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Holistic beauty: My Beauty Clinic

Often the root cause of skin issues comes from within and needs to be worked on from the inside first.

Holistic treatment, customised to each individual client and their needs can work wonders. With backgrounds in traditional Chinese medicine, the staff at My Beauty Clinic provide treatments that combine the very best of modern technology with natural oriental treatments.

DMK Enzyme Therapy is one of the treatments the highly skilled team specialises in.

A paramedical grade skincare system formulated for skin revision, DMK works on the internal structure and function of skin. It helps the skin to rebuild by activating the body’s own enzymes, and has been shown to help improve blood and lymph circulation and oxygen supply.

My Beauty Clinic is the only official partner of DMK in the South Island and Clinic owner Sophie Lau says it aligns with their own belief; skin that functions well on the inside appears both healthy and beautiful on the outside. Call Sophie on 03 341 6699 to book your free consultation.

Sophie’s best kept beauty secret:

Cold water only for morning cleansing, she says.

“During sleep, our skin produces sebum, which is the natural moisture of our skin. This is the most deluxe moisturiser. Don’t waste it! Also, the cold water tightens up our pores, splashing cold water on your face will not only wake you up in the mornings but also bring down puffiness and leave your skin feeling refreshed.”



Fall in love with gua sha


Wondering what these pretty pink jade stones are? Meet gua sha! This time-honoured tool is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and has been around for thousands of years, used to promote healing in the body and remove energy blockages.


When used correctly on the face, gua sha can promote blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, which eliminates fluid build up and reduces puffiness. Meaning gua sha might just become your new best friend for those puffy faced, sleepy mornings.

Find tutorials online for correct techniques; it is simple once you get the hang of it. Once mastered, gua sha is sure to become a new ritual in your skincare routine.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started.



Use a face oil or serum before starting with gua sha for an extra luxurious feel. Be careful to use a featherlight pressure, remember you are working on sensitive areas!

Around the eyes:

Sweep the gua sha under the eye area, starting close to the nose and out to the temple, all the way to the hairline. Repeat three times on each side of face.

Along the jaw:

Starting at the chin, sweep the gua sha along the jaw, then up to the ear. Sweep the gua sha behind the earlobe and down the neck. Repeat three to five times on each side of face.

To relieve tension:

Start in the middle of the forehead and sweep out towards the temple. Sweep all the way to the hairline. Repeat three to five times on each side.



Gentle approach to skincare: Beauty Progress


Dedicated to the selection of the most natural and highly competent formulations in skincare products, Beauty Progress has chosen GERnétic for the entire well-being of its clientele.



GERnétic was created in 1978 by Albert Laporte, a French cellular biologist and gerontologist, who specialised in the study of the biological aspects of ageing. Laporte developed a cream that both healed burns and scars quickly, but also improved the overall health and condition of skin.

“The range is based on advanced biotechnology and cellular biology; the latter being a discipline that studies the physiological properties of cells, including their structure, nutritional needs, life cycle, division and death,” says owner Wendy Barker. “GERnétic recognises that cellular therapy is a powerful way of treating any organ, including the skin. It can harness the body’s ability to recover its health and harmony when its cells are properly nourished.”

She says the products encourage skin to repair itself, balance its functions and strengthen its immunity for better protection against environmental aggressions. “The Synchro cream is one such product in the range. Renowned for its unrivalled anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating and healing capabilities, it can also be purchased from Beauty Progress.”

The beauty salon is located at Unit 1/171 Waltham Road.

To book your appointment phone (03) 379 4315, email, or visit



Reawaken your collagen: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Autumn and winter are great times to address the signs of ageing that are the most annoying, such as loose and sagging skin, and the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic has Ultherapy® to do just that.



Dr Brigid Lee says that Ultherapy® is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that can lift and tighten the neck, chin and brow, and improve lines and wrinkles on the chest, without surgery or downtime.

Ultherapy® uses precise micro-focused ultrasound technology with visualisation (MFU-V) to target the deep structural layers of the skin without disrupting the skin’s surface.

It delivers a precisely controlled amount of ultrasound energy at the correct depth and temperature to stimulate collagen growth in the three targeted tissue levels.

After a treatment, the body’s tissue repair process stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, creating a gradual lifting effect over the next three to six months.

With global ambassadors for Ultherapy ® such as Christie Brinkley, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow this non-surgical procedure promises to kick-start the skin’s failing collagen and put it on high speed rewind to reverse the signs of ageing.

Dr Lee says the ideal candidates are those who are in good physical condition, with mild to moderate skin laxity who are looking for a subtle and gradual improvement to the brow, cheek, jowl or neck areas. Or those just wishing to delay the signs of ageing!

Ultherapy® lifts, sculpts and tightens the skin from the inside out, without surgery and with no downtime and it’s on special during May.


Looking beauty in the eye: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Nothing makes your heart sink like being told that you look tired, especially if you’re not. However, sometimes our eyes can be deceiving. This is because the area around the eyes is one of the first to show the early signs of aging.



Dr Brigid Lee and Denise Prosser of the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic say this is one of their clients’ most common concerns. Fortunately, there are many safe, non-invasive treatment options for this delicate area.

The Ulthera machine can deliver results in just one treatment. It uses micro- focused ultrasound to deliver energy into the tissue below the skin, tightening the area around the eyes, leaving it looking smoother, giving the upper eyelids a lift and reducing bags. Reassuringly, Ulthera is an FDA approved treatment.

The eye area also responds well to radiofrequency which can give you an “instant lift” by using heat to cause an immediate contraction of collagen.

The lift becomes longer-lasting by stimulating the natural repair response. For optimal results, a combination of radiofrequency treatment options – skin needling, fractional skin resurfacing and 3D heating, are used.

Turn those “tired” comments into “you look great” comments with smoother skin around the eyes from the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.

Call for an appointment on (03) 351 3241 or enquire online at the website below.


Slip, slop, slap and reap the rewards

Modern day facial sunscreens are not only for avoiding sunburn and long term skin damage. They brighten and enhance complexion, nourish and protect against aging and melanoma, and give a gorgeous silky coverage – a priceless beauty package.



Facial sunscreens are not created equally to the potent-smelling, greasy sunscreen you may be used to lathering on at the beach.

These are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and are designed specifically for face, neck and décolletage – which are all vulnerable to UV damage, even in winter.

Many modern formulas do more than just protect from those harmful rays. Some have brightness boosters, for the latest glow-on look, and some are even packed with antioxidants like plant extracts and vitamins to simultaneously nourish the skin.

Ranges without harsh chemical formulations are blossoming on the beauty shelves, too, using zinc or titanium oxide mineral bases.

Sinking in softly without residue, today’s skin protectors have a luscious scent – especially if you adore tropical or floral fragrances, or even fragrance-free.

We are over strong chemical whiffs of sunscreen of old.


The many faces of hyaluronic acid: Face Value

It’s spring, and when it comes to skin, it’s time for out with the Ds and in with the Hs. Say goodbye to dry, dull and dehydrated and hello to hydration and humectant hyaluronic.



Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in our bodies, performing a fundamental role in keeping the skin in good health. With age we can lose up to two thirds of our hyaluronic acid pool and even by 35, the skin thickness has decreased on average by around 22 percent; becoming more fragile, dehydrated and with diminished elasticity.

At Face Value, hyaluronic features highly in the suite of products and treatments available for improving skin tone, texture and volume.

COSMECEUTICAL SKINCARE PRODUCT RANGES: We stock medical grade topical skincare including both hyaluronic creams and serums to awake, rejuvenate and protect.

AQUAPURE HYDRAFACIAL: After a light peel, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich serum is infused into the skin with electroporation enhancing delivery to the deeper layers.

INJECTABLE SKIN BOOSTERS: The V2 skin booster utilises an innovative delivery device, the V2 injector gun, which can allow for precise and accurate dosage of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to the sub dermis of the skin. It offers precise depth and accurate dosing.

DERMAL FILLERS: Injectable hyaluronic gel, dermal fillers can increase volume, soften wrinkles, enhance lips and restore the youthful contours of the face. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected into the skin to physically lift and sculpt, correcting wrinkles, frown lines, scars and asymmetries of the face.

PROFHILO® SKIN BIO-REMODELLING: Brand new to New Zealand and all the rage in Europe, this revolutionary treatment can stimulate collagen and elastin by a slow release of pure hyaluronic acid when injected into precise points in the skin. Great for faces and necks, it can rejuvenate skin volume to reduce visible signs of aging.

For more information or to book a complementary consultation to discuss any of these treatments visit the Face Value website.


Freshen up for spring! Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Spring is the perfect time of year to look at your skin and to get yourself ready for summer, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic’s Dr Brigid Lee tells us how.

When you are looking for solutions for your skin issues you want your cosmetic medicine specialist clinic to be at the cutting edge of the latest, safest and most effective treatment options.

Profhilo has been hugely popular in the UK over the last four years and has now been launched in New Zealand to much excitement and anticipation.

Profhilo is classed as a dermal filler as it is a hyaluronic acid but it is unique in its ability to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin making the skin smoother, firmer and more hydrated.

It is great for people who have noticed some of the early signs of ageing.

Happy Face is a specialised technique where dermal filler is used to support the corners of the mouth.

Anyone who has noticed the corners of their mouth starting to pull downwards as they age leaving them looking sad needs a Happy Face treatment.

As we age our faces start to deflate and slip so treatments that are going to lift and firm the facial tissues are needed.

“At the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic we have specialised techniques using particular dermal fillers to restore and rejuvenate,” says Brigid.

These work in combination with Ulthera (high intensity focused ultrasound) and radio-frequency tightening treatments for an ultimate non-surgical solution to restore your natural beauty.

Brigid advises people to choose the medical edge to beauty!


The winning combination against acne and scarring! Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialist

First switch off the acne using evidence based treatments, then stimulate the skin’s own ability to heal itself using Skinpen – the only microneedling device approved by the notoriously high standards of the US Food and Drug Administration.


The Team at Mohs and Skin Cancer not only specialise in diagnosing and removing skin cancers by the gold standard technique called Mohs surgery, but they also run a dedicated acne clinic.

Dr Emma Trowbridge says, “Studies have shown that acne sufferers take an average of eight years to seek professional help. By then patients have often developed permanent scarring, and suffered substantial psychological distress.”

Emma is passionate about preventing scarring and distress caused by acne, with early and evidence-based acne treatments.

Where patients have already developed scarring, Emma and fellow Mohs’ doctor, Dr Mairi-Clare Ferguson are excited to introduce wonderful new technology, the Skinpen.

The Skinpen is the first FDA-approved microneedling device and is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat acne scars.

“We chose Skinpen as it has the strongest evidence behind it for improving the appearance of scars from acne or surgery,” says Mairi-Clare.

“It has minimal downtime with any redness resolved within 24 hours, making it a suitable treatment for those with busy lifestyles who cannot afford the downtime associated with other scarring treatments.

“The Skinpen is also effective at reducing pigmentation such as melasma and for boosting collagen production resulting in smoother, healthier looking skin.

“Acne does not have to be ‘lived with’ so contact the clinic today and we can find the correct treatment plan to clear your skin,” says Mairi-Clare.

Call 03 356 0214 or email to make an appointment or general enquiry.



Beauty from the outside in: Beauty Progress

The French know beauty and how beautiful skin is the outer reflection of inner health.


Wendy Barker travelled to a renowned skincare house in southwest France to meet the man who created GERnetic skincare – the highly effective range chosen for facials and treatments at her Christchurch salon, Beauty Progress.

During his seminar at the Laboratoire Gernetic Synthese at the Chateau d’ Ensoules in Beraut, Albert Laporte explained how the skin reflects what is happening inside the body.

Through the understanding of cellular biology, his products penetrate the skin so the digestive system can effectively synthesise the active elements.

“You will find all the active vitamins, amino acids and oligo elements are in the exact dosage necessary for the body’s daily needs,” Laporte explained to a group of professionals from around the globe.

These are delivered directly to organs such as the liver and can help counteract imbalances in the diet or nutrient absorption.

“It is not always possible to get the right nutrients from what we digest. When these creams are applied with effleurage (circular) movements, the fatty molecules – which are two-and-a-half times larger than a pore – remain on the skin, while the smaller molecules go deeper, entering the blood circulation, to be absorbed by the body.”

Working in tandem with a healthy diet, scientific developments in cosmeceutical products are now providing amazing results, he says – not to mention the pampering.

Find about the GERnetic skincare treatments at Beauty Progress on their website.