincare products in a cool temperature helps prevent any bacteria or fungal growth and allows the products to last a little bit longer after opening. Cold products also help de-puff the eyes faster which is much needed when we’re feeling tired.


The secret ingredient

Clever marketing or trendy packaging may draw your eye when browsing for makeup but it’s the back or bottom of the label that holds the most critical information. With skincare skyrocketing in popularity and options becoming endless, it’s important for consumers to know what ingredients they’re putting on or in their body, here’s what the experts say to look out for, ingredient-wise, in 2021.



Beauty and skincare expert Lauren O’Connell, known as The Ingredients Queen, raves about the hydrating effects of the snow mushroom (Tremella Fuciformis). She also mentions that it improves skin’s elasticity and with continual use can give you that glowing goodness. You can find a Snow Mushroom Water Serum by Volition Beauty at Mecca.

Tranexamic acid is yet to be a topical skincare ingredient, but rumour has it that 2021 is going to be its year. Dr Preema London Clinic’s medical director Dr Preema Vig says the ingredient “reduces skin discolouration and evens pigmentation, it also targets photo damage, brightens the skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles.”

Snail mucin, aka snail slime, has loped into the skincare vernacular recently. In 2021, it’s emerging as the hot ingredient for hydrators everywhere, especially face creams. Dermatologist Dr Hadley King, of New York’s Skinney Medspa, says snail mucin’s makeup includes glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid – all of which have long-documented benefits for the skin.


Glowing up for summer

While we pack away our winter clothes and pull those lighter, brighter summer garments to the front – it’s important our skincare is also kept up to season. After a winter and early spring hibernating under sweaters and pants, no pre-summer skincare tip is as crucial as exfoliation. Here’s our tips for prepping your skin for the warmer, sunnier months ahead.


Exfoliating is vital in the lead-up, as well as to maintain, throughout the sunniest season. Pre-season, it’s an often-cathartic exercise to remove any scaly winter build-up. And once the sun arrives, it reduces clogging of your skin as humidity increases, you’re regularly breaking a sweat, and continuous coats of SPF are being applied (at least we would hope!)

Physical exfoliation is popular on the body, using delicate granules or brushes to remove the surface layer of dead skin. When it comes to the more delicate face, chemical exfoliation dissolves dead skin cells, delving slightly deeper to assist with new cell turnover. Enzyme exfoliators are also increasingly popular, as a more natural option relying on bio-active ingredients derived from fruits.

Whichever exfoliator works best for you, it’s important your skin is also being protected. Moisturisers act as a barrier for your skin and prevent dehydration. Even better, dual-purpose moisturisers include SPF and if anything, SPF is the most important. New-age facial sunscreens, like those by Ultra Violette, Mecca and Emma Lewisham, combine hydrating, lightweight properties to nourish and protect.


  1. Use an exfoliating mitt in the shower for your body
  2. Craft a DIY body scrub with coffee grounds, coconut oil and vanilla extract
  3. Try a gentle AHA, BHA or enzyme exfoliant for your face and decolletage – always patch test before use
  4. Sunscreen is a daily non-negotiable
  5. Consult a dermatologist if you have sensitive or problem skin


The cult of skincare

Discovering her skincare wasn’t safe during pregnancy sent Kiwi woman Emma Lewisham on a mission to create natural, yet powerful, products. Her eponymous range launched this year and already has a cult-like following. Metropol catches up with Emma about what it takes to create a coveted range.


A conversation with her GP about fertility in 2016 changed the course of New Zealand woman Emma Lewisham’s life – and quite possibly the country’s skincare industry.

“I was going through a bit of a turning point in my life, I had just lost my mother to cancer and was finding that really hard to come to terms with. She was really young, and I started to realise I was taking my own health for granted.

“I started thinking, ‘I’m in my 30s now, I need to think about how I live and the things I do every day’, I was also trying and struggling to get pregnant at the time, and so I was speaking to my GP about what I needed to consider for my general health.”

When asked what skincare she was using, Emma named a heavy-hitting product she employed to help even her skin tone.

“She said, ‘Stop using that right now’. It contained an ingredient which I found out was banned in Europe and Japan, but in New Zealand they still allowed the sale of it despite it having a lot of credible research behind it as a known carcinogen.

“And I just thought, ‘If I couldn’t use it then, why would I use it ever?’.”

The discovery of this unwitting pay off between her health and results set Emma on a journey.

“From there I knew I wanted to use more clean and natural products, so I went to pharmacies and health shops, but I was used to really high performing skincare and couldn’t find anything which would get those same results.

“I didn’t accept that you either had to compromise your health for results, or compromise results for using natural products.”

A global marketing executive for a Japanese tech company at the time, Emma was far removed from the science and process of creating skincare.

“I didn’t have experience producing skincare, but I had experience identifying gaps in the market and I just felt like I was onto something, and that it was going to resonate with people.”

And that it did.

Since launching last year, the Emma Lewisham range has gained near-instant notoriety.

Featured in top Australasian lifestyle magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Viva, Remix, Mindfood, Mamamia, and on The Spinoff’s Business is Boring podcast, as well as influential blogs like The Twenties Club.

It’s also a favourite of Kiwi Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler, her also-a-model sister, Kate, and fellow New Zealand-born, Aussie-based model, Eden Bristowe.

But developing a coveted skincare range doesn’t just happen overnight – it took three years of research and development and a team of scientists to bring her vision to life.

Those experts told Emma about research happening around the world into high-performing plant-derived ingredients.

To those not familiar with skincare, that may sound far-fetched.

But consumer interest in cosmetic skincare has skyrocketed in recent years, with the global industry projected to exceed NZD$1 trillion by 2025, according to business data platform Statista.

“I was very driven to get luxury high performing products at any cost,” says Emma.

“We sourced ingredients from 30 countries, and instead of focussing on two or three ingredients per product, we put up to 30 in and at up to two to four times higher concentrate than what was in the market.”

Initially launching with three products (a daily moisturiser, SPF and face oil serum) two more (a serum targeting hyperpigmentation and a night cream) followed.

She’s also launched Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle, where consumers can return any brand’s facial skincare packaging for recycling. And last week announced a refillable product option designed to reduce water and carbon emissions.

Emma, now a mother of one who visits Christchurch frequently to see her father who lives here, credits her tenacity to strong female role models.

“My grandmother, Patricia Crossett, was one of the first female CEOs of the day.

“She ran her own businesses and it’s from her where I got the belief that women can do anything and how to hold my own and be confident as a female in my career.”