The great divide

Room dividers have long been the coolest way to divide and conquer.     While they are simply folding screen panels that are used to create separation between zones in the home, there are so many other quirky ways to utilise this transformative homeware and we thought it would be rude not to share them […]

Tealey Beautiful

Teal is trending. The quirky colour is taking homewares by storm and bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to Kiwi homes.     While it may not be your everyday primary colour, ironically it fits perfectly into your everyday home. In terms of where it fits into the colour wheel, it’s a medium blue-green […]

Divide and Conquer

While there’s much to be said for the uncluttered look of an open floor plan, equally there’s much to laud in the utilisation of permanent or semi-permanent partitions that create flexible, aesthetically pleasing new spaces while also adding light, privacy and noise alleviation.     Whether you desire the clean-cut sophistication of a glassed partition […]

Heavy Metal

Rose gold is out and in its place are the shimmering sheens of copper, gold, chrome, iron and brass, blending together in a variety of ways. A little refresh or a big renovation, a touch of mixed metal magic is sure to add a sparkle to your space.     Metallic interiors will shine bright […]

Tonal Triumphs

If your current downtime reading finds you poring over paint brochures trying to find that elusive complementary colour scheme that will match and not clash, then make it easy on yourself, and on the eye, by thinking tonal hues. Going tonal not only makes rooms appear larger and more defined, but keeping it in the […]

Moody Pink

For anyone with a passion for all things house and home, you’ll know that the power of pink is making its appearance in the abode, but in a much more soothing and smokier tone known as dusky pink.     Whether it’s painting a room, or subtle pink touches, it is definitely a trend that’s […]

Maxed Out

Online creative store Etsy is proclaiming 2019 as the year of maximalism – encouraging us all in their 2018 trend report to step away from the ultra-minimalist look and embrace the bold in our home.     Maximalism is everything minimalism is not; where minimalism forces us to make decisions about what we really need, […]

The Dark Arts

For many seasons now, neutral interiors have been a firm favourite. Many of us have been captivated by the soothing Scandinavian design, but lately design trends are dipping their brushes into darker hues and we’re starting to see a wealth of bold colours being introduced into the home.     As we head into the […]