The pros of probiotic skincare

Gut-loving probiotics are a science-backed hit with the health conscious. And now it seems our fermented friends are making their way into skincare, too. Because, the same way our insides need good bacteria, so does our skin.



The sound of skin bacteria may not spark the most luxurious of thoughts, but experts assure these microscopic members of our body’s ecosystem are good news for achieving a much-coveted plump, dewy and healthy look.

Probiotic skincare is said to help keep a diverse collection of bacteria living and metabolising on your skin, which in turn helps your skin protect itself from bacteria which can cause inflammation, dryness, itching, irritation and premature ageing.

It appears there is a popular threesome of probiotics to note when it comes to skincare: lactic acid and the less-easy-to-say, Bifidabacterium and Vitreoscilla. Each has its own benefits, and the more diversity of strains on your skin – the better.

Brands around the globe have embraced the organisms into their offerings, from face masks to mists, moisturisers, serums and oils. Of note is New Zealand’s Tailor skincare, and others include Paula’s Choice, Clinique and Estee Lauder.


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