St Andrew’s College: Meet the Principal

I am a great believer in girls and boys being educated alongside one another. I went to a co-educational school myself and believe it is the best way to prepare young people for their future. I’m the first female Rector at St Andrew’s College and have been in the role since 2007, following a long […]

Selwyn House School: Meet the Principal

Selwyn House School is the only South Island girls’ school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) from Pre-school to Year 8. The IB offers high quality education that develops in our students an understanding that they can make a difference to their world, both locally and globally.     At the heart […]

Cathedral Grammar: Meet the Principal

From our Pre-School through to our Year 8 students, at The Cathedral Grammar School our vision is to nurture, to know and to grow every child every day in a meaningful and future-focussed manner which supports, develops and grows their hearts as well as their minds.     As we celebrate our 140th year of […]

St Margaret’s College: Meet the Principal

As we head towards the winter sport season, we are proud 90 percent of St Margaret’s College students are active in sport. And that’s just one aspect of their school life, with opportunities for artists, coding experts, dancers, debaters, environmentalists, film makers, musicians, singers, the list goes on…   Of course, first and foremost, we […]

Meet the Principal: Cathedral Grammar

‘Every child. Every day.’ This simple yet powerful statement is the esence of my educational philosophy. It seems so obvious, yet in a school setting, can get lost in the pursuit of greatness, narrow measures of success and the desires of adults. At The Cathedral Grammar School your child is truly at the heart of […]

Meet the Principal: Selwyn House School

At Selwyn House School, the critical skills of creativity, self-regulation, empathy, adaptability, innovation and collaboration are infused throughout the Selwyn House curriculum, culminating in a unique senior leadership programme that prepares all students for their future lives. Our students develop deep discipline knowledge across subjects and then use their ability to collaborate and innovate to […]

Meet the Principal: St Margaret’s College

    “It is the atmosphere of encouragement that I love about St Margaret’s College. The girls are united in their aspirations to excellence, not only in the classroom but also wherever their co-curricular interests take them, and we all work together to help them be the best they can be. Passionate teachers, dedicated coaches, […]

Meet the Principal: Nelson College

  “My tenure as Headmaster at Nelson College began very recently, in June 2020. My educational philosophy is simple…to make amazing young people even more amazing. At Nelson College, I have seen already that we have impressive young men. They’re confident, articulate and resilient. My job is to provide our students with amazing opportunities, support […]

Meet the Principal 2019: Dr Lyn Bird of Selwyn House School

  In a world of accelerating change, it is important that girls develop an abundance mindset in order to leverage emerging tools to solve complex challenges. At Selwyn House School we provide all girls with the latest technological tools and the creative environment to collaboratively innovate and develop solutions. A key ingredient of a Selwyn […]

Meet the Principal 2019: Christine Leighton of St Andrew’s College

  St Andrew’s College has great respect for its long history and proud traditions, and is also focused on creating new opportunities to inspire future generations, says Christine Leighton, the only female Rector at St Andrew’s throughout its 101 year history. “We have a new strategic direction, Framing our Future, which combines the best of […]