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Chalk it up

If you thought that the last time you would encounter the word ‘chalk’ would be in primary school, then you may have to think again. Originally created by the paint brand Annie Sloan, chalk paint is a fun new way to give your house a vintage feel or try something entirely new. The paint is used to give furniture and home décor a matte look and is very easy to apply.




One of the many perks to using chalk paint is that it doesn’t require any prep; you can simply apply it to most surfaces (even ones that have already been painted) as long as it is clean and dry. So, whether you’re revitalising, restyling or refurbishing, here’s a few tips to ensure that your house is the chalk of the town!


  1. Something old: If your old dresser or wardrobe is looking exactly that… old, then it may be time to give that old girl a new coat of paint. Annie Sloan has 42 shades available on their Chalk Paint Colour Card, each with their own inspiration or story. So, while you’re telling your neighbour about your freshly painted Antoinette cupboard you can also tell them the colour is inspired by the decorative pieces and interiors of 18th century France.


  2. Something new: This tip isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires a fight against the greys and neutral colours of contemporary stairs. Adding a little bit of colour, even if it’s a subtle pastel or darker colours, onto your stairs at home can really open up the space and provide an interesting talking point for guests.

  3. Something borrowed: The inherited furniture from grandma might have looked good in her house but it may not fit in with your contemporary furniture. While some may think it’s a sin to paint over granny’s beloved old dining room table and repurpose it into a desk, using Annie Sloan’s Athenian Black shade could be a great way to pay homage to your childhood memories.


  4. Something blue… navy: Annie Sloan has just recently launched two new shades of easy-to-use chalk paint: Oxford Navy and Athenian Black. If you really like the matte look of the chalk paint, you can move your brush from furniture to wall. Oxford Navy is the perfect colour to do so. It’s a traditional navy blue that takes inspiration from Annie’s home city – Oxford.




Cue the Curves

While furniture with hard and sleek Scandi-style lines will continue to grace our abodes for some time to come, it appears interior designers are seeking more soft and sculpted curves. Curb your curve curiosity and make a shapely statement in any room with this retro-inspired look.




Lending a new and softer dimension to any room, curved and fluid silhouettes project a chic and feminine aesthetic that offers an artistic appeal and comfort like no other; studies have shown that curvy furniture evokes more feelings of relaxation over their hard-line alternatives, and tend to be more conducive to conversation.

A curvy jewel-coloured couch makes a sculptural statement and is perfect in the modish material of velvet, while a retro rug with soft, scalloped lines adds a pinch of panache to any boudoir.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting forms; rounded edges still work well with sharp linear structures and geometric shapes and patterns.



A study in contrast

Decorating with complementary colours can be a challenging look to pull off, but when everything comes together, the results are memorable. The key is finding the right tones that work together – instead of competing with one another – and then working in a mix of darker and lighter shades.



In this space, the sofa and the pendant lamp, vase, dish and small retro nesting table in Resene Wishing Well provide high contrast with the Resene Bluetooth walls and Resene Jailbreak console, while the small bowl in Resene Japonica brings in a softer orange to balance out the look and play off tones in the artwork. Neutral floors in Resene Alabaster lighten things up and keep the bold tones from becoming overpowering, while the floor rug adds another layer of visual texture.


Other colours that look great with high-octane orange are pewters, deep slates or midnight blues – try Resene Artemis, Resene Fast Forward or Resene Twilight Zone.

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,



Back to Black

Black has long evoked a sense of luxury, indulgence and dramatic sophistication, and it never goes out of style. Throughout the year we’ve seen interior designers opting for bold, dark and sultry, welcoming all shades of ebony from the kitchen to the bedroom. Now black is stealing the spotlight from the traditional white bathroom we’ve adored for what feels like centuries. Feeling a little wary of this dramatic colour? We’ll guide you through the ins and outs that’ll have you embracing the dark side in no time.




For the bold and the brave, perhaps a whole bathroom makeover is in store. The monochrome traditionalist seeking a bathroom revamp will feel right at home with a statement black feature wall behind an original white vanity, and black tiles are not only arguably more practical than their white counterpart, they’re also incredibly classy too.

Sleek black marble is highly appreciated in modern interior design for its striking stylishness; for that true grandeur, pair with gold or copper bathroom amenities like tapware, sinks and mirrors.

Black also works well as a complementary accent, particularly if you want to play it safe, so consider replacing your existing faucets, shower head, radiator and other fixtures with raw black versions. Industrial-inspired elements in black are also oh-so-trendy this year thanks to their minimalist look that’s equal parts rugged and refined.

So why not take a walk on the dark side – your bathroom will thank you for it.



Coffee table candy

Long slung tables are believed to have hosted the de rigueur beverage of the late Victorian era and succeeding lovers of objects combining both form and function have never looked back.




In 2019, coffee tables still very much serve a practical purpose, but they have also earned cult status as a statement piece for living rooms. A perfect host to essentials, they also can provide a plinth of honour for your favourite accents.

The power trifecta is, of course, a combination of flowers, trays and books, but you can move beyond this predictable pattern and delve into bespoke collections that tell your own story. From beloved pieces of heirloom jewellery that also serve as great conversation starters to nostalgic mementos from your favourite trips, the décor possibilities are bountiful.

Popular coffee table candy includes eclectic trinkets like bell jar cloches, magnifying glasses, deer antlers (sometimes spray-painted gold) and amethysts offering down to earth glamour. See-through coffee tables offer chic minimalism and a way to show off a beautiful rug underfoot, while heavily industrial pieces can provide stand-alone impact.

In recent times we have also seen tree stumps and old cargo boxes morph into makeshift coffee tables to add a unique point of difference to living spaces.



All tealed up

We’ve long held a deep affection for teal, but this year the hue is all grown up and it’s got us all tealed up.



It’s a delicious way to incorporate life into your spaces and is equally capable of creating an elegant, mid-century aesthetic. The saturated colours also echo with heritage and tradition to help us make sense of an increasingly digital world. So how can we use teal to create the perfect palette? Why not indulge in teal’s bold, rich incarnation, taking inspiration from gemstones and their glamorous appeal?

Teal pops with bright white and its colour wheel match is coral if you’re yearning for summer holidays. Despite its obvious association with the tropics, it makes for a calming pairing with greys, a deep and edgy match with black and makes for a regal partnership with gold. Equally it works with cream, navy, pinks and especially gold and brown tones.

Embellishment is on the way back, as a rebellion to overly earnest, minimalist interiors. So why not pair your teals with burnished metals for an edgy luxe glamour, or less-than-perfect antiques for a shabby chic vibe? It’s got our teal of approval.



European design inspiration: Armstrong Interiors

A small island in the bottom of the South Pacific, New Zealand has long taken design inspiration from offshore, in particular, from Europe and its diverse range of countries.



Metropol caught up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong of Armstrong Interiors about what we can expect to see heading our way, based on European summer trends.

“As I sit on a train travelling from Venice through to Florence, I have been asked to write about forecast trends in Europe,” Angelique says. “Since leaving our Christchurch winter, I have experienced Paris, the UK, Monte-Carlo, Milan, Venice and the region of Tuscany, Europe’s summer holiday destination. Throughout these wonderfully inspiring places, you start to recognise that each region has its own particular trend.

“Italy is of course using the latest in luxurious fabrics from our favourite fabric houses, while staying true to tradition by sticking to the colour traditional colour schemes of the region,” she says. “Paris, on the other hand, takes a more contemporary approach to fabric colours and textures, while the closer to the sea you get, the more soft blues and greens, patterned cottons and thick heavy linens you will find in trends. Meanwhile, stone tops and nested coffee tables are still very hot across Europe.”

Comparatively, in New Zealand we’ve still got a lot of love for timber and moody dark colours, with black tapware and dark accessories that have been on trend for a couple of years now. “But if we look at what’s coming through now, we’re seeing more greens, blues, natural fibres and various tones of natural, ranging from soft grey to beige and caramel to complement a lighter and softer approach to interior design,” Angelique says.

One of her favourite pieces during the trip that she wouldn’t mind investing in herself, was a sofa. “The design function behind this piece is that it is not easy talking to people on a long 3-4 seater – well this sofa is the perfect solution!”

Visit, phone 03 356 2636 or check them out on Instagram, armstronginteriorsltd



Walls of green

Plants and greenery have long been a great way to incorporate colour and life into our interior spaces, but in 2019, we’re taking that to a new level with the living wall – not only do they look good, they’re good for you too! Easily plant a wonderfully eye-catching and eco-friendly feature wall inside or outside with one of these ideas.



  1. Trellis walls (either inside or outside) both look super stylish and purify the air at the same time. Attach small pots to the trellis and fill with an abundance of plants that you fancy – succulents are particularly popular – or keep it simple with vines of ivy or a climbing plant woven through the framework.

  2. Spray-painted tin cans make for absolutely adorable, not to mention extremely affordable, planters – punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage, spray paint, mount them to your garden fence, fill with soil and pick your plants!

  3. Grow your herbs right where you need them – in your kitchen, of course! There’s a myriad of ways to make a hanging herb feature. One idea we’re loving is to mount bars on the wall and hang small pots from them by S-shaped hooks, curtain rings or small hanging baskets – the possibilities are endless!

  4. For a contemporary look that’s hassle-free and amateur-friendly, fill a full-wall bookshelf with potted plants. Go wild with a variety of different indoor plants – money plants, trailing plants, ferns… don’t be afraid to ‘branch’ out!



Matte Black Rules

It’s pretty much a given that the top spot in the neutral colour system has always being held by black. Lily Langtry, Victorian actress and muse of Oscar Wilde, knew that. When her brother died, she donned black, as was customary, but realising it made her look even more beautiful, Lily refused to stop wearing it.



Black is king because alongside its compatibility with just about every shade on the colour spectrum, black is, and always will be, undeniably chic. That’s why we love it.

However, when it comes to home decoration and décor, we tend to shy away from black, worrying it might be a tad too gloomy and without warmth. But in reality, when it’s done right, black is stunning! How opportune, then, that for those with a desire to dabble with noir, your time is now; yes, the décor must-have colour this year is black – matte black.

For those hesitant to fully explore the darker side, try touches of it. For that upcoming dinner party, invest in a set of matte black cutlery, and place as your centrepiece a matte black candelabra with gold or red candles, then stand back and admire your work. Oh là là!

Now you’ve got your confidence, add in a cabinet, a coffee table or pair of feature chairs in matte black, then bring on your bold and brilliant splashes of colour. With dark matte paints now the rage, paint yourself a stunning feature wall then dress your backdrop as it deserves – an heirloom escritoire with an ormolu clock as the focal point, perhaps, or a sprawling rolled-arm sofa with a spectacular mirror above, and a statement standard lamp as your final touch of black magic.

For those yearning to venture deep into the matte blacks, here are a few helpful tips:

Mix it Up – no matter your black matte hue, it loves being paired with colour – think gem variations on ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, amber, and definitely, a dash of diamond!

Work that Contrast Theme – repeat it on trimmings, photo and mirror frames, drapes and other soft furnishings.

Bring on the Texture – for ultimate sumptuousness, layer on the faux furs, fleeces, satins, silks, and plusher-than-plush velvets. Divine!

Mirror Magic – mirrors and matte are beautiful opposites – the larger and more ornate the better. This is the one time you certainly can, and should, gild the lily!

Don’t Forget the Greenery – a potted palm, a variety of ferns, an indoor hydrangea, or a few headily scented plants, such as gardenias, will make your matte haven heavenly.

There, haven’t you done well? Game, set and matte!



Heavy Metal

Rose gold is out and in its place are the shimmering sheens of copper, gold, chrome, iron and brass, blending together in a variety of ways. A little refresh or a big renovation, a touch of mixed metal magic is sure to add a sparkle to your space.



Metallic interiors will shine bright this year, as we see an assortment of mixed metallics across appliances, lighting, decorative accents and beyond. A carefully curated ensemble of contrasting metal accents is sure to create harmony and balance within any room of your humble abode, while likely remaining a tastefully timeless look for some time to come.

Experiment by choosing one dominant metal and complementing it with a couple of different metal accents – try picking a neutral base – light or dark – that is easy to mix with brighter, bolder hues.

If you’re wary of going too all out, start with small decorative items – but try not to just pick one of each shade and stop there, instead pepper in a couple of items of each metal for more purposeful flow. If you’re feeling a bit braver, embrace the trend by mixing up door/drawer handles, lighting fixtures, side tables and tapware.

Bear in mind that mixing and matching doesn’t mean the metals have to be entirely different from each other; you can absolutely combine two or three cool tones – silver, aged iron and pewter – or warm shades – copper, brass and muted gold.